If you use it in a small space (such as a bathroom), insert a small amount of rattan sticks to achieve the effect; if it is placed in a large space, the number of vine sticks can be appropriately increased.

When the aromatherapy is used, it can be supplemented, and the rattan can also be used, and the circulation is quite environmentally friendly.


Insert the volatile rod (rattan) into the volatile liquid in the glass bottle, put on the wooden lid, and the essential oil will be distributed in the air along the volatile rod.Not only purifying the air in the room, but also 24 hours a day to make the room full of fragrant aroma.Depending on the external environment, the flavor can be continuously distributed for about 2-3 months.If you don’t want to use it every day, you can use the inner plug of the container that was originally equipped with a rattan aroma.

After being recommended by a friend, I heard a French imported Felshare rattan aromatherapy. I never forget it. It is more convenient than the vittic candle, which can be used for several months than the aroma candle.


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