Emart Rose Series


Tucao: The price is not cheap and it is super difficult to use. It is basically no effect. Some netizens did a skin test and found that there were fluorescent agents on their faces. Later, the skin care products were tested and found that it was in the Emart Rose series. Although I do n’t know if it ’s the skin care ingredient itself or fluorescent problem, if it is hundreds or even a thousand sets of skin care products, it is recommended that the girls try to use big names as much as possible. After all, the price is the same.

Han Yi skin care products

Tucao: The facial cleanser is completely washed, but the use is very dry, the water milk is very oily, super oil, and it cannot be absorbed. Some netizens have used Han Yi’s moisturizing cream several times to allergies. Because Han Yi’s price is very cheap, it is also loved by many girls. Although I can’t say that the brand is good, there is only one face, please try to be better for yourself. Well, it is that sentence that women must know how to invest in themselves, and they must start.


Bikuidi acne tonic water

First of all, I have used the poisoning cream of Bikhida. At that time, when the editor was still adolescent, the acne full of acne was simply disfigured. Acne products are not cheap, especially at that time, there was still a student with no division. Then after two months, the acne is really better, but the acne printing pit is basically no effect. This is just a little bit of the editor’s question, and the product is probably the personal skin.

Tucao: The price of this toner is not cheap. The 80 yuan capacity is only 160g. It is useless to use half. I can’t see the acne effect. But the texture is still refreshing, but it is said to be alcohol. Babies who mind can enter with caution.


Water Kou series mask

Tucao: 77 yuan a box, a box of six pieces. Generally, the skin of the orange mask will sting, but the orange texture is more refreshing. The blue is very thin, comfortable, but sticky, and wash. Very chicken ribs, no effect. Some netizens talked, because the water and milk of Shui Luo used the neutral skin into mixed oil, and since then, it has been dark. It is recommended that netizens enter with caution.

Watsons Bird’s Nest Eye Mask


Tucao: The price is not cheap, but it is very difficult to use. Very greasy, unconvinced. Not only can’t go to dark circles, but also fat particles. Some netizens broke the news that it took a few days to buy it and was allergic for a few days, blushing. Some netizens are itchy as soon as they get on their faces, while others are tingling on their faces. I don’t know how Watson’s young ladies and sisters feel the hearts of netizens.

Rimi Cosmetics Series

Tucao: This is a brand that is recommended by netizens as a black! Many people have fallen into the pits of Rimi. After all, the packaging is exquisite and the strong recommendation of the shopping guide. Various promotions are difficult to refuse. However, when you buy it once, you know how sad. Skin care products do not absorb and cannot achieve the effect of moisturizing. The most important thing is that the chemicals such as preservatives added in Rimi cosmetics are low, and it is very obvious to sensitive muscle damage. Don’t be too sad!


Water 360 series


Tucao: This is also a product made by Watsons’s self -produced products. Xiaobian has been fooled and bought a can of mask, saying that it can be wiped out of the water, but it is just wiped out the water. The face became red and allergic, very pit. It is strongly recommended that babies do not try!

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