Friends who like Haitao, have you encountered the “buying digital products or home small appliances that comes with home small electrical appliances is not the standard of Mainland China. I have to match a national standard line but I don’t know what keywords should be searching.” What about the embarrassing moment? In fact, these power cables have uniform standards. This standard is called IEC 60320. All power cords can find the only “national standard version” through this standard.

This article is a simple popular science and a small knowledge related to the power cord, hoping to help you buy a suitable power cord to ensure the safety of electricity consumption.


The secrets of the voltage and plug in Haitao

Friends who often know that Haitao Electric Products must know that when buying, we must confirm that the product supports the input of wide voltage (100V ~ 240V). This is because there are two types of voltage used in countries around the world, which are the two categories: AC 100V to 130V, and communication with 220 to 240V. 100V, 110 ~ 130V can be simply understood as low voltage, such as the United States, Japan and other places and the voltage on board, focusing on safety; 220 ~ 240V can be simply understood as high voltage, including China, the United Kingdom and most European countries. efficiency. If you insert a low -voltage electrical into the high -voltage power grid directly, it will cause damage to the electrical appliances, and most of the high -voltage electrical appliances inserted the low -voltage power grid will not work.


For example, many home appliances in Japan only support 110V voltage. If you buy it back to China, if the voltage is conveyed without a transformer, and the 220V China Power Grid is directly inserted, most electrical appliances will be directly damaged. Therefore Essence


For example, Belkin’s smart socket cannot be used in China

In addition to the voltage, we also need to pay attention to the plug in Haitao. The plug is divided into several types from A to P

: Mainland China uses two types D and J type, which is commonly known as two -foot plug and three -foot plug. It should be noted that the three -foot plug is also divided into 10A ordinary type and 16A air conditioning type. North America and Japan use type A and B. Hong Kong uses British standard I, and Germany and France use E, F and G types.

Fortunately, after Haitao bought it, you only need to buy a power cord that meets the domestic standard plugs to use these devices. Even the two -foot plugs of some countries can be used directly on the mainland, such as: Australia and New Zealand. The national bid head can be used perfectly;

And the US, Canada, Japan, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries use the US -standard plugs, if it is two feet (type A in the figure above), you can also use it directly (the Appletv I use is the US version of the two -foot plug, There is no problem with use);


The European standard (German standard) plug is also the same, and the two feet (the E, F in the figure above) can be used directly (the capsule coffee machine in Deyatao is the European bid two feet), but the European Euo Bid my suggestion is to buy another national standard cable more reliable;

If you unfortunately buy the British header (Yingya Haitao, Hong Kong Bank equipment, etc.), then you can set up your roots with your roots!

It is not recommended to use the British standard to change the plug. Unless the quality is particularly good, there is a hidden safety hazard, and the volume is large.

Picture source: charging head network

The two -in -one conversion plug above the figure above has long been banned by the regulations. Due to the more compatibility, the contact area of ​​this plug will be small, and the small resistance of the contact surface will be large. Security risks. However, many people may have one or two of the Hong Kong bank equipment when they prevail. Remember not to use it anymore.


Electrical appliances input AC electricity

The part of the connection to the AC power will use IEC (International Electricity Commission) 60320 standard. One end of the power cord is always plug (PLUG), and the other end is always connected. There are parts of the female jack.


Because most home appliances will be built -in or an external power converter, AC electricity is converted to DC power to supply home appliances. Therefore


You can use these appliances normally.

The IEC 60320 standard is a set of standards formulated by the International Electrician Council (IEC). This standard involves the comprehensive of electrical devices, household electrical equipment, connectors, home electrical basic standards and universal methods, and low -voltage electrical synthesis. Connectors, plug connectors, equipment input sockets, appliance output sockets, wire components, interconnected wire components and other related devices, the maximum voltage can reach 250V.

Different types of IEC 60320 connectors are mainly the difference in shape and size, but these shapes and sizes are related to different sizes

Current, temperature and grounding requirements


Essence IEC 60320 is not encoded for voltage. Users must confirm that the radical voltage of the device is in line with the voltage of the supply power supply. This is why the product is confirmed at the beginning of the article to support the wide voltage.

