Although the weather is cold, it can’t stop our enthusiasm for wearing. The winter wear is very hurtful, and the temperature will lose its grace, so the bloated and dull dressing style abound.


So there is no way to make winter wear, which is simple and trendy? I will share with you two items, nine -point pants and pile socks, which are what women like.


In the past, we like to hide socks, so why are socks popular now? The progress of the times has a new understanding of the understanding of wearing. Showing socks is not just a way to wear, but it is a fashion performance. It increases the sense of styling and enhances the sense of layering. It will make your dress more advanced and more personalized.

And because of the addition of pile socks, our shoes choose, most of them are flat shoes, shoes, canvas shoes, etc., which are very fashionable. Therefore, nine -point pants with pile socks are definitely the dishes of young people, and they cannot be restricted to age.

Everyone likes to wear jeans, so its audience is very large. And there are many styles of jeans, cone pants, straight pants, micro -lan and other pants. Blue jeans with piles of socks are more foreign.


Women who are pursuing a simple style on wearing, then you can choose denim nine -point pants with white pile of socks. The blue sky and blue sky are matched during the day, which creates a sense of layering and is clean and generous. So if you like to have a stronger color effect, we can choose red, hot colors to make it more youthful. In winter, red modification appears, which is very energetic.

Blue jeans, together with black pile of socks, add a bit of handsomeness, and it belongs to a neutral dress style, which also cater to the public’s dress.


Black pile socks will be more picky in the choice of shoes. Because of the pile of socks, the design of the high tube, and the larger part of the naked leak, it is also recommended to choose the same color system in the matching of the shoes.


The white pants are also recommended with the same color series, so only the blue jeans are more tolerant of the color and can be arbitrarily matched. So white jeans and white pile socks are simple and neat, very fashionable. And white, clean and generous.

The white clothing match has a higher requirements for her figure. The slightly fat body is recommended to bypass it. The white ugliness effect is weak, and it seems that all shortcomings will be shown. And the legs are bent, and you must avoid stepping on the mine.


If you wear straight pants in winter, you can put a leggings inside, and then measure the stylish style when warm. Secondly, the length of the pants can choose above the ankle near the calf, try not to exceed the height of the pile of socks, and then match the pile of socks. Color obey the color of the pants, light -colored light -colored, dark and versatile, you can match it at will.

And in winter’s pants, in terms of material selection, it is recommended that you choose the item of the Corduroy series, because it has a warm atmosphere.

In addition to the above -mentioned pants and piles of socks, there are also trendy wearing, such as casual pants, leggings, etc., their slimming effects are very good, but after matching piles, the trendy match will be matched. It looks a little exaggerated.

Jiilet pants and pile socks are still more new. For women who do not want to show their ankles, they can try.

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