The half -body lace skirt is a single product that many girls like, but most people wear a sense of rustic sense. The root cause is that the matching method is incorrect, and the style and color selected are not well mastered.

If the style is relatively simple, the color matching looks more atmospheric

Essence Then such a half -body lace skirt can create a good temperament and make the style more fashionable. Following the following tips, I believe that you can match the feeling you want.


1. How to choose a more suitable lace skirt?

• Choose according to the proportion of waist and hip


The proportion of each girl is different, and the most suitable lace skirt can be selected according to her body proportion state.

Don’t think that the style of the lace skirt is similar. In fact, the length is different, or the proportion of its own waist and hips is different, and some changes will occur.

For example, girls with obvious waist and hips, wearing lace skirts, can make the style look more sexy. If they are girls with a straight body, such a figure will wear a skirt out of supermodels.

Make the style high enough, and does not show the unique femininity, but enlarge its elegant temperament and make the style look decent.


• Select according to the color


The lace fabric itself is bloated. Although the fabric is not heavy, it will have a fluffy effect visually. This is difficult for many people, but we can choose the most suitable style according to the color.


For example, women with a wide crotch can choose a dark lace skirt, so that the figure can be optimized and the proportion looks more coordinated. If it is a small skeleton girl, you can choose a light -colored lace skirt.

To make the body ratio fuller, to create a feminine matching style. According to your own body problems, you can choose the most suitable style. I believe that you will find the color style that is more suitable for you.

• Select according to the degree of looseness

The style of the lace skirt is divided into loose styles, and the slim style. Behind the design of each style, there are corresponding groups. What kind of figure do you choose?

The basis for this is to choose the degree of looseness according to the state of the figure. For example, a girl with a full body, try to choose the slim style as much as possible.

Come to show your body advantage. If you are a thin girl, you can choose a loose lace skirt to create a outstanding temperament and charm.

Second, two fashionable half -bodies lace skirt recommendations

• khaki skirt, classic and practical

If you like light -colored skirts and want to wear a thin effect, you can choose a khaki lace skirt.


This kind of skirt is practical and classic, which can create daily styles and workplace styles, let the match present a good temperament, and enhance the beauty of individuals.

• Loose white lace skirt to create an elegant temperament

If you like an elegant and intellectual style, you can create a prominent temperament through a white lace skirt. With a loose jacket, you can make the style look fashionable and fairy, and will not make the style of wear too popular.

There are many advantages of the half -body lace skirt. After reading these matching cases, I believe you know what kind of skirt is more suitable for you.


It is recommended that you choose a lace skirt. Do not choose based on the feeling, but according to your actual situation, choose the right style and color, it is not easy to have problems with the match.

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