On March 1, a “barber shop also included” video continued to ferment on the Internet. Because the female customers insisted on the loss of 1,000 yuan in the lost bag, she was only 500 yuan when she received the bag returned by the barber shop. The male manager then took the bag from the female customer, and said, “That means that this bag is not yours”!

On the Internet, some people think that the practice of male manists is very witty, “Tony’s words make people speak out.” But some netizens questioned the authenticity of the incident and said “I have seen a few similar paragraphs.” In the second video released by the barber shop, it is clearly stated that they have called the police when they are packed.

So, is this “barber shop repaid the incident” really happened, or is it a manufacturing paragraph? On the morning of March 2nd, Red Star reporter found this barber shop in Mianyang, Sichuan, and learned from the police station and the special patrol police brigade in the jurisdiction that the police did not receive the alarm.

Mr. Luo, a hairdresser and manager, said that the incident was real. He had seen other similar paragraphs, so he thought of such a solution at the time of the incident. However, because female customers said that they could provide a packet certificate, he did not report to the police in the end. On the same day, a package with 500 yuan was returned to the female customer. Regarding the questioning online, he said that many media and self -media reposted privately without their consent, and also changed his original intention, “it has brought me a great impact.” At the same time, he also posted a video on himself Owner apologize.

Netizens questioned:

“Barber Shop Better Campaign” is a paragraph of shooting?

I have seen a simply plot

Regarding this “barber shop back to the incident”, Red Star reporter saw from the video circulating on the Internet that a female customer wearing a mask came to the barber shop. A female front desk was received. RMB 1,000 or 500 was argued.

Female customers asked with a hand -made package. There were originally 1,000 yuan in the bag. Why is it only 500 yuan now? The female front desk explanation package was only 500 yuan, but the female customers did not agree.

At this time, the male manager on the side came over and began to talk to female customers–

“Do you mean that you have 1,000 yuan in your bag?”

“Yes, now there are only 500 yuan, which one is to bear this responsibility?”

“you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Then it means that this bag is not yours!” Said the male manager, and at the same time he took it back from the female customer. “The things in our bag are different from what you described, then it proves that it is not yours, we are, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we are not yours. Just adjust the monitor and find the police station to solve it. That’s it. “

Video screenshot.

Once the video was released, it attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Some netizens commented, “This process is excellent!” “Extremely comfortable, do you want to pierce the money of people who are not ambiguous?” “Wow, this man’s thinking is clear, so good!” like!”

However, while some netizens liked it, many netizens questioned that this was the shot: “It is exactly the same as the other video content I saw, it is 500, 1000.” “Is this a paragraph? I just brushed the same …”

↑ Netizens comment.


So, is this incident that is real or artificially manufactured?

The manager responded:

Female customers lost their packets 5 days later

Once taught him to deal with

On March 1st, Red Star News reporters found that the video was originally released on February 28th, which originated from a barber shop called “non -cutting” near the Mianyang drink horse bridge in Sichuan. On the morning of March 2nd, the Red Star journalist came to the barber shop and was praised and questioned by netizens as Mr. Luo Luo.

↑ Destiny.


Facing the Internet question, Mr. Luo said that the incident was definitely real.

Mr. Luo told the Red Star News reporter that he has been opening a shop for 11 years and often encountered the situation where customers lost things. The time for this female customer to leave in the store is the ninth day of the first month (February 20). On that day, the business in the store was very good. The customer’s locker was full. He asked the customer to keep it the items. After checkout, the bag was left in the store. After picking up the bag at the front desk, he checked the items in the bag, with 500 yuan cash and a lipstick, and then he locked the bag on the cashier.


“After 5 days, that is, the afternoon of the Lantern Festival (February 26), she came to claim her bag. We subconsciously thought that the bag was her. As a result, she called 500 yuan less after receiving the bag. “Mr. Luo said that at the time of the incident, the female front platform had been explaining, but the female customers just didn’t listen. So, he stopped the work in his hand and asked the female customers in the past. “Because I saw a similar paragraph on the Internet before, I remembered it at a time. This person’s. “


Reporter survey:

Both the clerk and the video are called the police

But the police said they did not receive the alarm

Red Star reporter found through the video released by Mr. Luo on the Internet that the time for female customers to receive the bag was at 4 pm on February 26. After Mr. Luo released the video on February 26 3 days ago, Mr. Luo released a video at 4 pm on February 27 the next day. Men, ask the “back to the incident”.

“It is dealt with according to the police comrades.” In the video, Mr. Luo said, “The amount is wrong, we think that this bag was not her, so we also called the police at the time …”

Video screenshot: The hairdresser said that he had reported the police at the time.


At 9 am on March 2nd, when the Red Star journalist came to the store, Mr. Luo had not yet arrived at the store. The female front desk was introduced. Leaving in advance, I don’t know the situation behind.

So, did Mr. Luo really call the police? On the morning of March 2nd, Hongxing Journalists learned from the police station and the special patrol brigade in their jurisdiction that they did not receive alarm or similar police situation from the barber shop.

For the alarm, on the morning of March 2nd, Mr. Luo told Red Star Journalists that at the time he was preparing to call the police, but the female customer said that she could provide a certificate of buying bags without calling the police. Subsequently, Mr. Luo learned from the police friends that the other party could solve it by themselves if the other party could provide relevant vouchers.

“That day was the Lantern Festival (February 26). It was originally happy. When I was about to go home from get off work, I went home to the Lantern Festival. I did not want to go to the police station, so I did not report to the police. The bag was given to the female customer, “Mr. Luo said.

Red Star reporter asked Mr. Luo if he knew female customers. Mr. Luo said he did not know, because the barber shop business was very good during the Spring Festival, and there were many scattered customers. However, he said that the man who came with the female customer the next day, he was familiar and felt that he had been in his store before.

Dialogue shop chief:

Video was widely reposted and distorted the original intention

“I’m tired, apologize to the female loss”

Faced with the questioning and turmoil caused by this incident, Mr. Luo also expressed helpless to Red Star journalists.

“The video was published through my own account, and the theme was to teach me how to deal with this kind of situation through the Internet. As a result, many media and self -media did not repost by my consent. It was completely two different things, which brought me a great impact and seriously affected my work. “Mr. Luo said.

Mr. Luo said that in the past two days, there are videos he posted on the Internet everywhere. There are various comments, and there are many states that are shot. He also received a lot of calls, which caused him not good.

“Today (March 2) I arrived a little late because I didn’t sleep well at night. I was tired in the past two days. I was afraid that when things were older, others were looking for me. I don’t want to cause trouble. “Mr. Luo said,” I posted a video for me and apologized to the owner. “

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