Since 6 months,

Feeling that the baby is getting faster and faster!

Two-three meal food every day,

Did you sleep twice,


Going out twice, playing,

Has a very regular life ~

The biggest progress during this period is to be able to sit now.


I will slowly climb (although it is moving forward),

The complementary food is not bad,

Can also read the book quietly ~


The old mother is very pleased!


Let’s take a look at what taking the baby better during this period ~

1, bath seat

Cola can be sitting alone, but it is not too stable. When you take a bath, you need a person to hold a person.

After using this bath seat, you can take a person to take a shower! Liberate a manpower!

There are four suction cups in this seat, which can be sucking in the bathing basin, very solid. The baby is sitting inside to prevent the back of the back, basically no need for people, and it is convenient to take a bath.

And this seat shape is cute, the steering wheel can be rotated, the baby can take a bath while playing ~

2, PlayGO tooth gel

The baby who has been tented is loved ~

The small mushrooms bought before I bought him have been tired, so I bought a group.

This set of gum is very cheap, more than 30 dollars, can be boiled and disinfected, and it is very cute.


Usually, you can take two, put two in the car, stay in the family, when we bite something, we will take this gum to replace it. Sometimes the baby is just to massage the gum, so this period is always standing. .

3, pigeon straw accessories

A lot of friends made me recommend a straw cup. I really bought a few, but I really want to recommend it or this straw accessories, the price is too high!


If there is a pigeon bottle, you can spend more than twenty dollars to buy a duck mouth / straw replacement, add a handle, put on the pigeon bottle, so the bottle will not be idle, the baby can also grasp the siphon drinking water Drink milk.

If you worry that your baby does not use a straw, you can buy a ducklet + straw suit, and the duck mouth can be used as a pacifier to the transition of the straw, so that the baby slowly learns to use a straw.

Don’t worry about your baby’s own milk bottle, in fact, baby’s strength is big! Our pigeon bottle is a glass. After the water is installed, you can even pick up!


Moreover, the pigeon glass bottle is actually quite strong. I have fallen a few times. I haven’t broken (my home is the wooden floor, if it is the tile cement might not fall, if the words, there is also a pigeon bottle on the Internet ~


4, complementary food mold


I have sent a few phases of Coca-Classic food, and the food supplement mold used is also asked, and I bought these days from the “Magic Kitchen”.

I recommend it very recommended in sausage molds and embossed molds. The steam mold is generally, and the practicality is not high. If you want to buy, you can see other models.

The sausage mold is a soft silicone material. It is very good to demold.

The embossed mold can be used to give the baby a small steamed bun, a small 馄饨 or a flower. I tried to do ordinary knife cutting buns and a styling little steamed bun, I found that I would prefer to eat good things ~

The steamed cake mold I bought this kind of independent small box, 4 groups, personal feeling more general. I didn’t pay too much when I bought it, I thought it was silica gel. As a result, the PP material, no silica gel is convenient, and these four can’t put it into the diDinika food supplement pot, you need to steam with a big steamer ~

5, garlic


The baby in 8 months basically has been able to transition from the mud-like complementary food to the granular complementary food. Want to put a small amount of complementary food into a small particle, not to make the mud, use this garlic, the most suitable!

It can only stir only a small amount, and there is no need to plug, it is easy to operate, and it can be used to pull a few times, save time and effort.

I used to cut vegetables with a knife. Later, I used this garlic to cut it ~ I usually cook at home can also use it to stir with garlic, the utilization is quite high!

One or thirty dollars, it is really a must-have for home!


6, straw bowl

It was just to give Coke soup, and later found it to feed rice noodles to feed porridge is too convenient! Just keep the rice noodles and porridge to the thick thickness, then hold the bowl to let him suck it, don’t have a spoonful of tissue.

Although the baby may succeed for a while, take a while, but the feeding speed will remain much better than in a small spoon. The only thing you need to pay attention is that the baby may put the little hand into the bowl.

After this suction bowl, I will often do some vegetable soup or soup, such as hibiscus fresh vegetable soup, winter melon kelp shrimp skin, asparagus soup, corn soup, pumpkin, etc., make small particles or It is whipped into a mud, drink and nutrition ~

PS: The original straw is a flat head, which can be fixed to the bowl, but can’t take a granular food, and then buy a dining plate to send a round tube, which is better than the original.


7, “My Dad” “My Mom”

In about 7 months or so, I started to share the parent and child. I will look at the book with him before going to bed at night. I will see what I will decide. During the period, I added some paintings, where his favorite is the “My Dad” “My Mom” ​​”My Mom”.

If it is not because this is a very famous international master, I am probably not to buy these two books, because the father and mother drawn on the cover is a bit gap with my expectation in my heart, and the contents of the book are also exaggerated, such as ” My father is like a horse as a horse “” My father will go high and empty rope “…

However, this exaggerated illustration and text have deeply attracted the attention of Coke.

The first time I gave Cola, “My Dad” book, he actually listened to me, I read it! Every time I finished the book, he will be excited to take a book with his hand, send a snort, until I open the book again. “This is my father …”


Every time I read the page of Dad, he will even laugh, it is really amazing ~

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