This Kate Spade women’s diamond -style women’s shoulder bag is made of high -end cowhide, soft and shiny, the surface is KSNY iconic stereo rhombus pattern. The appearance is classic and full of texture.Shoulder strap.Zipper seal, printing in the line, there are zipper partitions, which is convenient to place portable items.There is a brand metal LOGO in front of the body.Size: 30*23cm.

6pm current

Red style


$ 189.99

比呀比: Kate Spade 女士时尚真皮菱格单肩包 红色款 $189.99

, 50 % off discount, only 2 left,

比呀比: Kate Spade 女士时尚真皮菱格单肩包 红色款 $189.99

Transfer to about 1320 yuan (without tax)

比呀比: Kate Spade 女士时尚真皮菱格单肩包 红色款 $189.99

EssenceThe homepage Jun recommended the price of black models a few days ago. This red is more festive. The girl who likes it may wish to consider it.For the specific purchase method, refer to the 6PM Haitao tutorial.For more Haitao information, please move Haitao Channel.

比呀比: Kate Spade 女士时尚真皮菱格单肩包 红色款 $189.99

Kate Spade Kate Sibei is a first -tier brand in the United States. It is hot because of the American drama “Gossip Girl”. It has a simple and smart shape, bright and bold colors, and a lively and interesting attitude of life.

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