Summer is here, did you buy your characters?

It is said that every northern girl who comes to the south may not bring soil specialty when returning.

But you will definitely put a pair of cool human characters!

Looking at it seems to be able to remember the appearance of fine sand, sun, coconut trees and blue sea.

But to say that the human characters are dragging on the north and south of the river, and I still have to mention the five bands last summer.

Plastic plastic Mandarin, holding a red plastic bag, and the scene can make Ma Dong “call” …


“It can be soil to drop the residue, but it is not vulgar or not.”


It also became the coolest thing that summer.

The five -person band’s low -to -“earth smell” method found the method of breaking the circle.

From then on, it was not messenger, along with the sales of Cantonese characters, and became the best spokesperson.

01 Drag by the character that is loved by Hong Kong dramas

In the south, there are no souls in the south, and there is no soul!


Just like Zhou Xingchi’s Hong Kong drama “The King of Comedy”,


Liu Piaopiao woke up and sat on the window sill, looking at the sea outside, and the green large characters on the feet …

The comfortable and comfortable romantic feelings have the emergence of only human characters.

In the long -term rainwater and sunny weather in the south, one is easy to get dirty without paying attention.

For example, the “special agent” in “Domestic Ling Ling Paint” Darwen, also wearing a pair of small slippers that flowed over the rain, came to Zhou Xingchi to do tasks.

There are also the wind in the wind, a pair of words dragging the “fire cloud evil god” of the enemy, and the magical power of the large wooden table was chopped.

Let’s talk about the martial arts of the world, why not be the head of the world? Only fire cloud evil gods are not!

There is also the most classic chartered wife. Every time she appears, she wore her curly hair stick, a cigarette in her mouth, and the big red slippers on her feet …

The image of a market stood up instantly.

This is not only the need for the plot, but also the shaping of local characters in the south.


Including Gu Tianle and Jackie Chan’s early movie “Baby Plan”,

The role played by Jackie Chan, “Drag”, has been dragging growing up from a young age, and the name has been following him.


It can be seen how deeply the human character is to obey the people in the south.


According to data research reports, as a branch of slippers:

Human characters dragged on the GDP in 2019 to 66.1 billion yuan, and it is expected to increase to 94.7 billion yuan in 2026.


All human characters can be dragged around the earth for 10 laps, and the sales of more than two -thirds are from the southern region.

It’s amazing, I can’t help but be proud of this pair of characters on my feet!

But at this time, some people will say that as the quality of life increases, the human characters are still too home.

It is not suitable to wear on the street, which will affect the “image” of the city. It is too low to go on the table.

To let the Singaporeans hear this sentence, the first one does not agree.

02 Singapore also loves human character drag?

Unexpectedly, right? Singapore, 8,000 kilometers away, is the world of real characters.

There is a word circulating in the local population:

[Walking on the street, wearing a human character is definitely locals, and those who wear high heels are foreigners]

This is really fine.

In Singapore’s large malls, high -end apartments, and even government houses, they are full of human characters.


It is also nicknamed by external network media

“No Singaporeans are not known as Singaporean”, “human characters are the country’s essence”



At the event site of the anniversary of the founding of Singapore, wearing a colorful person to drag the army to celebrate together.

This unique slippers culture has merged everyone.

It is not a kind of person who does not enter a door, that is not the reason.


It is easy to say that wearing characters is convenient, so Singapore’s company does not think so.


Singapore -local airline-

Singapore Airlines

Essence What I prepared for the stewardes is not high -heeled shoes, but with match


A pair of people with a follow -up character drag!


The overall match looks exquisite and has exclusive charm, and is also called the most enviable work suit by other airlines.


In addition to daily work, in public lectures, you can also see the emergence of human characters.

For example, Li Hongyi (local prince), led by the Singapore Government Science and Technology Bureau (local prince), basically

Drag in a human character


As long as I am not embarrassed, the embarrassing is others, and a common confidence is overflowing.

My expression was shocked like the brother on the left.

To say that Singapore is a true love for human characters, then I have to mention the appearance of the “human character drag” party in 2006.


When in the Singapore election, there are

A party wearing a human character drag


, Put forward strong dissatisfaction against internal affairs and diplomacy.

The media call it “human character drag” party faction


Human characters dragging the competition


Think about it to make people laugh!

This unique way to attract public opinion is also unique.

It can also be seen more about the status of human characters in the people, which can be seen.

In the end, there was no subsequent news in this party, but this attitude towards life makes people feel strange!


Even many people have initiated a vote on the Internet, hoping that this

When wearing a bikini on your feet, you should apply for an intangible cultural heritage

, It’s a hundred years of Liufang.

Of course, the application did not come down in the end, after all, the judges couldn’t cry and laugh at such cultures!

But this does not affect the people of Singapore’s people’s love for characters.

Although there is no official seal, it does not matter. This kind of custom that continues in the people will be passed forever.

After all … Singapore is too hot!

03 The fashion of the character drag, you don’t understand


Actually thousands of years ago,

Master Luo Han of Buddhism is the enthusiast of human character drags.

According to legend, these masters often guide the Dharma with farmers, and gradually develop the habit of wearing ordinary clothing and cheap grass -edited characters, which is convenient to get close to all beings.

In the late Tang Dynasty, as the material selection was different, the color of the human characters was also based on red, and the high -profile version was inlaid with gems.

It can be said to be the most personalized monk in the dynasties!

And modern people’s characters no longer meet basic needs and begin to march towards fashion.


For example, the zodiac signs from the fusion of traditional Facebook are a masterpiece of the national tide -style character drag.

The design of this upper is very unique. It can be combined with a complete nation face with the human characters.

It is said that this character drag also applies for the design patent certificate, which is indeed a masterpiece.

In addition to the design effect, in terms of shape,


Human characters drag high heels

Also gain a lot of fashion beauty.


what! It’s a bit endless.

After adding the kitten, the original slippers changed the elegant ladies. Is there wood?

As soon as this shape is out of the street, with a hint of elegance in nature, it has the meaning of “four or two pounds”.

It’s really wonderful!

And can be convenient to work at work

Little rough heel flip, dragging,

Very suitable for the dressing of the office white -collar workers.


Fangtou design

With a trace of rules and serious qi during work,

Wide band

It also makes the atmosphere solemn.

Except for the previous styling changes,

The round design of the rear high heel

It also makes people feel delicate.


The round ball makes life more fun.

and also

Transparent upper design and cylindrical heel

, Make fashion and security with the same sense.

It looks both fashionable and stable, and it belongs to the same category as mentioned above.

Well, this is the case of this sharing. I hope you can discover the charm of human characters.

Of course, people’s characters are really beautiful, so I recommend a few models. I hope everyone likes it ~

Seeing such beautiful shoes, will you drag on the street in a heitation?

Welcome to tell Benxian in the comment area ~



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