With the improvement of people’s pursuit of quality of life, more and more people are pursuing the practicality of home appliances, but also began to pursue the design and beauty in appearance. Crystal TV combined with the current hot Internet of Things technology and voice control technology, while reflecting the sense of technology, it can also become artworks placed at home. For users who are pursuing high -end life, mural TVs can be said to be the best choice. The art TVs recommended below Xiaobian are very representative products in high -end models. You can refer to the following!


1. Xiaomi mural TV>> Buy link

Price: 6999 yuan

Recommended index: ★★★★★


Recommended crowd: suitable for people who pursue artistic forms and take into account both cost -effective

Xiaomi’s mural TV this year can be said to be the “King of Topics” in the TV industry this year. Its design of artistic and technological design is destined to be extraordinary.


The Xiaomi mural TV adopts the innovative form of the front and back pure plane. The whole body is thin as thin as 13.9mm. The back of the fuselage can be seamlessly fitted with the wall, showing the ultimate aesthetics of double -sided art. In addition, the model continues Xiaomi’s consistent minimalist style and adopts the separation design. The host connection line only uses a flat hidden cable to refuse the mess. A built -in classic art works, with their unique frame design, the TV instantly changes the murals, making the living room a private art gallery.


In terms of configuration, Xiaomi mural TV uses Samsung’s original 65 -inch 4K panel, equipped with a quad -core 64 -bit flagship processor and 2GB+32GB large -capacity storage, watching the movie is not stuck, and the film is more refreshing. The host has 6 built -in sound units, which is equipped with an ultra -heavy subwoofer at the same time. The sound level is clear, bringing a shocking audiovisual experience.

The biggest highlight of this model is that for the first time equipped with distant voice technology. In the state of the breath screen, mural TV becomes a smart speaker in seconds, and it is on standby for 24 hours. Film, investigate the weather, and control smart home appliances. As a large -screen control center at home, mural TV can check the smart home appliance status at home and receive message reminders at any time.


In addition, Xiaomi telephone and Tencent Cloud reached in -depth cooperation to achieve large -screen video calling functions, which can multi -terminal real -time video calls to meet the social needs of users. In addition, the model is equipped with a 12 -key Bluetooth voice remote control carefully designed and created by Xiaomi TV. It is comfortable to grip and can easily operate blindly. The voice keys can awaken Xiaoai classmates.

For such a high -end TV product that coexists in beauty and wisdom, Xiaomi still adheres to a kind price, as long as 6999 yuan, and given off on the door installation service.

2. TCL XESS 65A100H Floating Window panoramic TV>> Purchase link

Price: 19999 yuan


Recommended index: ★★★★


Recommended crowd: suitable for people who pursue high -quality and exquisite life and pay attention to the art of life


TCL XESS 65A100H floating windows panoramic TV with a stylish and exquisite appearance and unique design concept, conveying a delicate life aesthetics. Its unique metal frame design makes TV a Living Window at home. People can feel natural and appreciate the beauty of art through it.

This model is extremely demanding in terms of image quality and sound quality. In terms of picture quality, this model uses the next -generation display technology QLED, Dolby Vision, and MEMC and other multi -dimensional painting technology; the sound quality uses Anqiao audio and theater -level Dolby Atmos, and is equipped with 2.0 split external audio. Guarantee high -quality audio and video experience with high -quality audio and video technology.

This model also fits the concept of the Internet of Things today. Smart homes in the home can interconnect with it, making television a family smart center. In addition, this TV can also be transformed into your daily butler. Whether it is a itinerary, weather, take -out, or booking tickets, you can help you.

Third, Samsung UA65LS003A The Frame Drawing Wall Art TV>> Buy Link

Price: 16999 yuan

Recommended crowd: suitable for people who have personalized demand for home improvement style and prefer private customization

Samsung, the Frame art painting wall TV, is a TV that can be transformed into artworks. Its design creativity is that when the TV is closed, it can make the TV a mural hanging on the wall. The masterpiece of more than 100 internationally renowned artists can be displayed. At the same time, the photos of their favorite or collection can also be displayed through the TV screen. There are multiple layout modes for users to choose.

Its unique personality custom frame adopts a magnetic structure and can be easily split or assembled. There are three different colors of vintage deep brown, elegant beige and moonlight bright white. Users can customize themselves according to their home improvement style.

Samsung The Frame is equipped with a 4K high -definition screen, which can present clearer screens. With HDR high dynamic range images, the picture is more realistic, and the model uses a brightness sensor. It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the changes in the surrounding light. At the same time as the perception, better integrate into the indoor scene.

In the era of integration of technology and art, equipped with a high -end mural TV can better show the taste and style of life. The three models introduced above are the best in high -end mural TVs. The face value and strength coexist. The super high cost performance of the ground!

In addition, the fire of Xiaomi mural TV not only introduces the high -end TV category of mural TV into the public’s vision, but its first sales of 9 minutes and 35 seconds of sales have also showed that there is still much room for development in the TV manufacturing industry to meet people’s quality of quality The demand for life is a breakthrough.

Friends who need it, don’t hesitate, hurry up home!

Editor in this article: Liu Mengting


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Recommended index: ★★★★

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