If you find a dress that is warmer than a coat and thinner than a down jacket in winter, it must be this diamond -grained down jacket.

Speaking of diamonds, I have to talk about the French brand Chanel Chanel, the classic 2.55 handbag, and created a practical and eternal luxury symbol. The most popularity is that she borrowed the sewing technology on the male jacket and embroidered the unique diamond plaid. The classic diamonds that have fallen in the wrong way show the women of the new era of women in the new era

Sprinkle and defined, independent and self -confidence



As the Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld said: “

The reason why the diamond pattern is regarded as an important fashion element has swept for decades, because it can set off the optimal elegant state of various types of girls


Essence “The diamond -grained down jacket has also become the darling of the fashion industry, and she can see her in all kinds of shows and street shots.

The big cousin Liu Wen wearing this rhombus set in 16 years is still very fashionable even now.

He Sui’s pink diamond pattern down jacket is very special.

Rarely encounter a dress that is warm and fashionable in winter, let’s talk about the diamond -grained down jacket today.

Selected skills and matching methods

Let’s take a look together:

1. How to choose diamonds?


① The larger the grid, the more fashionable


The biggest difference between diamond pattern and traditional down jacket is sewing. Traditional down jackets are mostly one section and drums, while diamond pattern down jackets are unique and uneven geometric texture, which is stronger than traditional down jackets or jackets. Essence

Because of the different sewing process, the diamond -grained down vision will be thinner and thinner, which can fix the down and weaken the swelling of down jackets well. It is a down jacket that is warm and thin at the same time.

Because the down of down the down is evenly distributed, many rhombus and down jackets will be very small, but the smaller the sewing, the easier it is to show the earth, especially the sewing more rhombus down jackets. Not generous.

So when choosing, choose

Drinking a bigger down jacket

It will be more fashionable and younger. If the sewing is dense, don’t choose too much slimming,

Slightly loose


It will look better.

② How to choose different body shapes


There are no traditional down jackets for rhombus rocky down jackets. There are few rhombus pattern with hats, so the collar type is generally no collar or lapel, and there is a certain limitations in the choice.


shoulder width


For people, bring

The collar (refutation, collar, lapel) will more modify the shoulders


Pay attention to the selection of collar types in the middle of the shoulder. The collar will also have a certain modification effect on the chest.

In winter, you can also use a bib, scarf and other to modify your shoulders.

Short neck

People can choose


Unarmed Lingjie down jacket

Essence Relatively speaking, the area of ​​dew is the largest, and it will not look thick and bloated. The thin and light collar rhombus checkered down jacket can also be worn inside, keeping warm and fashionable.

However, you need to pay attention to the thickness of down and inward. If you are thick, it is recommended to choose


High -necked

It will not look bulky nor the short neck.

③ The brighter the color, the younger the younger

Many people think that rhombus pattern down jackets are old -fashioned, especially their grandmother wears the inner tendon inside. This “inner orchy” style is easy to highlight the age. In fact, as long as you work in the inside or the color, you can avoid this.


You can choose some of the matching


The single product matching, such as white pants, berets, high heels, etc., can solve the old sense of oldness.

Color selection

Color system

, Like pink, apricot, blue, military green, caramel, light purple, etc., it shows skin tone and durable. In addition, a little more design in style will look different.

2. How to look better

① Take pants

Drinking down jacket is a relatively versatile clothing. The style can be changed. It is casual and clean with pants. There is no bloated feeling of down jackets.



: The short “inner orchy” black down jacket, which is dark black inside, plus black hair hoop, the overall casual and street style, completely covering the old sense of clothing.



: Mid -long military green rhombus checkered down jacket, with small black pants and a pair of high heels, tight upper and lower tight, very high, very suitable for small people to wear.



: Long ginger down jacket with a pair of high heels, which is intellectual and elegant, lean meat is high, and is very friendly to slightly fat girls. If the shoulders are wide, you can use a scarf to modify it.


Plel jackets with pants are too common. You can use some accessories or matching skills to improve the overall fashion. Especially in winter, the method of using small accessories such as belt, hat, scarf and color embellishment is the most suitable.

: White wide -leg pants break the dullness of the gray -green down jacket. The brown belt is the finishing touch, which can not only increase the waistline stretch, but also increase the highlights of the body.


: Red -brown rhombus rhinoplasty down jacket with beige casual pants, the bag echoes the shoes, becoming the embellishment of the overall match, and does not grab the style of the subject.

The colorful rhombus rocky down jacket uses a neutral color inner background, focusing on highlighting clothing, clean and demeanor.


② Put a skirt

Drinking down jackets with skirts are both individual and feminine. Short down jackets extend skirts, modifying body shapes and high. The whole body is the same color, and the design with design sense is more advanced.

Black down jacket and wine red knitted skirt. The two colors are relatively compared. The visual impact is very strong, which increases considerable. A short skirt in the long down jacket is not so strong.

More personalized, choose a down jacket with heavier patterns, with the same skirt, which is particularly delicate.

③ stacking

The short rhombus checkered down jacket has a long shirt or coat in the down jacket, which has obvious layers, breaking the single sense of down jacket. Exposing the cuffs, necklines, and hem in the inside will have a sense of randomness, and it will also show “mind”.

In addition to the color, the young sweater that is relatively young can also weaken the oldness of the diamond pattern down jacket. With a hat sweater, it can also balance the urgency brought by the collarless down jacket, and it is also very friendly to the shoulder width.

④ ④ belt

Although the diamond -grained down jacket is not as strong as the traditional down jacket, it will be strong and bloated, but it will have a stronger look and more fashionable after highlighting the waistline.


The pajamas that were very popular before, and the diamond pattern down jacket was also available. The lazy and comfortable home style is embellished with waistline, and immediately becomes elegant. In addition to the femininity of such a style, there is a little toughness. Whether it is soft or handsome, it has a sense of freeness.

The long diamond -grained down jacket is very suitable for the upper belt, highlighting the X -curved feeling and aura.

Written at the end:


“Only the classics can make people see it at first sight, and at first sight,” the diamond -grained down jacket exists. If the coat is the most beautiful clothing in autumn, the rhombus checkered down jacket is a must -have for winter in winter that is warm and fashionable in winter. I hope you can be beautiful in winter ~


Well, here is here to talk about Guling pattern down jacket today. If you still have questions about fashion, wear, hairstyle, style and other aspects, please leave a message in the comment area ~


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