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Hello, all of your beautiful sisters and sisters, hello everyone!

I am glad to have time to share a large wave of new popular hairstyles today. There are 15 long models, and the models are beautiful. Many beautiful women are cutting. The response is good. Hurry up to see if you have the same model?

Qi neck full head roll

The perm of the whole roll is one of the most important perm for many women when it is cold, which is both warm and fashionable.


For more than ten days, the north will begin to heaterate. It can be said that when many women choose hairstyles, warmth is also a problem to consider. After all, we cannot stay in the house every day, and we still have to go out and turn around.

The best choice for the short hair of Qi neck is to make a full -headed hotness. The shape of the curling has a good warmth effect.

The fluffy shape can also modify the imperfect head shape. For example, it can make up for the top head and set off the flat rear head. The curvature of the S -shaped shape makes the whole look very feminine.


If you happen to be such a hairstyle with a long neck, you must try the entire head roll, which can keep you warm and stylish, and spend this winter beautifully.

French long wave roll


Women with long hair must try this French long wave roll this season?

The French long wave roll is relatively casual, especially the top area of ​​the head does not need to be hot. It only needs to show fluffy effects.

French long wave rolls give people a more lazy and casual feeling, and it looks natural and high.

The matching bangs are also dominated by nature. Don’t be too heavy. The lines with air sense are the most in place. It sets off the entire facial features and is particularly perfect.


The overall curly hair is scattered on the shoulder, showing the ups and downs of waves, it looks very dynamic, and the beauty is moving.

If you want to be beautiful, you must try this long wave roll.


Micro -roll shape hot

The perm is afraid of old -fashioned.


If the shape of the micro -roll is hot, in fact, the effect of the overall scalding is not a rolling, but it is some curvature. For some older ladies, it will feel that this will be different from the hotness.

In fact, the micro -rolling shape is the effect of many young ladies in the present. They prefer this micro -fluffy shape, which has a good decoration of the entire facial features, and at the same time reflects the feminine side of women.


Sometimes it is just a bit of hot hair, so that the entire hairstyle presents a large arc and it is OK. The hairstyle that can be fascinated by the hairstyle is more focused on being tailor -made. Different women’s pursuit and understanding of beauty is different.


Short hair


Although the weather has become cold now, for women who love short hair, their short hair is still a very popular scenery.

The rich three -dimensional short hair is matched with a straw of bangs. The fashionable face is very personal at first glance. It is a bit handsome and a little chic, and it is full of return rate on the road.


The chocolate short hair is very temperament at a glance. Hanging the hair on the side behind the ear looks very neat, and it is more refined with a earrings.


The dynamic hierarchical short hair adds a bouquet of blue -purple hanging ear dyeing at the corner. The personality is very stylish, and it is also unable to bear the heart. Which one do you like best today? Please leave a message to tell me, if you want to see more fashion hairstyles, please follow me.

I need you to be my friend, because you know how to listen to me, follow me, thank you, I hope that the road of hairstyles in the future, you and I are together.

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