Brand: Hong Kong nikko day high nikko

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

Name Series: Outdoor Beach Anti -Slide Bao Tao Sandals

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

Type number: BS-5124005

Material: ethylene rubber

Shoes: Lake Blue


香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

It is estimated that Taobao also has the same difference 0

How to buy: one of the official stores of the Japanese high -ranking physical store

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

Okay, I am not a pitfather! Local store Wan Guo Plaza on the 6th floor is stock RMB299!

Place of Origin: Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

Price: 299 Hong Kong dollars

Brand tweet:

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

Nikko/Rihima is a multi -brand same, and is divided into several different application areas.

Nikko is mainly Hong Kong’s Nikko/Japanese high -ranking outdoor brand and Japan’s Nikko (Nikon) electric toys car, Japan Nikko Nikko Ceramics, and the construction machinery of the Japanese Kohaos Co., Ltd. Nikko Sports Products Company was established in 1979 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. For more than 30 years, Nikko has always provided the best backups, clothing and equipment for sports, outdoor camping and tourists. The leading products -backpack -in the past 30 years, regardless of sales, popularity, and popularity, it has occupied Nikko products for many years. Nikko’s backups are complete, as large as 90 liters of camping backpacks, tourist back sacs, sports bags, small light backpacks, bicycles, briefcases, until personal pockets, mobile phone bags, etc. Design, materials and colors are continuously improved and improved, and they also follow the pace of trend.

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

The above (Du Duan Encyclopedia does not science and borrows purely. Thank you for a simple understanding is the outdoor variety of the brand to find the OEM… The technology is estimated to buy it.

The author is grateful for this shoe: The story originated from the time when I went to Hong Kong in mid -August, and accidentally wore a pair of broken shoes. I just passed the entity of this shop, because I had no text! Teva, Keen, Nike, NB, Columbia and other basic brands of physical stores can make me like wealth! Intersection Intersection Intersection After crying hundreds of meters, I finally fancy a pair of high sandals on Megabox … The above is my sad buying experience!

This pair of Nikko I tried the 9.5 -yard national code first is 43 yards. I have been 43 in the author’s shoes. The genes are all standardized for 43 basic domestic categories, but I have given up 10 yards after I tried this pair of 9.5! I understand this series in this series!

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

Then this is how half a month from Boat from August 17 to Guangzhou September! Go to Hong Kong 3 times! I put on her! Proper, this is the original meaning of my article! The meaning configuration is very clear. This brand really says that there is no technology, but the price is not much. The price is not much except for the people! But after half a month, I felt that I could push her!

By the way, I did n’t get it when I bought this shoe! Therefore, I Twitter his packaging is actually a pair of hiking shoe packaging … The author is too pit, right?

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

This hiking shoe said that at the end of the year, Jingdong Specials 199 is not only cheap, and the sense of wear is not very good, so it is not recommended to buy it. Pay attention to the LOGO and sandals LOGO of this hiking shoe, which is obviously different! The sun is really messy …. One leaf and the sun

Only 0.67 kg

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

Is the sole clean! 36 degrees in the morning, I washed and dried up! Do you think there are flowers? I can wear it for half a month! She does not leave traces

Baotou series! The feel is easy to go to the toe lake water blue true love! Because of Baotou, it will not fall into the feet in the (Guangzhou) area full of sand and dust!

Well, I have said so much nonsense and pushing experience. This is the key poisoning point! So soft in the feel! For the physical sense of the feet, it is very comfortable to wear, the author I stand 1.84, and the 87th bus wears this shoe is very comfortable. Because the feet gene is really incomplete (choosing self -shame twice) flat feet, so the too hard shoes will have pain in the foot, so the pair of shoes before 3w thousands of steps daily and after the painful foot pain! But after wearing this pair of shoes, the pain was lost! After 30 minutes, I restored my ability to move!

LOGO is located at the heel (notice that this logo is different from the packaging!) Therefore, this brand is really chaotic.

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

This is my poster …..

This is also my poster …..+1

Of course, this is also my poster …..+2

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

The bottom design is very good at the center of the foot, so I am very comfortable and intimate.

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

She on the front? NO is bad. I won’t use it (I respect my respect as the original author!) WHO’s original work? AGTOM, HKG, a god translation

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

This time I finally got a picture of my feet! In the first post, the X round was not brought with a real foot picture “”

To sum up: This shoe feels really good, I am 86 kg, with about 30 pounds of snacks in Hong Kong with a snack of about 30 pounds of my whole body. Slip. Running is really not a strong point, nothing is particularly suitable, I believe everyone remembers the 3rd from the end of August to September! During the holidays, it is raining! It ’s just as comfortable to wear her out. I did n’t stink back to prove that the glue was very good. Someone said why I wanted to buy such expensive shoes?

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

50-100 back force can also be worn, why choose more than 200?

I said that people are in the heart, and I am rubbing myself every day. I am tired and hurt him.

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

Put your feet and take good care of yourself and enjoy yourself.

It seems to have come again.

香港 NIKKO日高 户外沙滩防滑包头凉鞋

The TEVA series has also reached the same 9 yards and 11 yards. I haven’t worn it but the pictures are ready. After I wear it for a week, I will write the box and open the box! Spirit soles, it is reported that it is very good B to taste slowly.

This bag series also has a Keen report that it is also very good B to try a pair! After the full text is over, please see if you have a short time if you are inadequate, please revise

Hong Kong Nikko Daily High Orthodox Beach Anti -Slide Bao Toutou Sandals

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