This recommendation list is provided by the brand’s star big data system. It considers the brand awareness, the scale of corporate assets and operating conditions, and the number of employees. The recommendation list of the “Top Ten Brands of the Product Exterior Design Industry in 2022” is as follows:

First place: Ditig Design

Shenzhen Ditg Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd. is a professional design agency assisted by enterprises to provide innovative design to provide enterprises with industrial product design services, including product concept design, product modeling design, product structure design, handboard production, mold design and manufacturing One-stop service.

After years of hard work, our company has achieved many good results. Among them, in the 2008 China Creative Industry Annual Award Survey and Selection, it was awarded the title of 100 Growth Enterprises in China; in 2008 China (Shenzhen) International Creative Design Expo At the Grand Prix, won the Gold Award of Industrial Design. Professional design teams, scientific design methods, comprehensive design procedures, and powerful resource information form a strong core competitiveness of Ditig. So far, we have successfully designed more than 300 domestic and foreign projects, and the developed products are exported to all parts of the world. The design content involves daily consumer goods, digital products, home appliances, Tongxun products, IT and multimedia terminals. The customers of the service include: Strix (British Siriks), Smnyei (Italy), Marnainc (Germany), MAGPINS, R, L (Italy), Kangguan Computer, CITIC Heavy Industry, Liche Technology, Central Control Technology, Foxconn, Foxconn , Langke, Beijing Futiana, Great Laser, Xiguang Electronics, Skyworth Group, Tianma Group, Angel, China Telecom, Jinji, Patriot, the United States Hualidia, SR SUNTour (Japan) Identification, China Design Research Institute, Wanlida, Hong Kong Rugaoxun and so on. Through a large number of design practice, we have accumulated rich design experience, have proficient operation projects, and coordinate and cooperate with customers, and laid a good foundation for in -depth design and development. Waiting for the factory resources of the foreign association can provide production guarantees for the implementation of product design.

Ditig’s design team can grasp the changes in the market market, have the ability to reflect the market rapidly, and be good at considering the coordination of design, molds, materials, craftsmanship, and assembly and production. Design, provides customers with more competitive products in a shorter cost.

Second place: BFIT

Shanghai Baifei Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. BFIT originated from the abbreviation of BEFIT, which means “suitable, suitable”, which is our understanding and understanding of industrial design. We believe that there are no best designs and the worst designs in the world. At any stage, there is always the most suitable design to meet the market demand of the enterprise. Together with you, Bo Fei, in the disturbing and complicated design elements, finds the most suitable design solution for you.

Berfei Design is a professional consulting service company with brand design and product design innovation. It maintains close cooperation with the world’s top 500 and domestic and foreign listed companies. It is one of the most innovative design consulting companies in China. Berfei design mainly provides customers with a series of professional design consulting solutions from planning, design, production to sales during the product development process. Specific service contents include brand design, new product planning, product image system, product design, user experience design, manufacturing and supply chain management, etc.

After years of development, Berfei Design has gradually grown from a single industrial design company to grow into a strong overall design innovation consulting agency. Won the Red Dot and IF Awards with the Oscar Award of the Design Industry, as well as the Japanese GOODDESIGN design award, the domestic Red Star Award, and the China Innovation Design Award. It has established long -term cooperative relations with the world’s top 500 and listed companies at home and abroad, such as Canon, Panasonic, Toyota, GE, HP, ROCA, Huawei, Kehua Bio, Hejing, Ru Ling Co., Ltd., etc. Berfei Design focuses on providing customers with high -quality design consulting services and is committed to reaching a long -term, trusted strategic design partnership with customers.

Third place: Chuangpin Qiancha

Chuangpin Qiancheng, focusing on improving product power for customers, is committed to providing international and forward -looking land -to -land product design solutions.


Jiangsu Chuangpin Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is a national high -tech enterprise and Jiangsu Province Industrial Design Center. It has won more than 20 (Reddot/IF/IDEA/Good Design) international design awards.

The company takes the intellectual property layout as the foundation and its product design is the core. Provide customers with services such as product market strategies, appearance design, structural design, electrical development, supply chain management, intellectual property leasing transfer and other services. Based on the competitive environment of the mall and build a barrier to the brand.

