The laptop has the performance of the desktop computer and has portable mobility, and has become the preferred choice for many users. When you use a notebook outside, you are facing a problem, how do you provide longer life time for your notebook? At present, mainstream notebook has fully supported USB PD fast charging, high-power PD fast charge mobile power has become an indispensable EDC device. Recently, Aohi has introduced MAGCube high-performance mobile power, with 100W bidirectional fast charge, built-in 30000mAh large-capacity battery pack, 1A1C dual interface configuration.

The listed enterprise Aohai is a manufacturer of a number of international brand mobile phone original charger, launched a self-operated brand Aohi to provide a variety of fast charge products for consumers, launched MAGCube 30W gallium nitride mini charging, MAGCube 20W mini charge, MAGCUBE 65W gallium nitride mini charge, 100W 2C gallium nitride fast charge, magnetic wireless charging treasure, outdoor power supply and other fast charge products. This Aohi brings MAGCube mobile power, providing battery life for digital products such as laptops, and dispels low-power anxiety.

Unlike the market, there is a different mobile power supply in the market, Aohi Magcube mobile power supply has a certain effort, the main frame structure uses V0-level protection flame retardant PC + ABS material production, and the front and reverse surface cover the blasting anodized metal plate. Two materials stitching let it look more high-end atmosphere, and the striped slot improved on the border is added.

In terms of performance, Aohi Magcube mobile power has 1A1C a total of two output interface configurations, USB-C supports 100W large power PD fast charging, can provide a laptop and tablet full blood express delivery support; USB-A supports multi-protocol 18W fast charge output It is combined with the use of different cables and new and old equipment. Dual interface can be output at the same time, automatic adjustment performance is 65W + 18W, and the dual device simultaneously fast charge.

AOHI推出100W 30000mAh移动电源,超大功率,笔记本也能满功率快充

The battery core is a mobile power core component, Aohi Magcube mobile power built-in 30000mAh / 108WH capacity battery pack, using 21700 cylindrical battery, has a cycle life greater than 800 times, far higher than national standard GB / T 35590, 300 requirements. It can charge 1.6 times for MacBook Air 13.3, and the battery is extended by 19 hours; it is charged 6.5 times for iPhone13, charged 4.8 times for Switch, and 2.8 times for iPad Pro 11.

AOHI推出100W 30000mAh移动电源,超大功率,笔记本也能满功率快充

At present, the USB PD fast charging standard has been widely standarded on digital devices, and most of the mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, game consoles, TWS headphones support PD fast charge, Aohi Magcube mobile power Support 100W USB PD fast charge output, Perfectly support these products.

In addition to powerful output performance, Aohi Magcube mobile power input performance is also equally excellent, 100W quickly charges for about two hours, can be filled with 100%, and quickly recovering power to prepare for the next work. In addition, Aohi Magcube mobile power also supports edge recooling function, mobile power supply and mobile phone are not charged, plug in charger charging mobile power supply, mobile power can also charge mobile phone, an awakening mobile phone and mobile power supply double full Electric, no need for user intervention charging process more worry-free.

AOHI推出100W 30000mAh移动电源,超大功率,笔记本也能满功率快充

Charging head network summary

AOHI推出100W 30000mAh移动电源,超大功率,笔记本也能满功率快充

Aohi Magcube mobile power supplied with ABS + PC material with metal panel, the overall style high-end atmosphere, the built-in battery pack capacity is 30,000mAh / 108WH, which is made of 21700 battery, and the life can reach 800 cycles. 1A1C dual output interface configuration, USB-C support 100W two-way fast charge, USB-A supports 18W multi-protocol fast charge, supports double-port simultaneous fast charge 65W + 18W, can be charged for about 2 hours. Aohi Magcube mobile power supply style new tide continued aerographer, high interface enriched, recommended multi-device and notebook users to purchase.

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