Many friends want to give their parents a gift, feel that clothes are too simple, cosmetics are not suitable, and gold jewelry is easy to recruit thieves. If you want to match the temperament of your parents and meet the requirements of the elegant charm of the elderly, the wooden bracelet with a low -key connotation is a good choice. Let’s take a look together!


First, lobular rosewood.


Flower rosewood bracelets are suitable for all young and old, and many foreign friends are very favorite. The star circle loves lobular rosewood bracelets in ten minutes. Young people can choose 108 Buddha beads when wearing lobular rosewood bracelets, wrapped around on their wrists. If you want to send your elders, you can choose 15 cm and 15 pieces of big beads.

Second, Hainan Huanghuali.


Haihuang handles are full of oily. Each bead has a fluorescent feeling, the pattern changes into many end, the color is deep and charming, and it is very highlighted. Hainan Huanghuali bracelets also have the auxiliary effect of lowering blood pressure. It is very suitable for the elderly to wear. The biggest charm of Haihuang is the texture of the clouds and flowing water. Each bead is exclusive customized, and it is beautiful!


Third, Yaibai Handle.

When choosing the Yaibai bracelet for the elderly, it is necessary to make a comprehensive selection based on its oily, weight, and color. With amber luster, it seems that it has become the selection criteria for high -quality Yabar. The special tumor flower of Yaipai has a unique beauty. Most elderly people like the texture of Yaibai. However, because the market is currently positive for Yaibai hand string, the raw material is flooding. When choosing, you must pay attention to the comprehensive quality of Yaibai. Do not chase the scar alone. Yaibai’s unique aroma can penetrate the human body’s internal organs, which is very helpful for the health of the elderly and has a certain health effect.

Fourth, agarwood bracelet.

The agarwood bracelet is known as the king of incense, especially in Buddhism, as one of the extremely important fragrances, which can play a role in the Three Realms. The fragrance of agarwood is very unique, and it cannot be copied by artificial synthesis, which makes it look more precious. Wearing agarwood can also play a role in warding evil and health care, it is very suitable for sending elders, and it can achieve the effect of preservation.

Fifth, King Kong Bodhi.

Vajra Bodhi bracelets are also more suitable for parents. If you want to be a good diamond, you need patience and perseverance. Because the surface of the King Kong Bodhi is vertical and horizontal, it can stimulate the palm acupoint when playing on the plate, which is very helpful for the health of the elderly. Vajrayana Bodhi also has a beautiful meaning. Wearing it can not show domineering and bring good luck, and the attributes of Vajra Bodhi are also very strong, and the elderly can not wear it.

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