When treating the baby’s snacks, many parents are afraid of delaying their children to eat dinner, and they will not give them. At the beginning, I was the same. I was afraid that I would not eat well, and I was afraid of various additives in the snacks. Before I was 1 year old, she didn’t know what snacks were. In order to cooperate, our adult would not eat. However, as the baby grew up, she saw other children eating snacks, so she couldn’t help watching the live broadcast of the live broadcast while drooling, and the desire for snacks became more and more intense. In addition, children will have a rebellious psychology. The less you don’t give him, the more he wants to eat.

Later, I thought about it. Instead of cutting it, it would be better to provide a suitable, appropriate amount of snacks for babies. The process of providing snacks is also the process of establishing a regular awareness for the baby. What can you eat? How much can I eat? When to eat? These are all we need to teach babies.


Usually, as long as I have time, I will make some snacks for my own.

Baby recipe (bbcookbook)

This public account will also share with you some recipes for homemade snacks.

It is good for homemade snacks, but I have to admit that there are not many people who have conditions and do time to do it. Therefore, it is also necessary to choose some healthy finished snacks.


When it comes to healthy snacks, seaweed must be considered one, not only delicious and delicious, but eating more and not fat.


From the national brand X Lihai moss, to the seaweed imported from South Korea, to the net red seaweed, I bought it for children. The biggest feeling for eating is to give me the biggest feeling is

salty! salty! salty! The child can destroy a pack in a while, and you will eat a lot of salt without knowing it.

Later, I watched some ingredient tables of seaweed products and found that almost every ingredients of the ingredients of the seaweed


Open a pack of seaweed randomly, you can see the salt grains on it with the naked eye.


Bao mothers know that the baby who is less than the age of age cannot be added with salt, and even if the baby is too old, eat less. This bright salt is usually dare not add to the food supplement, let alone give the baby a snack.

There are also some ingredients of seaweed, and additives such as monosodium glutamate and sodium glutamate are on it.


Since there are no good seaweed snacks, I do n’t eat it. I ’m not eaten. Snacks. Eating less will not affect the health of the child.

Coincidentally, when I went to Zhoushan to see shrimp skin in August, I accidentally listened to the person in charge over there that they had made new products, which was the main healthy seaweed. Because the previous seaweed left a shadow in my heart, I dare not rush to decide and want to try it first.

As soon as I opened the packaging bag, the faint seaweed fragrance rushed on the face, and the small square -shaped seaweed just took a bite, bite a bite, and only heard the crispy sound of the seaweed. The mellow aroma, slowly digesting between the lips and teeth, and at the end of the food, there is a trace of sweetness.


The first trial experience was very surprised by me, breaking my perception of seaweed over the years.

“Baby is stuck” is not salty, and the taste is light, which is very suitable for babies to eat

Essence I hurriedly looked at the materials, and it turned out to be

No additional salt

This faint salty taste is the taste of seafood.

It was completely different from me before, and I suddenly raised my interest. I wanted to see what the processing workshop was.

30 -meter -long unmanned baking wire


Before entering the sterile workshop, we must first go to the disinfection area for whole body disinfection, then put on work clothes, and put on a hat and mask.

In these process, the person in charge explained to me:

Sea moss requirements for production workshops are very high, because it is necessary to keep dry, so the wetting machine in the workshop takes 24 hours.

Seaflets are deteriorated in high temperature and light environments. The baby is all the laver all the laver

0 degrees constant temperature library



, Ensure its quality.

Other seaweed on the left, the right side is “the baby is rampant” of the laver


Sesame sandwiches should be made in more than 30 meters long water lines in more than 30 meters of water lines. 7 processes can be made through screening, ingredients, 200 degrees baking, pressed and fixed, screened, cut, and packaged.


The entire process is non -fried, no additives, and preserved the original flavor of seaweed and sesame seeds

The seaweed after baking

The clean and orderly packaging assembly line, the workers are seriously weighing and packaged. Sisters don’t misunderstand the box of the seaweed box, which is the color of the seaweed rubbing out of the seaweed

The next day, I followed the large army to Nantong, Jiangsu to see the “baby’s greedy” laver planting base.

The planting base of laver is mainly concentrated in the Jiangsu coastal generation in the East China Sea.

“Baby is nagging” seaweed

The raw materials are from the sea area of ​​Nantong, Jiangsu. There are few beaches near Nantong, and it is just at the junction of the north and south. The temperature changes small.

The quality of the launch of laver is better than in other waters.

What I saw on the scene was difficult to reflect in the text. Where I chose the seaweed, except for the evaluation, I couldn’t think of a more intuitive way. After returning home, I began to prepare for seaweed evaluation.

In addition to large supermarkets, I also bought a few models on JD, with a total of 10 models. Basically gathered the common seaweed on the market, ate a week of seaweed, and made this test about seaweed today.

