On September 27, HP released a new series of inkjet printers, including 10 Smart Tank and 5 Deskjet series, some of which support WeChat remote printing, one-to-1 minute page, will pass Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, and HP local authorized dealers for sale.

Today, remote learning and mobile home office have become a new trend, and the family carries more scenes of work life. This new normally has gave birth to a diversified printing requirement, which also became a huge driving force for the booming of home printing market.

IDC global print peripheral market quarterly tracking report shows that in 20020, the inkjet printer shipments in China reached 7.213 million units, compared to 2019, a year-on-year increase of 36.4%; and this change mainly printed by consumer users. drive.

“For all, the user’s demand is HP has consistent mission, and it is also the inexhaustible motive for our continuous product innovation.” HP Global Vice President, Printer and Consumable Products Greater Managing Jin Weidong, “Based on the deep insight into the household print market HP uses its own technical advantages and innovative strength to further improve the inkjet printer family to meet the increasing number of household print needs in the new normal of life. “

HP SMART TANK series for wireless double-sided printing machine

Newly upgraded HP Smart Tank Series inkjet printing family, designed for families, SOHO, and SME users to meet multi-print needs of users under different scenarios.

Almighty assistant, save more and more labor

: New automatic double-sided printing feature, users can complete fast double-sided printing, more efficient, and more paper without manual operation.

Up to 8,000 color and 6000 black-white pages print, single-page cost is low to a penny.

Part of printing, copying, scanning three functions, meeting a variety of daily print demand including homework printing, working file printing, ID card copying, document photos, print printing, electronic invoice printing, etc.

Easy experience, more simple operation

: The new HP Smart Tank series, the body is small, a variety of color models, and the appearance is beautiful, which is in line with the choice of modern home life and office. Equipped with an automatic ink sensor, easily detect the amount of remaining ink, more worry-free.


Guided control panel and intelligent guided breathing lamp design make the machine state more intuitive, operate at a glance, simple steps to complete the installation settings, no need to assist, more labor-saving.

Stable connection, intelligent remote printing

: Dual-band Wi-Fi design with automatic connection function, so that wireless connection is faster and more stable. This series of new products fully supports HP Smart App and “HP Cloud Print” WeChat applet print, connect mobile phones, computers, etc. Print the operation process, break through the physical space limit, and achieve one-click printing anytime, anywhere.

In addition, the newly released Smart Tank series is connected to wireless double-sided printing machines, which is the first inkjet printer manufactured by more than 25% recycled plastic. This series of HP original ink bottles can be recycled free of charge via HP Planet Partners. Reduce the use of native plastics and help sustainable development.

(HP SMART TANK 678 is connected to wireless double-sided printing machine)

(HP Smart Tank 728 for wireless double-sided printing machine)

(HP Smart Tank 758 for wireless double-sided printing machine)

(HP Smart Tank 798 for wireless double-sided printing machine)


HP Deskjet Series large print multi-function print one


New upgrade HP DESKJET series, you can print up to 1300 black and 700 color pages, single-page costs are low-cost, low cost, large print, meet the basic print requirements of the average home. Use the original HP cartridge to print documents and photos, clear text, fresh picture color.

The series of printers are equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi with automatic connection function, a wireless connection that has a wider range, faster and more stable. This series of new products support HP Smart App and “HP Cloud Print” WeChat applet printing, bringing users flexible, convenient mobile printing experience.

(HP DESKJET 4825 large print multi-function print one)

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