Competition team: Athletic Club vs Saint Paul

Competition time: 7-21 08:30

Fighting look at the event:


Competitive club

Athletic Club is located in a team in Avilaneda, the capital of Argentina, in Avilaneda, in the history of the team. The team has won 18 Ajama championships and one liberator cup championship in history.

The team head coach Piqi is 53 years old. During the players, he played for Barcelona, ​​Porto, Valencia and other teams. After becoming a head coach, he has coached teams such as San Dafi, St. Lorenso, Valencia, Chilean national team, Saudi national team, etc., and have extremely rich coaching experience. On January 21, 2021, he officially became the coach of the competitive club.

The team striker Shang Carle is the player with the most goals in the team. In this cup, he scored 5 goals 5 times.

In the first round, the competition club equalized the score in the first half with Copy’s goal in the first half. In the end, he tied Sao Paulo to harvest a away goal advantage.

Although the winning percentage of competitions in the last 10 games was only 40 %, it won the index 8 times during the period and only lost the index once.

Compared with before, the status of the Athletic Club has declined after entering June, and various events have encountered 4 consecutive games.

The competition club has only scored large scores in the past 10 games, and the ball has a general ability.


St. Paul

St. Paul was founded in 1930. They won 12 international championships and won the championship of the Liberator three times. They are the third team in Brazil.

The team coach Crespo was a legendary striker in Argentina. He won the best Serie A shooter in the 00/01 season in Lazio. In February of this year, he served as coach of St. Paul and won the first championship of the club for nine years for St. Paul.

In the first round, Sao Paulo was the first to break the door by Bureno. However, in the end, it only eight shots, which ended only 3 times and ended with a tie.


Sao Paulo lost to Fultaresa 0-1 in the last round and encountered two consecutive games.

St. Paul won only 2 wins in the past 10 games, and only won the index twice during the period.

San Paulo only scored a big score in three games in the past 10 games, and has a general ability.

Sao Paulo defeated Brazil’s international end 2-0 before, and had been endlessly ended for nine consecutive away.

St. Paul has only been closed in the past 10 away games, and the defense is worrying.

Analysis of the event: In the first round, the two sides were 1-1. Since Sao Paulo was not good at the expedition, only 1 victory won in the past 10 games. It is optimistic about the competitive clubs that are good at home -to -food to win the waves.

Highlights of the event: Competitive Club (-0); Score Recommended: 1-0, 2-1, 2-0

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