product category:

Drilling, four -blade center drilling, hole drill, step drill, hole drill, alien drill, etc.

Pay attention:

1. When the drill bits are installed on the drill cover, you must clean it and you must not have debris;

2. The adjustment of each drill bit is the same;


3. Install the jacket when installing it on the machine tool, pay attention to the direction;

4. Replace the drill cover with large wear in time;

5. Pay attention to adjusting the speed of the drill and the pressure on the board;

6. Pay attention to replacement after passivation.

Common problems of drills:

1. Causes of explosive mouth:

a) Give the speed too fast;

b) The drill cover is loose;

c) Diamond bit passivation or lack of shortage;

D) Drilling bias;

e) The board is moved during processing.

2. The cause of the broken blade bending (the handle is not heat treatment below the heat treatment):

a) Give the speed too fast, causing the diligence;

b) The drill bits are swinging too much;

c) Continue to use after passivation;

d) Drilling on hard objects or impurities during processing.

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