I used to have an idol on the screen. What is the star under the curiosity, in fact, no matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, can always see the private service wear in the airport, and the fashionable PK wars will happen at every corner, even It will not relax in the journey, Jiang Shu Ying, Lu Jiayong, Guan Xiaoyu’s airport cold winter style is recently being sought after, but only everything in their style is very daily.

Jiang Shu Ying fashion wear and rate true dish powder countless

Regardless of the drama, the fashionable wear rate of Jiang Shuying is really personalized, the circle is countless, whether it is a member of the actor or the fashion world, the strength of Jiang Shu Shadow is not smashing, all kinds of fashion And the shape has become a pole for fans and learning. Recently, Jiang Shuying appeared at the airport, shirt sweater wide leg pants dress, simple and fragile, green line stitching sweaters, simple generous, with a white shirt, add fashion practice, matching a glossy blue Piece of long pants and small white shoes, simple and comfortable, no loss, stylish.

关晓彤江疏影 女明星机场私服打包看

Lu Jiayong styled a rack of the hanger

As a rookie in the fashion world, Lu Jiayong is famous for the shape of the style, whether it is a sweet girl, or a soft workplace, or a gentleman, domineering queen, etc., she can drive and show unparalleled unique charm, body She is a rapid walking hanger. Recently, Lu Jiayi low-key appearance airport, I saw her wearing a white mink coat, with a black sweater and casual pants, carrying a shoulder bag to push the plus, the model is simple, glamorous.

关晓彤江疏影 女明星机场私服打包看

Guan Xiaoyu’s taste is very good

Guan Xiaoyu’s acting is natural, good at playing proud herpes, at present, everyone should be her greatest concern should be her love with Luhan, private Guan Xiaoyu is very good in dressing, recently, Kry Xiaoyan Wearing the red down jacket appeared in the airport, the overall shape has a festive and enthusiastic feeling, very eye-catching, Guan Xiaoxi’s petite, thick duvet clothes are not showing bloated, looks comfortable and warm, down jacket version is ordinary, very Grid.

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