Hetian jade formed a colorful color because of the influence of the growth environment, making Hetian jade loved by many people. Hetian jade is more rarely seen because of the scarce of raw materials, so it is more rare to Hetian jade, so that more people began to collect high quality Hetian jade. As a relatively precious jade product, Hetian jade has always been popular with the public, and people wear and Tianyu are constantly increasing.


This and Tianyu pendant were carved by Russia, carved is a gourd and 貔貅.

The color of this and Tianyu pendant is very pure, and the color is very bright and bright.


The meaning of this and Tian jade gourd pendant is very good, meaning Fu Lu Shou Shuangquan.


This and Tianyu’s oily and density are very good, the texture is very delicate and oily.

It can be seen that this and Tian Yu are very transparent under the illumination of the light, no impurities.



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