In order to evaluate the fairness, this time I bought all the time


There is only one of the Internet celebrity Thai bosses, because I have been used by my friends to be affected by this seaweed. I will buy it for a evaluation while taking this opportunity.




My standard for buying snacks is less salt and less oil

And among the 10 seaweed participating in the evaluation,


9 models

Add edible salt


, Sugar and additives. Especially the Internet celebrity little Thai boss seaweed, marked the original flavor, can actually see the existence of pepper oil in the ingredients!

What makes me happy is that the “baby is gone” and the existence of salt cannot be found in the ingredients. It is also the least ingredient in these 10 seaweed ingredients tables, with only three common ingredients.

I ask the industry insiders,

Can the white sugar in the ingredient table be saved?

the answer is negative,


The glutinous sugar plays a bonding effect in the sandy seaweed, which is an indispensable ingredient.

Essence but

The simple ingredients of “baby are snoring” are indeed much better than others!

Sodium content

We all know that eating more salt is not good for the baby. On the one hand, it develops a heavy taste habits. Second, it is not good for health, so the content of salt is also an important measure for choosing snacks for babies. In the nutritional composition table, we need to focus on the sodium content.

“Baby is ravaged” nutritional composition table.

In these 10 seaweed assessments, the sodium content of the little Thai boss is only 240 mg, and the nutrient reference value (NRV) accounts for only 12%! Is it very exciting, but you have to see it carefully. The sodium content here is 240mg of sodium every 19.5 grams. The state stipulates that nutritional ingredients should be marked with the content of the content of each 100 grams (ml) and/or each food

In this way, the result of our conversion is:

1230mg, nrv62%, the highest sodium content!

From the perspective of the results alone, it is better to produce Thailand with only 459mg sodium content, but this is not in line with common sense, because seaweed belongs to the seafood itself salt, and

From the ingredient list, we can see that the seaweed produced in Thailand also adds additional edible salt, but the sodium content is the lowest, which is unscientific.

The possible explanation is that there are too many other additives, which dilute the salt content.


Thailand -made seaweed ingredient table

With a question, I went to consult the industry again. He looked at the two ingredients tables, saying that the seaweed additives made in Thailand neutralized the original sodium content, and the sodium content of the baby’s sodium was built by the seafood. Essence


Watching the seaweed with the most sesame and syrup, its sodium content is the lowest.

Because the sesame is added more, the sodium content in the laver.

At present, the cost of sesame is more than a dozen dollars a pound, and the seaweed is more than one hundred yuan a pound. In the two pieces of two seaweed, the more sesame seeds are added, the lower the cost will be.



Before this round of evaluation, I prepared a glass of water, and after each tasted one, I spicked my mouth and tasted the next one. The final evaluation was completed, I drank five cups of water, and the ghost knew what I had experienced!


In fact, I do n’t say much about taste evaluation, it is difficult to adjust the mouth, but if you give your baby, it is best to choose a light taste. The problems in the first 9 types of seaweed are either too salty or too sweet,


Only “the baby is nagging” and can hardly taste the salty taste, only the taste of sesame and laver, and a little sweetness.


It is worth mentioning that I originally wanted to open all the sandwich seaweed, only “baby’s snoring” can be opened smoothly. I mentioned earlier that white granulated sugar is used to play a bonding effect,

It can be seen that the “baby is nagging” has the least white granulated sugar content.

Therefore, when the other sandwich seaweed is desperately sticking to sesame seeds in two pieces of seaweed. When the sauce is plugged, the baby sticks to only white sugar and gently spread a layer of high -quality seaweed.

If you open it, you find that there are not many sesame seeds, and it is very easy to drop, which is right, because the baby does not use a large amount of sugar and additives to strengthen the sesame seeds.

△ Fall the residue at a touch of touch, indicating that the sugar content is not high



Among these 10 seaweed, I first excluded the curly seaweed, and the thin layer was broken. The others are blocks and strips. For babies, small squares can be eaten in one or two, and they will not be scum everywhere.

Let’s look at the outer packaging, there are 2 canned, 4 are sealing the zipper opening, and the 3 models have no sealing strips. They must be eaten as soon as possible. “Baby is rampant”

Small block and zipper mouth seal design

, Win my heart.

Based on the first 4 rounds of evaluation, “baby is stingy” is indeed much better!


I also want to continue to understand the sisters of this seaweed, please follow me down ~

I will send a trailer today to plant a grass

Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 16) will open a group on time at 8 o’clock in the morning


Why is it worth a group?



Class A raw material, good nutritional taste good


Generally, seaweed is mostly used as raw materials. The same type of laver is divided into different levels, while the taste and nutritional value of seaweed are inseparable from the grade of seaweed.

