Little rich woman Lisa autumn wearing: simple items can wear a sense of fashion, the figure of the nine -headed body is even more absolute

When it comes to Lisa, everyone has already understood it. She has shown her talents in dance since she was a child. After training, she created her outstanding dancing strength. She even served as dance in Blackpink. Envy, in the team is a sunny and cheerful sister. Every time this girl group is also very stunning, Han Feng’s dress is also a textbook of many young sisters. Card “Little rich woman’s wear!



White printed sweater wear:

This white hooded coat version is very large and an oversized style. The color printing pattern on the chest is also very rich. It will not make the white clothes too pure, and it can add some childlike elements; like LISAA A pair of retro and old denim wide -leg pants are very casual. Such an overall partial dress is also very friendly to fat girls! With a black plush fisherman hat, it is also suitable for girls with round faces. The big brim is very small, cute and lovely!

Bright yellow solid color sweater wear:

The colorful sweater version of this color is also very large. It is also suitable for the fat crowd. The color gives people a very youthful and beautiful feeling. In the dark home at home in autumn and winter, wearing a color sweater on the street, walking on the street. Immediately, it will look very different, very sunny! A light -colored denim straight trousers show a slim ankle is very thin. With a pair of sneakers or canvas shoes, a canvas bag or backpack is a very daily college style.

Gray Kess Sweater:

This solid -colored gray pullover sweater is very simple, and there are no special designs and colors. It belongs to a relatively versatile item, like LISA with a very hot and sunny red sports pants. It is driven, with a pair of shoes to tie a ball head, it is a very casual look!


Gray sports suit wearing:

The look of this body is a suit wearing. The dark gray colors and the loose version of the upper and lower are very free to home. This set of color or version is very thin and thin. So it is very suitable for fat girls. Small or thin sisters can learn LISA and pierce the front of the clothes in the pants. The type looks loose, and this daily school or shopping in the supermarket is very beautiful and comfortable!



Short lamb cashmere jacket:

This white short lamb cashmere jacket version is very beautiful, warm and thick and cute, the design of the high -necked and sloping buckle is also very stylish and warm. Slim trousers are very dressed in figure, and Xiaoman waist and long legs can be revealed. It is very suitable for high -thin sisters! The fat girl is not suitable for this lamb cashmere coat that is more expanding and shorter. It will be a bit bloated and fat to wear!

Sequenant black jacket outer jacket:


This small black jacket is a short and split model. The clean tailoring is very three -dimensional. It feels very upright and temperamental. Wind, the mature and advanced basis adds a bit of fashion elements to the designs. With jeans and sneakers, it is simple daily wind, with high -waisted suit pants and short boots. It’s right.

Khaki trench coat wearing:

This khaki long trench coat is also very simple and atmospheric, and the double -breasted buckle is also a classic British design. The tolerance of the round shoulders and straight tube is also very good. The pants are very simple and atmospheric daily wear; there are many types of windbreakers, such as tied to reveal the waistline with a belt, and a pair of high heels is super -tempered workplace style; light jeans and small white shoes are again Very young and casual college style! Therefore, the windbreaker is a must -have for girls in autumn and winter. It can be matched with any style and can tolerate any figure. I have to say that the windbreaker is really easy to wear!

Did you learn the wearing of this “buying Midangka”! Each set is a very daily and easy -to -wear match!

That’s it today. Let’s see it next time ~

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