After perm -dyeing hair, the hair will appear dry and frizzy. After three or four months of damage, the frizzy feeling will improve slightly, and the hair with severe damage will basically cannot be recovered. Even if the healthy hair that has just been stained, it will feel dry and frizzy in a short period of time. This is because the hair has gone through chemical treatment, and some alkaline ingredients remain in the hair. The frizzy feeling.


Permids can cause damage to the hair. Once damaged, it cannot be reversed. The degree of damage will be smaller. The degree of damage will not only be frizzy but also very dry, but also static electricity in autumn and winter. Although the frizzy feeling will improve slightly after a few months, the damage of the hair is improved.

After the hair quality is damaged, the dry and frizzy phenomenon can only be repaired through the maintenance and care of the hair, but it is impossible to return to the health state before the hot dye. To the chemical process of curly hair, from black hair to yellow hair, the shape and color of the hair have changed, and this process will take away a large amount of protein, and the hair scales will fall off because of this. Quality will become worse and worse.

Many fans have recently consulted me. After the hot dyeing, the hair is dry and frosted, and it is better to use hair mask, conditioner and essential oil for care. In this issue of the topic of hairstyles, I will answer these questions of fans and netizens, and to understand together.


First of all, we must figure out that the role of hair mask, conditioner, and essential oil can exert the advantages of each product. It is not to say that every product is effective. If you do n’t understand that the use of more products is also white.

Incordin does not protect hair

The conditioner can only play a role in moisturizing and increasing smoothness, and in fact, it does not play a real hair care role. The molecular structure of the conditioner is relatively large, and it can only balance the acid and alkali of the head surface. After shampooing, it will form a layer of film on the surface of the hair to make the hair smooth and shiny. The effect is gone.

The main component of the conditioner is the cationic surfactant. After shampooing, the anion surfactant that can neutralizes the shampoo is used to help closure the hair scales and make the surface surface more shiny. However, this closure is also temporary. The hair will swell after the hair is water, and the damaged hair scales will be opened. Therefore, only the conditioner can temporarily make the hair feel smooth and gloss.

After the hair is damaged, the conditioner must be used for each shampoo. Although there is no real hair care effect, it can prevent the hair from having the hair, and it can also increase the lubrication effect of the hair and reduce pigment loss. If not, the dryness of dryness will be more serious. After using the conditioner, it will converge slightly, but it cannot be completely changed.


Essential oil only has moisturizing effect

The essential oil penetration is strong, the moisturizing effect is also good, it can also cover the dryness of dryness, but it is only temporary. Essential oil does not have the effect of repair. Applying the surface of the hair after each shampoo can only prevent static and gloss.


If the essential oil is compared with the conditioner, the conditioner can only increase the smoothness of the head surface, and the essential oil can moisturize the hair from the inside to the outside, which is more suitable for perm hair dyeing hair. However, this moisturizing effect can only be maintained until the next shampoo. As long as you wash your hair, you will be washed off, so you must use it every shampoo.


Although the effect of essential oils is slightly better than the effect of hair care, it should not be used too much, and too much will make the hair greasy, and it will also affect the beauty of the hairstyle. Essential oils are like skin creams. It will be very comfortable with the skin. It will feel tight without having to change the problem of damage to the hair. Therefore, the hair quality is damaged.


Only the hair mask can repair the hair

The hair mask is different. The hair mask is a product dedicated to damaged hair quality. The molecular structure is very small. It contains the fibrin, keratin, and amino acids similar to hair. The empty cave formed in the hair is longer than the haircin and essential oils.


After using the hair mask, the nutrients can be accumulated inside the hair, and a solid protective film can be formed on the surface of the hair, which is repaired from the inside to the outside. However, the nutrients in the hair will be lost with shampooing. Therefore, the hair mask must be done frequently to keep the nutrients in the hair to a normal number, and the hair quality can gradually improve.


No matter how many hair masks are applied, the hair absorption is limited. The nutritional components entering the hair will be lost after shampooing, so it is best to make the hair mask once a week to add nutrients taken away due to shampooing. It has no effect on use too diligent, because the hair cannot be absorbed, and the interval is too long to lose too much, which will also affect the effect of care. Therefore, it is best to do it once a week.

Netizens often ask me what brand of hair mask is good. Based on the experience of hairdressing for decades, as long as you insist on using any brand of hairstyle. No matter how advanced the hair mask, you can’t stick to it, and the effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is not the brand, but whether you can insist on doing it. This is the focus.


During the shampoo, use the conditioner, use essential oils after shampooing, and make the hair mask once a week, so that the dry and frizzy hair will be gradually improved, but it cannot be restored to the state before the hot dye. Adhering to care and care, the texture, elasticity and gloss of the hair must be much better than those who do not care. This is beyond doubt. Since you spend money and dye your hair, take some energy and time to care for your hair, and the effect of hot dyeing is better. Do you say this?

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