Canvas shoes are the most casual and versatile. Women of different ages like to wear. This issue of Korean version of the Korean version of the Korean version of the high -top printed canvas shoes brought by Ai, let’s take a look!

01 Personal Printing Student Canvas Shoes


A very individual female student canvas shoes, the Korean version of the design style, this year’s hot ~ various color prints on the shoes, full of fun, add a high thick background ~

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02 Korean version of student broken flower canvas shoes


The fresh floral design of the canvas shoes depicts the girl’s pretty vitality, outlines the unprecedented freedom and beauty ~ The shoe body uses super delicate canvas, making the printing pattern more exquisite.

03 Female students high -top canvas shoes


The abstract hand -drawn pattern on the shoes is exquisitely presented on the shoe body. The pattern is cleaned naturally, the fashionable personality does not fade, and the breathable sweats are excellent.

04 high -top printed canvas shoes

A very girly printed canvas shoes, colorful flower cloth shoe body, let vitality and personality sprinkle on the shoes, and use unruly creative interpretation of romantic youth.

05 Korean version of broken flower canvas shoes

The Korean version of the floral female student canvas shoes, cotton can not afford the ball, does not deform, the perfect combination of pink white and rice white shoe body creates the unique elegance and freshness of the girl.

I watched several Korean female students high -top printed canvas shoes that Xiaobian brought you. Do you like it?

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