The temperature is getting lower and lower, and many girls have changed into new outfits, but some people still choose to wear cotton clothes on bad streets. People have aesthetic fatigue. In fact, in addition to cotton clothing, there is also a fashion item that is also worth choosing, that is, feather vests.


This item is more vivid and interesting than the cotton clothing, and the style is younger. Even middle -aged women, wearing feather vests can show a 20 -year -old feeling. Next, let’s understand how to match feather vests to look more fashionable and attractive!

How to match feather vests more advantages?

• Reject Oversize

In the hearts of most people, there is no gap between feather vests and down jackets, but only two sleeves are missing, but in fact the style of the two items represents different styles. Although the warmth effect of the down jacket is very good, the down jacket is bloated and bloated It is recognized.

The feeling of feather vests will look more slender because there is no large area with feather vests in the whole body, but left the area of ​​the arm part. Because of this design details, the matching of feather vests will have the matching of the feather vests. Shast effect.


It is recommended that fairies choose feather vests, and do not choose too loose exaggerated styles, but mainly based on the well -known slim style. In this way, the warmth effect is also available, and the figure will look more well -proportioned and not bloated.


• Don’t match a large area with light color

Feather vests are divided into long vests and short vests. Compared with short vests, long vests will appear bloated. After all, the area of ​​matching is relatively large, so the more the body covers the area, the more obvious the effect of the fat. In this case, you need to adjust the matching.

In order to achieve long -term avoidance, the color of the vest is replaced with dark colors, not the main light color system. Although the color is popular light -colored, its figure is not necessarily suitable for light colors.

Light -colored vests are suitable for people with tall figures. If the vest is mainly short, the color will not have too much requirements. After all, the effect of short vests is not obvious.


The thin matching scheme of the feather vest


• Purple Feather Vests+Bottom Shirts+Boiled Skirts


In the autumn and winter season, the dressing style does not need to be too ordinary, but requires some dazzling colors to make the matching style full of vitality, such as using purple feather vests to match the gray bottoming shirt. Bright and dark contrast. It is precisely because of this comparison method that makes the match look more distinctive. In order to show the thinner effect, it is most ideal to match a skirt with the lower body.


Box skirts can make the body proportion more slender, not to create a straight body. If you just use the basic style of light -colored vests to match high -waisted wide -leg pants, I believe that the skinny effect is not more obvious with the skirt. Wide -leg pants will make the body wider, and the whole person will look more bloated.

• Gray pink vest+suit jacket+wide -leg pants

Most people with feather vests will choose the most common ways, and use vests to match ordinary bottoming shirts, but in a combination of vests and suit jackets, the style will look more fashionable. The suit style looks too formal, but the vest style is more daily, so the style of each other will be more pleasing to each other. With a wide -leg pants, the whole person’s temperament can be more outstanding.


The general trend of cotton clothing has gone. This year, feather vests are popular, and warmth is still young. The beautiful fairy girls quickly try!

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