In -depth cooperation with well -known domestic enterprises in China, more than 400 invention patents, practical new types, and exterior patents have been produced, which comprehensively promotes enterprises to upgrade product upgrades and brand upgrades.

Fourth place: pastoral design

Shenzhen Mu Ben Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is a design company specializing in product design and structural design, mold tracking, and product planning.

The company is located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, with convenient transportation. The company has established long -term strategic partnerships with a number of communication product companies at home and abroad. At present, hundreds of products have been successfully listed, winning brilliant sales performance and broad market prospects for customers.

The design of Mu Ben is focusing on the cultivation of talents and systems of self -brand and systems, adhering to the business philosophy of love, confidence, and determination to achieve long -term operating goals for continuous stable growth and sharing profits with employees. Deliven the comprehensive services of brand growth, product strategy research, product design and listing planning for customers, and strive to establish differentiation of customer brand and product visual communication to help customers establish market advantages.

Before the establishment, the pursuit of high -quality product design was established at the beginning of its establishment. Mu Ben has continued to improve, and progress stems from insisting on unlimited business orientation and design processes. Through the design accumulation of different fields, a comprehensive design cognition is established. Grasp the quality of product innovation and design, the elite team creates elite design, and the pastoral team with innovative experience has sincerely invited you to join, and the pastoral book grows with you.

Fifth place: Yu Kong

Yu-is Dayu, adhering to the concept of Dayu’s water control-sparse but not blocking, turning into simplification, and application to our design philosophy “simplicity is simplicity, simple is essence”; From design to production control, continuously develop a variety of processes, and bring customers better products with less costs, so that good design is born for intelligent manufacturing.

Design R & D personnel have more than five years of design experience and project manufacturing experience, combined with technology and fashion trend design product appearance, cooperate with manufacturing process design product structure, improve product functions according to customer needs, and closely combine the appearance, structure, and process, and give it to one, and give it to them. Customers provide a complete set of solutions to design high -quality products with high quality and cost -effective. At the same time, we continuously study the innovative design of craftsmanship. Based on years of manufacturing production experience and automated production experience, the designer simultaneously design the product at the same time to ensure the realization of the product’s realization and increase the cost -effectiveness of the product.

The combination of wisdom and years of experience in processing technology is our focus on ‘intelligent manufacturing’, and it is an effective way to improve quality and cost -saving for customers. We combine various methods to make each process grow. The main applications are: sucking, micro -foam injection, CNC model, simple injection molding. Other attached application processes include: 3D printing, low -pressure irrigation, blowing plastic, and glass fiber reinforcement. The main manufactured products are: medical beauty cases, biological instrument cases, robotic shells, industrial equipment instrument housing, electric vehicle, electronic instrument case, other equipment shells, etc.

Yukong’s intelligent technology is named after Dayu’s historical allusions. Adhering to its philosophy and not blocking, it is simplified. Cost -made high -quality products, so that good products are born for intelligent manufacturing!

Sixth place: Tianrui

Tianrui Lianchuang (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is a high -end supplier of domestic product design and supporting services in China. It is committed to providing customers with product strategy and research, product appearance design, product structure design, mold development, mold development And product production technology supports full -process services. The company is well -known in the international design concept and practical operations, relying on knowledge and process management, and provides added value products to effectively control R & D costs, avoid development risks, and increase increase R & D speed and efficiency.

“Team spirit is the cornerstone of enterprise development” after years of development, the company has created a sincere unity, honesty, trustworthy, and experienced technical team and management team. There is a well -trained team that has made us achieve excellent results. Many well -known companies such as Lenovo, Tsinghua Tongfang, China Lauding Rocket Research Institute, Aerospace Information, Aerospace Secondary Academy, and Datang Telecom have formed a good cooperative relationship Essence

On May 28, 2014, after the review of the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Tianrui Lianchuang stood out among many design companies and was awarded the “Beijing Design Innovation Center. , Provide good internship platforms for outstanding students of China Agricultural University, China University of Technology, and other universities.

