The year of the tiger is approaching, and many brands are also in the tiger, making full articles! For example, women’s indispensable bags. First appreciate the two 10000+ weight, luxury brand mini bag–

01 Valentino ¥ 21900


Pink gradient+black tabby pattern+golden rivet, sheepskin material chain bag, soft pink and heavy metal collision!

02 Gucci g 10700


2022 China New Year series, artificially revolutionary mini Tot bag. Classic beige and ebony logo printing, China’s red “Gucci Tiger” is big and eye -catching.

Although the big name is good, it is just that the price of five digits makes most people discouraged! It doesn’t matter, we still have more choices-

03 MCM 00 5300

Korean brand MCM New Year Series Mini Practice Crossbody Bag, material artificial leather. The brand logo prints, the smiling tiger, dignified youthful vitality.


04 Coach ¥ 4500

The Lunar New Year series, artificial leather material. The pattern is a dinosaur wearing a tiger leather jacket, which is very interesting.

05 FVRLA ¥ 1960


Italian brand, this is a cowhide mobile phone bag, fresh color, cartoon tiger is cute.


Next, all are within 1,000 yuan–

06 COWEC YCAKI ¥ 901

Italian brand, fabric mini tote bag. This cloth bag is simple and atmospheric, and the tiger’s avatar is more realistic.


07 Song Mont 8 880

The zodiac series, my tiger, cowhide handbag, the pattern is abstract tiger face, the lines are simple and conspicuous, especially the tiger ears on both sides, full of personality.

08 Fila Kids ¥ 479

This is a children’s bag, bright color, cartoon tiger pattern, childlike cuteness.


09 ZARA 9 299

This is a black and white tiger doll bag. The material is artificially made, cheap and personality!

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