The heavy summer has arrived, and the mosquito problem has become a lingering nightmare in many people. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, a number of anti -mosquito products that are known as “black technology” have emerged in the market and have been sought after by consumers. Recently, an Internet celebrity mosquito -repellent jacket “fire”! It claims to be “anti -mosquito -proof T -shirts developed by black technology”, one price is tens of yuan. Can the seemingly ordinary T -shirt really prevent mosquitoes? Is it harmful to the body for children for a long time? The reporter conducted a variety of investigations to reveal the inside story of “black technology” mosquito prevention products.

A. The anti -mosquito jacket is not so god

Recently, children’s anti -mosquito jackets are very popular. The reporter searched for “children’s mosquito jackets” on the shopping website and got about 4,800 results. The reporter opened the “Antarctic Children’s Mosquito Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Mosquito Clothing” and found that the product was facing infants and young children from 6 months to four years old. The introduction page also focused on exterior introduction such as product fabrics and design.

Subsequently, the reporter communicated with the customer service of the store and asked the principle of anti -mosquito anti -mosquito in the product. The method of preventing mosquitoes only adopts the method of isolation of mosquitoes in multi -level materials, which seems to be not much different from ordinary clothes. Most of the customers’ comments on goods are focused on whether the product materials are comfortable and wired, and they do not mention their anti -mosquito effects.

The reporter also found another online store with the “Veralin Forbidden Area” online store with an anti -mosquito -proof agent. The reporter saw in the introduction of the product. It reaches 89%, using ‘NOFLYZONE’ deworming technology. Its active ingredients are an artificial insect repellent, which originated from the natural deworming ingredients found from chrysanthemums, non -toxic and harmless. “” This technology comes from the United States and obtains the United States Military recognized. “

The store showed the technology’s US patent certificate and quality inspection report, but from the product review page, customers are still not satisfied with the mosquito prevention effect of the product. “I bought it for my dad, and I experimented at home, and was dangled 2 mosquito bags. Contact customer service, customer service said that there are many kinds of mosquitoes, more than other clothes.” Some customers left a message saying, “The effect of anti -mosquito effect is effective Generally, mosquitoes are as useful as flower dew water. “

The mosquito repellent jacket is not very effective. What is the effect of mosquito repellent bracelets? The reporter also opened a mosquito repellent bracelet sold by the Japanese Golden Bird Flagship Store on the shopping platform. The experimental video comes from the Japanese Golden Bird Research Institute. “

Click on the comment page, the customer’s mosquito repellent effect on the product is mixed. The reporter found that the product was “imported from Japan”, but its product was produced in mainland China. The customer service explained that “Like XX mobile phones, Made in China, exported abroad, and returned in a circle.”

The reporter did not discover the quality inspection report on the product detail page. The customer service explained that the store did not provide quality inspection reports to prevent someone from stealing reports for counterfeit goods.

The reporter’s investigation found that the summer mosquito repellent products were diverse, but the mosquito repellent effect of most products did not achieve the promise effect.

B. Is it safe to wear a child with mosquitoes?

So, what is the difference between these children’s anti -mosquito jackets and adult mosquito jackets?

The reporter’s investigation found that a “safety category” in the tag of children’s T-shirts is the GB31701-2015B production standard. The “Antarctic Mosquito Holders” sold by online stores ranges from 100cm to 125cm. The standard of this mosquito jacket is the production standard of Class GB31701-2015A.

It is understood that on May 26, 2015, the National Standards Commission approved the release of mandatory national standards GB31701-2015 “Technical Specifications for Infant and Children’s Textile Product Safety Technical Specifications” (hereinafter referred to as the “Specifications”). Children’s clothing is divided into two categories. It is suitable for infant textile products wearing 36 months and below infants and young children. It is suitable for children’s textile products for children over 3 years old, 14 years old and below.

According to the differences in safety requirements, the children’s clothing safety technology category is divided into three categories: A, B, and C. Class A is the best. Class B is segmented. Class C is the basic requirements. In addition, infant textile products should meet the requirements of Class A. Children’s textile products that directly contact the skin should meet the requirements of Class B. Children’s textile products that are not directly exposed to skin should meet the requirements of Class C. The “Specification” also requires that infant textile products should also add “infant supplies”.

However, the reporter carefully checked the children’s models sold by some online stores and found that many products did not find the word “infant supplies”. In addition, the standards of children’s anti-mosquito jackets sold in some online stores are FZ/T73045-2013 “Knitting Children’s Clothing” standard. This standard is suitable for knitted clothing worn by 3 years (100cm tall) or above with knitted fabrics as its main material.

Industry insiders revealed that “buying anti -mosquito jackets under the age of 3 must be cautious. Parents should carefully examine the safety category and execution standards marked on the qualified certificate issued by the product when purchasing anti -mosquito jackets for their children. Children try to choose a safe rating as a class A, and marked the products with the word “infant supplies’.”

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