Bathton faucet is an important part of the bathtub. Generally, it has a hybrid function of hot and cold water. Because it is more frequent, the bathtub faucet is more likely to be damaged. Therefore, when choosing a bathtub faucet, you must be particularly cautious. It is best to choose a big brand of products. The high -quality bathtub facing can not only reduce the trouble in use, but also the service life is also more factor. From an economic perspective, it is also more cost -effective. How to choose the bathtub? Let’s take a look at it.

【How to choose a bathtub faucet】

1. Applicability selection:

Before buying a bathtub faucet, be sure to understand the drainage system of the home bathroom space, and see what kind of control method to choose.

浴缸龙头怎么选 浴缸龙头品牌介绍

2. Selection of the handle:

When choosing a bathtub faucet, you can repeatedly rotate his faucet handle. When the faucet is rotating the handle, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and the switch is easy and unobstructed. It is highly blocked when handle.

3. Material selection:

It is generally recommended to choose a copper faucet with excellent faucet, because its sealing performance is good, wear -resistant and long -term service life, but the material of copper water faucets on the market is often not guaranteed, and there are many pseudo -shoddy products. Therefore, you must pay more attention when buying. You can tap to listen to its sound. If the sound is dull, it means that it is okay. If the sound is crisp, it is recommended not to buy it. In addition, when choosing a copper material water faucet, you must also pay attention to its surface electroplating process. Generally, the surface is smooth. It is better to be delicate without burrs.

浴缸龙头怎么选 浴缸龙头品牌介绍

4. After -sales selection:

The faucet only knows whether there is a problem after buying home for installation. Therefore, when buying, you must pay attention to whether it has after -sales service. It is recommended to choose the brand manufacturer to buy as much as possible to ensure the quality of its after -sales service.

【Introduction to Bathton Last Brand】


When it comes to Kohler, many consumers must have heard of it. Kohler’s sanitary products are now known in the world and are the first choice for many families when buying bathroom products. As a world -renowned bathroom leader brand, Kohler’s leader is not only small and exquisite, but also simple and generous, and the lines are very smooth. Both the appearance and the performance point of view are the best choices for the family. And in order to prevent burns from huge water temperature, the brand’s leader also has special safety settings. For families with children and the elderly, it is especially suitable.

Bathton leading brand Moen

The unique stress balance valve and gentle water temperature change are one of the characteristics of Moen’s bathtub’s leading brand. In Moen’s bathtub’s faucet, its patented water control system also brought the brand to the market. The brand’s product is even more recommended for its service life. The market in the market is known as “five years without leakage”, which shows that Moen’s leading performance and quality are high -end.

Bathton leader brand beauty label

The beautiful bathtub faucet is not only elegant and generous, but also the built -in bubbles equipped with it, which also greatly reduces the spray speed and impact in the water pipe, ensuring the comfort of bathing. Midea products have continued to rise in the market in recent years, and their reputation among consumers has also risen. In addition, the Midea bathtub faucet installation method is relatively simple. You only need to simply understand the product manual to start immediately.

【Bathton faucet installation method】

1. Bathton faucet installation method

1. The installation of the single -hole basin faucet should pay attention to the diameter of the water inlet when the pelvic faucet is used. Now most of the market belongs to the hard pipe inlet, so you should pay attention to the height of the water mouth. Suitable. When installing, you must choose a special corner valve, and the corner valve must be fixed with the hot and cold water pipes from the wall. When you find a distance between the corner valve and the faucet, go to buy a dedicated tube to connect. Remember, do not connect with other water pipes, because if the water pressure is large, it is easy to fall off and leak water to cause you losses. If the water inlet pipe is too long than the water outlet pipe, you can intercept the part according to your needs. Remember: Do not bend to 90 degrees or greater than 90 degrees. When installing the pot to remove the water, do not forget to buy a small interface (faucet short connection) of the faucet. Before you install it, please don’t forget to rinse the water pipe buried in the wall in advance.

浴缸龙头怎么选 浴缸龙头品牌介绍

2. Before the installation of the constant temperature faucet, please check if the water pipe is left and right cold. Remember not to connect the hot and cold water pipes to avoid the faucet cannot work properly. No gas or solar water heater can be used, because the water pressure is too low. Install the constant temperature faucet, please do not forget to install hot and cold water filters.

3. The installation of the shower and bathtub (hanging wall) When you buy a shower, bathtub, and wall -hung faucet, you can choose a suitable height to bury the water pipe. The spacing of the hot and cold water pipe must reach 15 cm. You must not forget to rinse the water pipe before installation, so as to avoid excessive water quality and cause damage to the faucet. Dark shower and bathtub faucet: After buying the dark faucet, the valve core of the faucet should be embedded in the wall. Before embedding, pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall. If the wall is too thin, the valve core will not be embedded. The plastic protective cover of the valve core should not be easily removed, so as to avoid cement and other miscellaneous valve cores during embedded. In addition, when embedding the valve core, you should also pay attention to the direction of the valve core up and down, left and right, so as to avoid buried the valve core wrong. The size of the wall faucet is biased when the water pipe is embedded, and the use of the use of adjustable abducts can be used for school positions.

2. Precautions for installing the faucet of the floor bathtub

Installation preparation:

Before installation, the dirty water, residues, sand grains, and impurities in the water pipe should be installed, and then install the faucet to prevent the bubble obstruction or the valve core is damaged.

Cleaning surface:

1. Use the cleaner to scrub and remove it. Before scrubbing, first clean the faucet surface with water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth. In addition, gently wipe the neutral cleaner to keep the surface clean.

2. Do not use any grinding cleaning agent, hard cloth, paper towels or wire balls, and any acidic, rough cleaning agent or soap, etc. Wipe the faucet surface. Filter cleaning: Remove the bubble head, remove the filter, and use a toothbrush or small brush under the faucet to wash the filter.

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