Modern women have their own unique insights on dressing. Not only are they reflected in clothing, but jewelry also becomes an indispensable part of wearing.


When you take out jewelry, have you noticed their coat jewelry box? The shapes of jewelry boxes are similar, but the materials are subdivided. Today, I will take you to understand several common jewelry box materials ~

1. Wood jewelry box

Generally use solid wood as the main material, which is not easy to produce chemical changes, and is suitable for storing high -end boutique jewelry.


Second, rubber paper jewelry box

Generally adopted

Plastic open molds, wrapped paper or PU leather, look slightly high -end, belongs to the mid -range price.


Third, paper jewelry box


It is usually made of panels and cards. It is wrapped in a layer of leather paper outside. Generally, it is used more in silver jewelry shops.

Fourth, velvet jewelry box

Taking plastic as the main architecture, the surface of velvet is more beautiful and lighter. Generally, silver jewelry and gold are much used.


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After speaking, the common materials have been said, do you know the material below?

The velvet super fibrous material, which is often referred to as the “fur”, feels soft and delicate, not only looks high -end atmosphere, but also has a certain protective effect on jewelry. It is a dream box in a dream!

Shandong Kaitai Super Fiber, as a senior manufacturer specializing in the production of velvet super fiber, is also widely used in jewelry box packaging and jewelry display cabinets. The thickness is generally 0.4-0.5mm. The advantages of tear resistance, high tensile strength, short hair feel, uniform, delicate and smooth feel.

The jewelry box is not only a packaging, but also a testimony. Choose the velvet super fiber material to help you witness the story of each piece of jewelry!

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