In the pregnant mother prepared, it is essential, there must be a breastfeeding underwear.

Today, Mao will take everyone to see these, what you are tested.


Let the pregnant moms spend less money ~

Breastfeeding underwear, shorts


婧 麒


(Price 50 + ~ 200 +)


(Price 100 + ~ 300 +)

Breastfeeding underwear, cotton without steel rings, anti-hanging, gathering effect

These two underwear is cost-effective, high

Wear nephenes, more comfortable

The style is relatively diverse, which can meet the needs of most pregnant mothers

And, these two have pregnant women shorts

Most pregnant mothers will choose a short pants on a high waist stomach in the middle and late.

And Mao’s personal is more favored with cross-low waist type (interested pregnant mom can try it)

Tips: The breasts generally have a significant growth in the fifth month of pregnancy, and the generally increasing size is 1 to 2 sizes before pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers should be 1 or 2 sizes when purchasing breastfeeding underwear, and do not wear too small or too large-size mammaline, which is not conducive to the formation of chest.

Breastfeeding T-shirt

The month is also the most pregnant mother, it is essential in the premium package.

In fact, Mao believes that if pregnant mother itself has a pajamas or home service (at least two sets), it is not necessary to prepare

Breastfeeding can be selected similar to the side-opening T-shirt below

It is convenient for feeding, and it will not take light, and the mother is not easy to cool.

If it is the autumn and winter season, you can put a coat outside

Mao listened to the experienced treasure mother said that the milk stains on the clothes were not easy to clean, and when they were filled, they were lost. So, prepare two T-shirts, the price is cheap, don’t wear it, you will not feel unfortunately.

Pregnant woman leggings

The weather is getting colder, and pregnant mothers also put on dress, sweater skirts, various skirts ~

Autumn in winter dress, naturally less leggings

The following fur is recommended for pregnant mothers.


(Price 90+)

This leggings really can’t find a shortcomings, you will know, you will be resurreed.

Light and thin, suitable for the beginning of the autumn (5 ~ 15 °) high waist, can cover the whole belly


(Price 100+)

In addition to leggings, there is also breastfeeding underwear, shorts, months

Less pants, no trace, high waist, velvet

No trace, suitable for early winter (0 ~ 5 °) without adjustment buckle

High waist and sedimentation, suitable for deep winter (-10 ~ 15 °)

In the north, the weather is about zero, bought plus velvet, no file, very good

The weather is cold, the pregnant mothers must drink more hot water, pay attention to keep warm, don’t have a cold nose like Mao ~

Welcome everyone to positive message, share the best things worth buying

Mao will continue to work hard, let everyone spend less money ~ (smile)

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