I am a child of the poor. I ’m a post -90s dragging on human characters. I wore a pair of characters in spring, summer, autumn and winter when I was a child. Intersection Intersection But everyone is thin and only bones and feet are heavy, so bad people are dragging me a bad character for a month or two. I can wear it for a year. This is exactly the so -called force area. Big shoes are easy to break! Intersection Intersection In order to prove that I am not doing the advertisement, the true portrayal is not true.

Toe deformation

生活小知识 牛逼的人字拖

[Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] This can prove that when I was a child, I was deforming in a human -like drag finger. I can see that I am the child of the poor. So the toes are deformed …! However, I like to wear human -like drags. There are several reasons for the advantages of human character drags.

1. It is convenient to wear a human character to drag your feet in summer and not smell not stinky when you wash your feet. It is convenient.

生活小知识 牛逼的人字拖

2. Shoes washing is convenient to brush immediately. You can wear it immediately [Lingshi flashes] Unlike the tourism shoe canvas shoes, you can dry it before you can wear it. Maybe this is the way I know about it!

生活小知识 牛逼的人字拖

3. No need to wear socks and no longer to wash a lot of stinky socks

As mentioned earlier, there will be a hole in the shoes that I wear thinnest feet.

This is the corpse reserved by the person I watched through the year! I am still a bit of the main materials of the brand of human characters. The main materials are different. Below, I will introduce 5 types of human characters in different materials on the market.

Choosing slippers is the first material, and then the other

1. Plastic EVA, PVC -Easy to stinky feet

2. Leather — Can’t touch water often, hole shoes -easy to stinky feet and walking sounds

3. Vietnamese rubber slippers- (non -pure natural rubber, including a small amount of plastic) still easy to stinky feet

生活小知识 牛逼的人字拖

4. Havana human character drag — (not easy to stinky feet, but some comments say that wearing rubber belts is easy to break, maybe because of the greater hardness of rubber)

5. Pure latex in Thailand -probably the most suitable material, which is more inhibitory than pure rubber. The upper does not penetrate sweat and rain, not stuffy feet, not easy to smell the feet, and the short -distance walking shoelaces are not easy to break, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer, softer. Dang home bathroom slippers are ok

生活小知识 牛逼的人字拖

I am now wearing a pure latex human character in Thailand. The quality is also the only kind of human character that can be worn for a year. What is the Thai rubber characters look like

生活小知识 牛逼的人字拖

This kind of human slippers are called Xingma brand. My favorite. I remember whether it was a few years or 12 dollars. Great! I used to wear other brands like the four types of people in Thailand. Intersection Intersection This kind of slippers can be said to be a antique brand in this slippers.

生活小知识 牛逼的人字拖

It mentioned above that I was wearing a pair of bodies and reserved bodies but not old. If you do n’t come, I ’m really fond of this kind of Thai Star Horse card. Later, I played online. Twenty pieces of ocean bought a pair of babies who didn’t talk about it …

[Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] Don’t look at your feet and see the characters dragging

I am from Zhejiang people. This kind of star -like slippers are also very strange like Shanghai Jiangsu … The only one who does not sell it in Taizhou in Zhejiang [like] [like] [like]

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