The growth process of laver and leek can be harvested repeatedly. The first harvested laver is called head of water. It is the most tender and nutritious stage of laver. It is known as “bird’s nest laver”. It is suitable for baby to eat seaweed.

The “baby is nagging” on the left, the seaweed on the right, the other laver on the right

As the two water and three water in the back are pushed, the laver is getting thicker and the nutritional value is getting lower. Filter the fine products from the harvested head water, which is the A -level head water. Moss baked with A -class head water -spasted laver, the color is dark green, the taste is delicate and delicious, but

It has low output and high cost, and many brands cannot use this as raw materials.

The quality of the laver on the left is “the baby is greedy”, the worse the later

“Baby” strives to create a healthy and nutritious seaweed, and insists on using the best A -class head water strip laver on the raw materials. It is a healthy snack that is really suitable for babies.


Low sugar and low salt 0 add, iodine supplementation calcium and supplementation helper

Many brands of seaweed are disadvantaged in the choice of raw materials. In order to win the market, they have to use a lot of seasoning and additives to make a taste, but this kind of seaweed is absolutely not suitable for babies to eat often.


On the other hand, the “baby’s nods” seaweed in this group purchase, without excess seasonings, contains 571 mg of sodium per 100g. From the previous evaluation, we can see that this is the minimum sodium seaweed, and this is still the laver itself comes with its own comes. Sodium!

In order to enrich the taste, the “baby is stingy” to the seaweed with both calcium and mellow sesame seeds as sandwich. According to third -party testing,

Our sesame sandwiches are 263.4mg per 100 grams, which is more than twice that of milk. The iodine content is 1140 micrograms per 100 grams, which is the best choice for babies to supplement iodine.

The sugar in the ingredient table is not only seasoning, but also a sandwich adhesive. In order to achieve the purpose of less sugar, the “baby has been stuck” has repeatedly debugged more than 30 times,

Finally, it is determined that this seaweed containing only 1g of sugar per 100g!

100g sugar content is 1g, then a bag of 18g of seaweed sugar content is 0.18g. The sugar content of each bag of seaweed is 0.18g, accounting for approximately 0.09%of the regulatory restrictions of sugar intake. This sugar content is far from harming the child’s health, and it is far from the standard. It is almost negligible.

And “baby is nagging” seaweed

Without any preservatives, the shelf life is 270 days

Essence In addition, this time I asked the brand to provide the freshest seaweed to the sisters, so the seaweeds we bought this time are all

Production at the end of September


Oh, the fresh seaweed and the seaweed for half a year are basically two different varieties. If you don’t believe it, try it.



Intimate packaging design, mother is more worry -free

“Baby is stuck” The net content of seaweed is 18g per bag, about 30 pieces. Each piece is a 4×4 block, which is convenient for the baby to get it. It can be eaten in one or two mouthfuls, and it will not be scum everywhere.

In the packaging, “Baby is stubborn” uses zipper -type sealing. When it is not eaten, it is sealed with a gently. After opening, the seaweed will be fine within half a month. turn out to be

The market price is 79 yuan 6 packs

,this time

The group purchase price is only 56 yuan


It is rare to encounter such a healthy and nutritious snack, and the sisters have to hurry up.

The seaweeds that are handed in hand are packed by the carton. Do not worry about the seaweed you received. At least of the sample sent by the brand, none of them are broken, and according to the brand’s feedback, the seaweed has not received any after -sales sales at present. question.


4. 4..


Various ways to eat, wild supplementary food


Babies do not like to eat, try seaweed to match, versatile and nutritious, and supplementary food is not heavy.

Cut out the shape of the seaweed and concave the cute shape.


Add meat pine, nutritious and delicious.

The rice ball is pinched, changing the monotonous rice taste.

Sprinkle the sea moss in the porridge, and it is delicious and delicious.

Although the seaweed is delicious, I suggest

Babies from 1 to 3 years old do not eat more than 2 packs a day.



Genuine authorization, guarantee of quality

The genuine product is the first principle of my group opening for so many years. It is the direction of my mother’s efforts to bring high cost -effective products. Essence


Entry products do not support refund once it is opened. In addition, the group purchase does not support invoices, please forgive the sisters ~

Group purchase details

Group buying good things:

“Baby is nagging” sesame sandwicked sea moss








18G*6 pack


Trial age:


12 months+

Production Date:


At the end of September 2018


Shelf life:

270 days


Group purchase price:

56 yuan



Original price 79 yuan

About delivery

48 hours of delivery, the shipping place in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, the default Best Huitong.Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, and Hainan do not ship, other areas.

Return issue

If there is a quality problem, return and exchange unconditionally; within seven days from the date of signing, support the return of return without affecting the secondary sales, and the postage will be taken care of by the postage.

Question consulting



Start up today



, Planting a grass

Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 16) will open a group on time at 8 o’clock in the morning





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