The belly is cold and causes abdominal pain and diarrhea

Why is the baby’s little belly so important? The reason is very simple. The five internal organs that bears the physiological operation of the human body are hidden in the stomach. Can you not protect it well?

There is no fat on the upper abdomen of the baby, and the abdomen wall is relatively thin, especially around the navel. Once the stomach is cold, it is very prone to diseases such as stomach pain, indigestion, and diarrhea. This area is large, the skin blood vessels are densely distributed, and the body surface heat dissipation is rapid. The cold days expose this part, the blood vessels in the abdomen are shrinking immediately, and even the intense shrinkage of the stomach can cause the pain. The duration is slightly long, just like the cold of the neck, the sympathetic system of the whole body — adrenal endocrine system and other nerve endocrine systems will also make a result. Strong reactions cause various diseases.

Therefore, in winter, you must pay special attention to the warmth of the baby’s abdomen, so that the spleen and stomach operates normally and stable, and promote the digestion and absorption of food.

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In order to keep the baby’s most reliable warmth, the small belly in winter needs a comprehensive and multi -layered protection. Among them, we have a lot of learning to learn and sleep!

Bellyband, baby waist pants, belly pants

During the day or while sleeping, the smaller baby is best to put on a small bellyband, so that no matter how much you wear, the belly will not be exposed and cold.

If you are not used to wear a bellyband, you can also consider baby’s high waist pants, belly pants, and one -piece pajamas. These practical baby clothing can fully protect the belly belly. Ask the baby how to turn over, the mother does not have to worry about the baby’s kicking the quilt’s belly cold. Essence

In addition, the larger baby’s clothes during the day are better, which can completely cover the abdomen. If you go out, it is best to stuff your children’s clothes into the pants, so as not to pull the clothes when playing with the child or the child, exposing his belly and causing cold.

Big bath towels, exquisite, dad’s clothes

Don’t forget your stomach when you sleep. You can use a large bath towel or thin to fold a few layers, cover the baby’s abdomen, and expose his hands and feet outside. When the baby is asleep or turns over, it is not easy to kick the bath towel or thin.

Press the quilt, stack the quilt, one third is pressed under the baby’s body, and two -thirds are covered on it. Matta can sleep next to the quilt under his body.

What does Dad’s clothes have to do with the baby’s warmth? Dad’s coat is generally large. Choose a soft texture to put it on the baby, and then cover the quilt. DIY has a simple sleeping bag!

*Warm tips: Keep warm to stop and stop. Don’t be too thick, and don’t cover too tightly, otherwise it will be kicked off by the baby.

Different ages Baby belly care rules

Babies need to protect the small belly at any time, and children of different ages have a slight difference in warmth. Moms can also dress the baby based on this!


Newborn (0-28 days): The little baby in this period is less moved and wrapped more. Pay attention to the wetness of the back of the back and dry it in time. The navel is not good. At the same time, don’t forget to be suitable for babies at room temperature, keeping about 24 degrees Celsius.

Babies (1-12 months): Babies in this period like to move, roll, and climb, especially for babies close to 1 year old. Pay attention to wear stomach clothes. You can choose pants, high waist pants, and separate upper and lower clothes. Refer the pants to the clothes.

Children (more than 12 months): Babies in this period will leave, like to play outdoors, and are particularly easy to sweat. Therefore, pay attention to using sweat towels. In winter, we can wear slightly longer coats or vests, covered with butt and stomach, jumping It is not easy to show your waist.

It is appropriate to dress for children, but also grasp according to the child’s physical condition. Moms can inspect the warmth of the children in two parts -the tip of the nose and shoulders. There is a dressing tactic to remember:

Dress less: there are no sweat on the shoulders, the tip of the nose is cool

Dress too much: sticky shoulder and back, warm nose

Dress exactly enough: the shoulders and back skin are dry, the tip of the nose is warm

In short, don’t let your baby cool! A few words, when the environmental temperature is too low, you can apply hot water bottle, but you should master the temperature to avoid burning your baby; drink some hot drinks or rub the baby’s abdomen with warm hands; Bad diarrhea is very useful, and naturally naturally has no side effects.

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