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The new generation of Buick Regal GS, with a dynamic cool look, high-efficiency power, precise and agile control, and a list of trends in the times, it is undoubtedly the most dynamic, passionate model representative of Buick Regal series – but today, These are not our focus – because the light is an AGR (German Ridge Support Association) Certified Motion Seating, there are many ripely unable places.


AGR German Health Ridge Health Association Certification

For example, it is the only one-piece sports seat in the same level. It is specifically developed for human machine projects, not only high, but also covers a number of leading technology, comprehensively takes into account sports, safe, comfortable, healthy … last year, Driving Specially went to Beijing to experience this seat, through the road test drive and venue of various road conditions, the performance of this seat makes people confidence, impressive. Below, let’s talk about it in detail.

Open the door, Regal GS personality full exhibition wing seat model is eye-catching – it first has a desire to try. It is designed to be sourced from the airfoil flight limit, and it is very fit with the Buick family flying wing design language. In addition, the black leather material is mixed with red sutures, shoulders highlights and the eye-catching GS logo, all full of moving breath, light from the visual effect of the seat, Junwei GS has played the characteristics of “style first” Extreme.


When the seat is adjusted to the seat, the functions of this seat are surprised – this may be the most rich set of seats within 300,000 yuan. Have 14-to-electric adjustment, including 8 to the electric seat adjustment, the backrest angle adjustment range reaches 60 °, the front and rear travel reaches 26 cm, the upper and lower height adjustment has reached 6 cm, so no matter whether you are a cow high horse or delicate I can find very comfortable sitting.

More rare is that this seat also has 2-way support adjustment. The electric adjustment range can reach 30 ° – that is, regardless of the 4A waist or bucket waist, it can achieve a seat by lateral adjustment. Parcel.


Opened the Regal GS through the Beijing city, we tried the function of the seat heating, ventilation, massage. First of all, its seat heating function is different. The heating area is fully covered into all support areas such as chair back, cushion, etc., so that there will be no warm in the cold north winter, but the buttock is still Very cold “feeling. The unique suction ventilation design allows the fan fan located on both sides of the seat to avoid contact with backrest, effectively reducing the stimuli of cold wind.

After transferring, I sit in the deputy driving position, you can finely feel the detail of the pneumatic waist and leg support for this seat. Up to 6-way adjustment pneumatic lumbaro system, in the back intermediate region, the new three-gas bag is used, the support range can cover the sacral bone, the lower waist, the upper waist, and the skeleton waist 4 major body sensitive areas, which are quite comfortable after adjustment. The 12-speed manual adjustment leg support is also a highlight. You can adjust the angle up and down. You can also extend the foot of the foot from the front. When you take a long distance, you can take a very stretched posture in a very stretched posture.

The small details of people are, like the co-ridiculous seats, all have the memory function of the seat position and other functions. In addition to the enthusiasm of sports, it also allows the fixed one’s passenger captain (wife girlfriend or Mom) feel more intimate and convenient.


After the road test drive is completed, I ran a few turns to the venue. Such a track is a comprehensive medical examination of vehicle manipulation and performance, of course, also includes direct testing of this sports seat support and wrapping.

The actual experience has proved that this sports seats are fairly pronounced in the process of linearly accelerated, emergency braking or high-speed overbred.


As mentioned earlier, as a unique integrated sports seat, Regal GS exclusive seats have been specially developed for support, and provide all-round support for head, shoulders, waist, buttocks and legs – ensuring When driving, you can firmly “lock” in the seat; in daily driving, you can bring a comfortable driving experience for users.


And if it is studying, it can bring good support and safety, because it uses high strength steel in structure, greatly enhances the overall strength of the seat, and the weight drops by 20%. At the same time, the Junwei GS seat back and the seat cushion portion are made of large-scale glass fibers. The whole dispensing is molded, the mechanical strength is high, and has good capability and high-speed collision performance, and has a small durability and high temperature deformation.


The experience of our overall feelings is that the new generation of Buick Regal GS is not only in the appearance, driving on the phone, full of passion. From this exclusive sports seating performance, Regal GS serves as the benchmark of the same level of sports, it has high quality from the inside.

Extension of growth reading:

AGR, AktionGesunderrücken – German Ridge Health Association, founded in 1995, aimed at reviewing and recommending products with good health of ridge, dedicated to improving the problem of back spine.

Regal GS exclusive seats for human health sitting, special research and development design: such as integrated physical chair and sitting on the basin design, can effectively protect spinal health; in line with the back and headrest design of ergonomics, good fitting body concave shape; At the same time, with adjustable side support, and seating, heating, ventilation, massage, memory, etc., allowing the Regal GS exclusive seat to become a car seat that obtained AGR German Ridge Health Association certified.

– That is to say, not only consumers who value vehicles driving, can choose this sports car, those who are easy to produce discomfort (spine existence problems) due to lack of exercise, in fact, more considered Junwei GS reasons.


Finally, I hope that this carefully designed seat can be more and more, because we may take too much to take care of your eyes (appearance), endocrine (passionately exciting), etc., um, it is time to care about your ass and spine.

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