The decoration cannot be chaotic, but it cannot be creative. Sometimes, if you add some tricks, the practicality can be higher …

This is the design of the cabinet. When someone is still a flat cabinet or a drawer, the owner has used such a trick ↓


Unexpectedly, the cabinet can still go like this, there are 3 drawers hidden in a flat cabinet. The small tricks can improve the practicality of the cabinet several times, which is much more practical than ordinary cabinets.

☛ Save expenditure


This design is different from the multi -layer drawer. A flat cabinet is hidden in 3 drawers. The overall aesthetics are stronger and can save the door material. After all, I know how expensive the cabinet door is.

For the owners who are not sufficient to decorate the budget itself, saving money is also a manifestation of practicality. No need to do more cabinet doors can save materials. If it is made of carpentry, it also saves a lot of working hours. This is also a small expense for those who want to save money.

安全 Open and closes are more convenient and safe


One cabinet door can be opened and closer to the three drawers, which can be more convenient for us to find things. As soon as the cabinet door is pulled gently, the items can be presented at a glance.

If the three drawers in the past were opened and closed, there was no handle. If there were handles, there were children or elderly people at home, it was easy to knock and touch. The hidden safety hazards to the minimum!

味The design sense, soil -flavored kitchen can also be fashionable


After opening the cabinet door normally, most of them are the partition design of multi -layer shelf. After opening the cabinet door here, there are 2 to 3 drawer cabinets hidden, which is more reflected in the details of the cabinet details than the traditional cabinet style. Even the earthy kitchen can be fashionable.

能 less than 10cm can also be designed

The normal and relatively large drawer cabinet, the height is about 19cm. If you make a multi -layer drawer cabinet here, the height of the drawer cabinet needs to be reduced to half, 10cm or even smaller. It is impossible to store large tableware. of.

A cabinet, after experiencing such a creativity, has greatly improved practicality. If you decorate in the future, you can also see such a approach. You can arrange it in advance to let the workers do it, thereby improving the practicality of your kitchen.


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