“You can’t afford to wear Chanel, you can not have many clothes to choose from, but never forget the most important clothes, this dress is called yourself”

—— Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel


August 1883-January 1971

Coco Chanel, yes

The French fashion industry is well -deserved queen

She woven a fashion dream for girls all over the world, but her elegant posture and legendary life have always been an unsolved mystery for the world.

On August 19, 1883, Chanel was born in a small town in central France. His father was a hawker selling groceries, and his mother was a village woman.


At the age of 6, her mother died, and her father left five siblings in the family. She was sent to a nun school since she was a child.

The life of childhood in the monastery is a very painful experience for Chanel.

She was lonely and full of fear.


But in the days of confrontation with pain, she became stronger and stronger. The nursing school full of camellia in the mountains also became

The source of inspiration for her future design prompted her to quench her style of style.

Double C logo Source Source of the Women’s Courtyard

At the age of 22, Chanel, who advocated freedom, left the nuns and became a cinema, and became a cinema.


“Cafe Singer”

, And played a stage name


Here, he met the first lover in life-

French officer étienne Balsan.


Étienne BALSAN cannot give Chanel’s marriage


So she resolutely gave up the life of the upper society’s drunk gold fans, which is also this relationship.


Let her completely break the idea of ​​changing her life through marriage.

She began to find a sense of security in her career, hoping to grasp her destiny, and hoped to be independent and free.

I met her in the next vitality

Life love — Boy Capel

Essence She was the first supporter of her fashion empire, funding her

At 21 Kangming Street in Paris, the first female hat shop opened.

Chanel designed hat


Simple and comfortable


At that time


Having a hat made by Chanel as a fashion symbol.


Soon the simple and elegant dress style also quickly swept through Paris. but

Her ambition is more than one female hat shop.

In 1914, Chanel opened two fashion stores,

The fashion brand “CHANEL” influenced later generations was also officially born.

In the 1920s,


Chanel has always been “rebellious, unique” spirit


She adheres to her aesthetics and creates and leads the new fashion vane with her own aesthetic claims.

1. Little black skirt

In 1919, Chanel’s life love Boy Capel died in a car accident.

The stunning little black skirt



In the name of love, the most old mourning in the world was launched.

Shortly after the birth of a small black skirt,

Coinciding with economic depression, this minimalist fabric, the price of not expensive women is loved by the ladies


, By French women cordially referred to as

“New Fashion in Paris”

Later in the late 1980s,

Chanel great hero old Buddha Karl Lagerfeld is optimistic about fashion reincarnation

It is believed that the small black skirt is still not out of date. He re -launched a small black skirt,


Snaping with a black ethylene and polyester jersey as the fabric, it gave a new life of a small black dress.

Until now, the little black skirt is still popular all over the world,

It is a combat coat that represents women’s free liberation, independent and confident

, But it is not limited to women’s clothing. At the end of the 2010s, many men also started wearing small black skirts on the red carpet. it seems

Breaking the gender framework, symbolizing the alternative breakthrough of fashion.

Little black skirt is like a magic item, and a little changing a little element is another charm.

Ms. Chanel breaks the fashion rules

, Bring the black and elegant design into the fashion circle, after hundreds of years of reform and innovation,


Make the small black skirt a classic in the classics.


2. No.5 perfume

Three years after Boy Capel’s death, Chanel decided to create a perfume to record the taste of eternal love, so

The world’s first artificial perfume

It was born, she used her own

Lucky figure “5” named

NO.5 perfume was born.


Marilyn Monroe

Mention she only wear


Sleeping makes it more famous. until today,


CHANEL NO.5 is still sitting in the throne of the world sales champion


, Make countless women obsessed.

3. Soft set

His design inspiration

Derived from men’s sweatshirts

When Ms. Chanel traveled to England in 1924, she was inspired by the rough woolen coat of the Duke of Ximin. She

Combining flowers with wool, silk, cotton

Give them more advanced fashion.

Ms. Chanel liberated women’s thoughts, showing her clothes to the fullest.


Remove the excess tailoring on the chest and remove the shoulders


, Make the overall more neat,

Women no longer tie their hands and feet

, No longer need to exude charm through deliberate tailoring.


She has always insisted on

“Elegant inside and outside”

The concept of the “softened” jacket is consistent with the number of tailors on the outer layer, even if

Take off your coat is also a manifestation of aesthetics

Essence Many fashion stores in Paris quickly became popular at that time.

Later, after Lafayette entered the master Chanel, Chanel’s design style began to become

Soferality and rich

Compared with Ms. Chanel,

No longer a tough line, but a more slim curve


The color has become richer.

Lafayette knows that young women must be the pursuit of dreams.

Brand is younger

, No longer just the black and white wind in the Chanel era, gradually began to add some


For example

Candy colors

To this day, you can definitely see the “Soft” jacket on various big shows, and even

Extended to all kinds of bags and jewelry jewelry

On the other hand, it was always out of time.

4, water hand shirt

When she went to the beach, she noticed

Fishermen’s sea soul shirt and white pants


, Immediately make a striped shirt for yourself.


When it is cold, add a plaid suit jacket outside. This combination is now all

Classic wear of French girls.

5. Camellia


In addition to the double C logo, Chanel also has one



That is the camellia that can be seen on many Chanel advanced jewelry and watches.


The most important reason for Chanel’s preference for camellia is because of her favorite lover–

Boy Capel

Essence Camellia is the first flower given to Chanel Boy Capel!

Chanel once said,


Boy Capel is the only man she loved in her life


So the camellia on Chanel’s works not only symbol

Pure and beautiful

, Even condensed the love of Chanel liver and intestine!


Camellia is the national flower of the Chanel Kingdom. It is pure, elegant, and unpretentious, making Ms. Chanel love her life. It even condenses her expectations for elegance and simplicity.

Old Buddha Karl Lagfi

“I have completed the achievements that Coco Chanel can’t reach, she will be jealous of me”


In 1983, Lafayette officially took over Chanel, his classic one

Silver hair, sunglasses, white shirts and black jackets

The image is when this period appears, creating yourself as

Chanel new “spokesperson”

To show the new return of the Chanel brand.

In order to reshape Chanel and deepen the world’s impression of Chanel, Carl adopted

Moderate exaggerated reshaping method

, Will originally belong to Chanel

Classic elements are enlarged

Extract double C LOGO, the elements of amplifying mountain camellia, enlarged fine lines and softness, etc.

, Make these elements very recognizable and popular.

At his new product conference, we can often see all kinds

The scene of whimsical opening

From the palace to the ship to the Great Wall of China, even moved the rocket into the Grand Palace, so that everyone


Immerse in dreams

He is Chanel

Inheritors of spirituality and culture of culture

, While retaining Chanel Essence Heritage,

Gives the brand’s new life.


After Lafayette left, his left and right arm

Virginie Viaard

Become Chanel’s brand designer, she is in

While continuing the dream of Lafayette’s dream, he made a more bold breakthrough.

At this year’s Chanel spring and summer press conference, she puts on

“Continue” and “Breakthrough”

Make a perfect interpretation.

The promotional film owner was pregnant, and the whole picture returned to the 1950s and 1960s to pay tribute to Ms. Chanel of that year;

When the work was released, it made people look particularly bright,

A Chanel, who is not like Chanel.

The core of Chanel’s brand can be sought after for a long time, the core is


Continuation of brand spirit.

Chanel becomes Chanel because you

You can see at a glance that this is Chanel’s style and design

Essence The three designers are also using their respective ideas to convey the brand.

The future fashion vane must also have a place for Chanel. Just like Chanel said

“Legendary life is longer than human life.”

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