I believe that the little fairy is more or less troubled by the problem of “blackheads”.

In severe cases, the nose is covered with blackheads, and it is like a strawberry!

How can a beautiful little fairy be tolerated? Intersection

But constantly try to go to the products and methods of blackheads,

What to remove blackheads and nasal stickers and tear nasal membranes.

Are these products really useful?


Today, Teacher An will take a look at several Internet celebrities to go to blackhead products!


1. Remove blackheads and nose stickers


The principle of this nasal sticker is:

Water activity adhesive,


Water activity adhesive is the glue that will become sticky when the water is dipped.

Add some skin conditioning agents and soothing ingredients to reduce stimuli.

The glue in the nose sticker does pull down some surface blackheads, but it is not effective enough.

Do n’t look at the finished dirty fat granules on the nasal stickers,

I thought the blackhead was successfully removed!


In fact, more blackheads are still in place, and the lines are motionless.


And this kind of nasal sticker is to us

Skin damage is also great


While removing the blackheads, the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin will be pulled down together.

Second, tear -long nasal membrane


First of all, do you know why this kind of mask is applied?

Can you tear it down completely after drying?

Because containing polyethylene (PVA for short),

PVA is a widely used basic chemical,

Paper, textiles, coatings, packaging materials, etc. are all useful.

Although this kind of chemical is harmless to the human body,

But it is also exactly

Do not have any function to remove blackheads

At most, you can tear down a little sweat and stratum corneum on the skin.

Third, go to the blackhead face washing milk

The effect of all facial cleanser,

Regardless of whitening, anti -aging, hydration, or blackhead,

Effect of facial cleanser

Can only achieve a basic cleaning

Moreover, each time the face washing milk stayed on the face was only about one minute and washed away.

It is not possible to play the role of blackheads.

Therefore, I suggest that you buy your face to buy ordinary ones.

Fourth, blackhead export solution

The ingredients in the blackhead export liquid are keratin softeners with higher concentrations,

Can soften the keratin and open the pores.

Blackheads will also be softened, which will surface.

But this kind of product is more irritating,

Do not recommend the little fairy with sensitive muscles

Moreover, the role of blackhead guide solution is only to open the pores,

If you want to remove the blackheads, you still have to cooperate with the nasal sticker or remove the black head needle.

Fourth, the soda hit the blackhead

The principle of so -called soda to go to blackheads is that the baking soda is dissolved in water after water.

Can dissolve fat. This method can indeed be “immediate”,

But the effect is just temporary,

It is guaranteed that the blackheads will not be “emerge” for a few days.

Moreover, our skin has a natural protection barrier,


Long -term use of baking soda

It will destroy the skin’s protective layer

Cause damage to our skin.

So it is not recommended to use it frequently!

In the end, Teacher An wanted to tell everyone that all the products and methods that removed blackheads could only be temporarily removed. Blackheads will still “make a comeback”. Teacher An Yiting suggested that you want to really eradicate blackheads to find a skin doctor. It is impossible to rely on skin care products to go to blackheads.

Is it really effective for tearing nasal membranes? An Yanting takes you to take stock of several Internet celebrities to go to blackhead products!





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