Although different countries have different power cord standards and types, IEC 60320 standards are international standards used by most countries. The following is a classification of connectors based on different currents and voltage. Among them, “C” represents the connector code standard made by IEC 60320. The previous standard of IEC 60320 is IEC 320. If you see the seller’s writing when buying an electric line, you can know that it is actually the same thing.

Note: The same label, international standards and North American voltage currents are different


The first column C1, C5, C7 … C23 is the head of the head, which is fixed on the end of the electrical appliance;

The C2, C6, C8 … C24 in the second column is the male, that is, the end of the plug in both ends of the power cord;


The male head was inserted into the mother’s head, and the connection between the power cord and the electrical appliances was completed.

The one -bidding terminal in the picture above is the ground line, with the power cord with the ground wire, and the plug must be three -foot.

Notable North American Standard

Careful friends may notice that international standards and North American standards are listed separately. This is mainly because the voltage level in North America is 125V, only half of the international standards. In order to achieve the same power, a larger current requires a larger current when the voltage is lower.


Therefore, the American rating agency (CSA, NOM-ACE, and UL) will provide a larger current verification and certification for the IEC 60320 power cord. For example, the common North American standards in C5/C6 are 10A, and UL can certify 13A. In this case, the current value of the North American standard is generally several times larger than the same voltage even more than the same voltage.

Therefore, when you recover a electrical appliance from the United States, you cannot simply buy the national standard line directly according to the shape of the power cord connector or the convex marks on the wire, because it is likely to be produced according to international standards. , The current is not as large as the US standard, it will bring hidden dangers to electricity safety. Then when searching, remember to add the suffix of the “beauty label” and confirm the current value with the seller. Because the domestic voltage is 220V, as long as the current value of the line has half of the US version of the specifications:

Remember to confirm the current value with the seller and keep the evidence of rights protection


Some common types of connectors may have some special names. These sayings can also buy the correct cable:


Common in electric shaving knives


Commonly known as Mickey Mouse, it is very vivid

Extremely common 8 -character plug, a lot of Apple products love to use Apple TV, Mac mini


More common in music equipment, such as Hi-Fi device

The most common connector, almost all household computers and laptop transformers are this


Xbox One’s plug

A bit special Apple

It is worth mentioning that Apple has changed a C7/C8 connector for the old iPad and MacBook, which is convenient for global travelers to freely replace the local standard plugs. The C7/C8 was originally not grounded. After the Apple Magic was changed, a small nail on the adapter used a small nail as a grounding contact, and the extension of the magic reform or the converter can achieve the grounding function.


This power adapter consists of three parts: connectors and adapters, AC power cords, and AC plugs (duckbill plugs).

The connector side is actually a C7 connector

The figure below is an extension line. The unique device above the connector can add an additional ground function to the two -foot plug:

If there is no extension line, there is no ground, that is, the metal shell of the MacBook will be a bit numb


Enter the electrical appliances of DC


A few home appliances from Haitao have neither a built -in power converter nor need a large external power converter. Only a power converter integrated with a plug can output DC electricity to this part of the appliance. This Household appliances usually include router, visual doorbell, etc.


The other end of the connector of the output DC power is usually cylindrical; but compared to the relatively clear AC electricity, the standard of DC power is another scene. Not only is the type of connecting diverse, it looks like it is difficult to distinguish. So many times we can only rely on shape and size to distinguish. In general, there are the following types of DC power connectors:

That’s right, the USB family is also DC head


What you see in the figure above

Number X number

It is divided according to the outer diameter and inner diameter. The previous number and the latter number correspond to the outer diameter and inner diameter, respectively. Generally, only one outer diameter is required. In addition to the above charts, there are some uncommon cigarettes, F heads, T heads, DC direct inserts, aviation heads, waterproof heads, 3 core/ 4 core/ 8 core connection connection Head, crocodile clip, S terminal, refrigerator head, banana head, etc.


But fortunately, no matter which country’s products, except the interface is distinguished by voltage current


As long as you refer to the voltage and current marked on the adapter to buy the corresponding interface, you can use it with confidence.

Take the router mentioned at the beginning as an example. Except for some top routers, the DC header of most router adapters is 5.5mm*2.5mm. In between, as long as the non -original adapter DC header, the output voltage is the same as the original adapter, and the output current is greater than or equal to the output current of the original adapter, then you can use it with confidence.

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