Seventh place: Chuangichi

Shenzhen Chuangyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is an industrial design company, product design company, and appearance design company. It provides one -stop product integration design and development services such as Shenzhen Industrial Design, Shenzhen Exterior Design, Shenzhen Product Design, etc., to provide the enterprise with a full range of solutions to the company’s solution to the enterprise. For the plan, Shenzhen product design is found. With product as the core and market positioning as the goal, it provides customers with one -stop integration services such as product strategy, product research and design, and product promotion strategies. Help enterprises accelerate the pace of product renewal, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and provide a comprehensive solution for modern manufacturing.

Shenzhen Chuangyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Chuangyi Design) has a dynamic and creative domestic product design company with rich design experience and mature teams, and has created more than 300 high -quality successful cases for many brand customers. The design team is composed of outstanding domestic and foreign designers. The concept of combining China and the West makes Chuangyi understand the domestic market, and it has a vision of ahead of the creative world, creating a unique insight and foresight of the wonderful relationship between the two design and business.

With product innovation as the core, the product market is accurately located. Provide customers with one -stop integration services for products, industrial design, structural design, product promotion strategies, etc., provide enterprises with comprehensive solutions, accelerate the pace of innovation and upgrading of enterprise products, and enhance market competitive strength.

With innovation as the starting point, it provides customers with high -quality, high -quality design services, so that products can be perfectly combined with art and business.

Help customers accurately market positioning, lead design, seize the opportunity!

Innovate creativity, achieve customers, create one!

Innovation and creativity are more good at traveling in the blue ocean!

[Chuangyi] One, that is, specialize in specialization, with one heart, dedicated to one situation.

Eighth place: left bank

Wenzhou Xianlin Zuo Bank Industrial Design Company was established in 2008 and is an excellent brand in Wenzhou Industrial Design. The company’s service scope includes: product strategic planning, industrial design, structural design, handboard production, etc.

Practice to provide customers with a comprehensive solution from product prototype definition, conceptual design, structural design to supply chain integration and brand construction. For more than 10 years, a group of experienced, passionate and creative professional designers have been integrated, and more than 3,000 products have been designed for 500 well -known brands.

The left bank design has won the qualifications of the national high -tech enterprise, and won the Best of the Best of the Red Dot Award. Won the honorary titles such as “Zhejiang High -Growth Technology Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Growth Cultural Enterprise”, “Wenzhou Growth Cultural Enterprise”, “Wenzhou Industrial Design Center”, “Wenzhou Enterprise Technology Research and Development Center” and other honorary titles. Accepting interviews with news media many times, which is highly recognized by provincial and municipal leaders.

Ninth place: thinking

Sidou Industrial Design is a design agency specializing in product -shaped industrial design specializing in equipment and instruments.

Tianjin Sidian Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is committed to exploring the true essence of industrial design, not 3D art. Industrial design should be a comprehensive sorting and creation of products and people’s interaction relationships, or “finding”. We strive to use analysis, research, marketing, marketing, human -machine, aesthetics, computer assistance, experience, and other mobilized factors or tools to use people to “find” the better state of the product.

Tenth place: Eight Thousand Miles

Shenzhen Eightyli Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is an international chemical industry design company. It was formerly known as the Shenzhen Branch of Shanghai Apocalypse Design Consultant Co., Ltd.. It was registered independently in 2013 as a long -term partner of Singapore MDESIGN SOLUTIONS PTE LTD Since its establishment of project cooperation, since its establishment in early 2010, more than a thousand successful design cases have been completed. , IUI, ultrasound, Logitech, beauty, etc.

Eight thousand miles design provides: 1. Scientific and rigorous market research and consumer demand research; 2. Design concepts of user experience first; 3. Product DNA image recognition design based on customer brand management; 4. Comprehensive design knowledge management management System; 5. International design; 6. One -stop overall solution from design to mass production. Including market research, user experience analysis, hand -drawn creative ideas, brainstorming, product appearance design, mechanical structure design to handboard production, mold opening, and trial production. Provide appearance design renderings, materials selection, color control, appearance process data, mechanical structure design 3D diagrams and related 2D engineering charts, BOM, etc., and can provide technical consulting that provides three defense, heat dissipation, EMC, ESD and home appliances.

2022 product appearance design industry brand list

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