Many people’s first impression of Qiao Xin is the “glasses girl” in Joy Joy. She is the same as her age as her age and she is “college student who enters the society.” Everyone knows that since Qiao Xin has made double eyelid muscles, the face of the whole person has changed a lot, and there are many gods.

Face change allows her to try more styles,

Compared to the previous youthful vitality, Qiao Xin is now more bright and magnificent, and all kinds of skirts are also easy to control.


In the recent photos from Qiao Xin PO, Qiao Xin wore a small black dress with black silk to transform into a sexy workplace person,


It feels like the OL girl in the 1990s.

The partial hair, exaggerated earrings retro flavor, the filter of the photo is also very interesting, deliberately chose the retro color,


Qiao Xin is really “crossing”, and he must not make people feel. Now Qiao Xin really has the charm of the Hong Kong style beauty.

Let’s take a look at the dresses of this set of sexy workshop people in Qiao Xin. The low -necked small black skirt with black silk similar to wave dot printing is considered to be sexy.

Qiao Xin’s retro small black skirt:


This single product is a long history. Since Audrey Hepburn has brought a small black skirt in the last century, the little black skirt has always been the darling of the fashion circle. The small black skirt seems to have a magic. After wearing a woman, they can be decent.

In order to highlight the sexy characteristics, Qiao Xin’s black dress chose the design of the low -neck. The design of the collar made the good figure show. The proud collarbone and the excellent figure curve are undoubtedly the biggest highlight.


After all, the essence of dressing is to let clothes set off people


This small black skirt is well highlighted to highlight Qiao Xin’s own characteristics.

In the choice of accessories,

Little black skirt with black silk will inevitably feel a vulgar feeling, and then it will be slightly monotonous

Essence At this time, the role of jewelry accessories appeared. The earrings chose a large jewelry. They were full of nobleness and looked very eye -catching.

The irregularly designed necklace on the neck also neutralizes the monotonous sense of large -scale exposed skin. Black is more suitable for matching with this BulingBuling jewelry than other colors, and the texture of jewelry and clothes can be even higher. The most important point is that the addition of jewelry elements makes this sexy and charming and beautiful, and it feels more elegant.

Qiao Xin’s other retro wind wear:

Since Qiao Xin’s changing style, this bright and sexy dress is not uncommon. This has provided a lot of inspiration for the younger sister who wants to Copy’s retro wearing. Let’s take a look at the other wearing that Qiao Xin brings to us. Take a demonstration.

To what extent BM is, the young lady with a better body is a man. Qiao Xin has a bumpy body and a skinny body, and naturally a lot of sexy dressing of BM wind. A black -red plaid set appeared in the event. It was even more amazing. The navel installation+shorts were full of legs.

The black and red colors are sweet and cool with an excellent figure. The sexy level of the fish net calves is full, which is the same as the jewelry effect.

With Martin boots, it is to add cool elements to neutralize and sexy mensis.


The calf socks can be said to be a combination of sweetness and sexy. Compared with the common stockings commonly used in OL girls,

Light socks will not appear too mature, sweet attributes are more

Essence The style is also more varied. The fishing net design is sexy, and the calf pile sock design is more sweet. It is a very good match.

Fashion summary:


Sexy style is a style that many young ladies want to try,

But when it comes to summary, it is not “the more exposed and better”, and charming is the essence of sexy style.


It is the pursuit of sexy style to show his excellent figure.


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