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June 9th, 2020 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day Theme Activity “Guangzhou First Batch of Cultural Relics Protection and Utort Medical Cases and Culture Products Promotion Activities” released 15 Guangzhou first batch of cultural relics protection, typical cases, and municipal 15 outstanding cultural products in various literary units and related cultural units design and production. The reporter learned that Guangzhou has invested more than 300 million yuan in cultural relics protection projects in 7 years, and nearly 800 yuan of cultural relics repair protection projects.

Nearly 800 cultural renovation protection projects have subsidized

Guangzhou as the first national historical and cultural city, rich cultural heritage resources. Guangzhou has always attached importance to the protection of cultural heritage, using and inheriting. According to reports, since 2014, there have been nearly 800 cultural relics in the cultural relics protection project in Guangzhou, which has strongly promoted the development of Guangzhou cultural heritage protection, and the accumulation of beneficial protection and utilization exploration and practical experience.

On April 15 this year, the first batch of cultural relics protection in Guangzhou, the first batch of cultural relics protection, using the typical case promotion activities in Guangzhou Culture and Television Tourism Bureau (Cultural Relics Bureau). The typical case of this promotion is divided into two categories: one is a typical project class, that is, the protection and activation utilization item of a particular non-movable cultural relic; another is a typical region, that is, Guangzhou City’s cultural relics administrative departments in comprehensive protection , Enforcement supervision, activation utilization and other effective innovative initiatives. After the selection, “Yang Yu’an Old Rhubarns and Activation Utilization”, “Panyu District Cultural Relics ‘Three-Category Warranty’ System” system, etc. (13 typical projects, 2 typical areas) officially introduced to the public.


It is worth mentioning that “Chen Jiaxuan Preventive Protection and Display Improvement Project” has also been selected. Huang Hai, Huang Haiyu, director of the Guangdong folk craft museum, in recent years, the library has been combined with the modern high-tech dynamic monitoring and Beidou satellite, and the crack monitoring, vibration monitoring, phlegm monitoring of ancient buildings, etc., through wireless transmission The way is integrated into a unified visual monitoring background, form ancient architectural dynamic security monitoring system, which has accumulated beneficial experience for the preventive protection of high-protection grade cultural relics in the province.

More than 200 cultural character products of Nanbo developed


According to reports, in recent years, Guangzhou City has been protected and promoted by the development of literary products into the legislation. “Guangzhou Museum Regulations” clearly gives literate product support from funding, clearing various development channels of cultural and creative products, encourages social capital participation, multi-channel investment, assessment mechanism and museum support funds. Guangzhou Museum and some cultural relics and cultural relics and cultural relics and cultural relics and cultural relics have actively promoted the development of cultural and creative products. More than 200 kinds. The Guangdong Folk Process Museum used 1 + 1 + N mode, actively explored the public welfare museum. In 2019, he sold more than 160,000 in Chenjiatun in Chenjiatu, with a total sales volume reached 6.95 million yuan.

The reporter learned that the Guangzhou Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau will also take a number of measures to promote the development of literary products. Among them, Guangzhou intends to launch the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Cultural and Creative Product Creative Products in Guangzhou”, allowing cultural cultural relics to carry out cultural and creative products Development and operation; explore the establishment of the city’s museum Culture Alliance, accumulating the strength and resources of various museums, concentrated on display, publicity promotion of literary units.



1. 15 listings in Guangzhou, the first batch of cultural relics, using a typical case list

1, Yang Yuan’s old house repair and activation utilization

2. Southern National Defilm Requirements III Signal Reserve Protection and Display Project

3, 逵 逵 protection and utilization project

4, Wanmu Caotang Protection and Activation Utilization Project


5, Chen Jiazhang preventive protection and display upgrading project

6, Li Xiaolong ancestral activation utilization project (Li Xiaolong Life Exhibition Hall)

7, good Shi Tang repair project


8, 90% Acceleration and Utilization Project


9. Nanhai Temple and Terminal Site Display and Renovation Project


10, Yuyan Academy (including Zhongshi Dynasty Building Group) Repair Protection Project

11, Magnami family 塾 protection and activation utilization

12, peaceful, dirty site activation utilization

13. 海 天 故 居 修缮 保 保护 保护 陈 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目

14. Panyu District cultural relics “three joint warranty” system

15. Huangpu District Cultural Heritage Supervision and Conservation Workstation

Second, 15 receive the text

1, “Makeway Dragon and Tropical Heavy House Jade” Decoration Series (Western Han Dynasty Wang Museum)

2, “Wen Di Tour” Town Paper (Western Han Dynasty Wang Museum)

3, Tiger Tejong Series (Western Han Dynasty Museum Museum)

4, “Chen Jiaxuan” block (Guangdong Folk Process Museum)

5, “There is a blessing rain umbrella” (Guangdong folk craft museum)

6, “Operation Eight Party” Teapot (Guangzhou Museum)

7, Guangbo and Paper Tape (Guangzhou Museum)

8, “Lingnan Treatment” tea set (Guangzhou Art Museum)

9. Shui Fu Diary (Sun Yat-sen Marshal House Memorial Hall)

10. “Chopsticks Life” Chopsticks Set (1911 Revolutionary Memorial)

11. South Vietnamese Print Brick Series Stationery Combination (Nan Yue Wangong Museum)

12 “Happy Brown” window flowers (Nanhan 2nd Museum)

13, Maduasha Dragon Badge (Zhengjia Natural Science Museum)

14, Zhu Xiji bookmark (Guangzhou Purong Ancient Ceramics Museum)

15, Tianxiang · Night “bookmark (Baiyun Wenbao)

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