When she first saw Xiaomin, she greeted politely, but her voice could not be stuck in her throat for a while.

The owner of the Haining Leather City stall is more than a year. Before the live broadcast, she was carrying 8 million giant debts, like Yingli crying; now, she almost paid off her debt, but destroyed her throat.

Live, buying, factories, daily rhythm like rolling wheels. Even if she almost fainted in the live broadcast room, she still never thought about stopping.


24 hours of the owner of the leather city

In the late autumn, the snow has begun to flutter. Haining Leather City’s owner of the Hainchi City Hiroshimo is sitting in front of the camera. There are a few more wool clothing on the shelves next to him. Fans in the north are already reserving winter clothes.

Not long ago, on October 10th, the Fur Festival, Haining Leather City, which was just built, was brightly lit at night, and hundreds of big Internet celebrities gathered live here. Xiaomin lent the live broadcast room to a Hangzhou Internet celebrity and went to the factory to live broadcast. The source of the departure here is closer and more scenes.

At 6 o’clock every day, Xiaomin’s stalls and live rooms are opened at the same time. The more than 200 square meters of stalls are covered with clothes. On this day, she will introduce 60 models. Xiaomin became the only boss lady who was marked on the clothes.

Occasionally, scattered guests come to patronize, and the shopping guiders in the store will guide the camera. The advantage of the clear price is that there is no lengthy bargaining, and they all pay for the goods.

At this time, Xiao Min’s husband Chen Yong returned to the stall with three or five rabbit leather coats. Dozens of familiar stall bosses often call Chen Yong to pick up the goods. As long as the styles are not conflicted, they will be sold in Xiaomin’s live broadcast room.

Three or four years ago, a group of northeast sowing “broke into” Haining Leather City. They talked with their mobile phones and fans, and then entered the stalls to help the bosses sell clothes. At first the bosses were a little wary or even rejected, but after finding that they could really help sell the goods, they welcomed them.

More than a year ago, the stable traffic entrance “Taobao Live Room” had appeared in Leather City. The bosses of the Buddha are excited.


Most of the stalls in Haining Leather City are mainly wholesale. The old guest came to order, and there were hundreds of or tens of millions of lists, so the bosses did not care about the small list of scattered guests. They drank tea and brushing the drama every day, and closed the stall home early when they were tired.

In contrast, Xiaomin, who is the entire “traffic entrance”, is much more hard to work. After starting at 12 noon every day, he starts to run in the second half of the day.

At 1 pm, Xiao Min rushed to the first version of the company on time. The design building next to Leather City has thousands of models of modeling companies. They are the “concept producers” of tens of millions of clothing in Haining Leather City. Qian Hui, who has cooperated with Xiaomin the most, is the designer of the Shanghai Headquarters of Meitsbonwei. He has made a carefully carved design in the big company for several years. The “running volume” business can sell 3 to 400 versions every day, with hundreds of thousands of flowing water.

In Haining Leather City, there are thousands of designers.

It was 3 pm to rush to work. Almost all the owners of the stalls had factories. Most factories opened in April each year to start creating leather coats of this winter. There are more than 30 workers in the factory of Xiao Min’s family. Every day, Xiao Min will bring more than a dozen new versions to the factory. Each one is only dozens of pieces. The workers have practiced a pair of coincidence because they often change the version. hand.

The delivery location is also in the factory. The fur coat is easy to absorb the dust, and it must be sorted out every day. Xiaomin must ensure that the hundreds of units to be issued every day are clean and the packaging is completed before leaving the factory. It is often 5 or 6 o’clock.

After dinner, it should be left to the children, but most of Xiaomin left to fans and chatted with hundreds of iron powder in the Taobao group. Today, Xiaomin’s live room has 40,000 fans, and these hundreds are the main force of consumption. She said that the category of leather is different from fast -moving consumer goods. Only by establishing friends with fans can fans always watch live broadcasts.

The interactive time will continue for an hour. After the end, it is 8 or 9 o’clock. Xiao Min will simply organize the broadcast of the live broadcast the next day. Washing is already midnight. Sleep for 5 or 6 hours, and start a new day of work.

It has been more than a year since the week and the beginning of the week, and Xiao Min’s throat almost couldn’t make a sound. Not long ago, she received the Guiling paste sent by the fans.

Wenzhou met Wenzhou

Xiao Min, born in Beijing, did not expect that he would return to Zhejiang one day.

The Muyu Garden in Fengtai District, Beijing is a settlement in Wenzhou, Beijing. In the middle of the 1980s, Xiaomin’s parents entered Beijing and got gold. These hard -working Wenzhou people became bosses decades later.


The Xiao Min family is doing ingredients. After all, it is a Wenzhou from Wenzhou. In the summer vacation of junior high school, Xiao Min worked at his stalls. He sells vegetables with his uncle at three or four o’clock a day, and made 10,000 yuan in summer. This is a way of unimaginable lifestyle in Beijing.

Although people are in Beijing, they have to return to their hometown to visit Wenzhou’s roots every year. In terms of marriage, Xiao Min also inherits the tradition of people in Wenzhou. Her husband Chen Yong is a native of Wenzhou introduced by relatives. Physical store.

When she was married, Xiao Min was a clerk at Baidu. Late at night when she often worked overtime. Her husband Chen Yong often said distressedly that “this salary is not as high as the waiter in our shop.” Let her resign early. However, in the third year of marriage, Chen Yong never said that. Because of the poor operation, and the cost of rental rents is getting higher and higher, Chen Yong’s store closed the door. When the fourth closing door was closed, the bank had owed 8 million. 100,000.

The spirit of Wenzhou people “mutual assistance” saved the couple. Chen Yong’s aunt, uncle, and cousin all opened the stalls in Haining Leather City. They made some money and helped Chen Yong open a stall in Leather City. At that time, the Leather City was encouraging the owners of the stalls to do Taobao live. In Block H, as long as it starts for 4 hours a day, the rent can be exempted.

In the past two years, Xiao Min has been at home with his husband. However, now it is time to stand up and get out of the sky. She stood to the front desk and became the live broadcast boss of the stall, although she knew nothing about live broadcast and leather at this time.

Difficult live broadcast road

The audit of the live broadcast room was finally passed.


After recording seven or eight small videos, Xiao Min finally had his own live broadcast room. During this time, she was not idle for a moment. She ran the market with her husband in the morning and ran the factory in the afternoon to be familiar with various leather products. There are hundreds of fur. What kind of mink, mules, and crickets are full of dazzling and complicated. In the evening, Xiaomin meditated the attributes of various products to fall asleep.

October 23 was the day when Xiao Min was broadcast. On this day, she carefully prepared more than 20 big -name tail goods. This is the “big benefits” that can only provide the live broadcast room of Haining Leather City, but no fans pay for it. On the first day, Xiao Min barely said to the camera for 4 or 5 hours, and only one fan came to ask a question. When answering, Xiao Min didn’t even know if he was talking to the air.

I thought that persistence would improve. Who knew that a whole month had passed, and the traffic did not improve.

The second month’s performance gave Xiaomin a hazy hope. At this time, it has entered the winter, and gradually began to buy Australian granular sweaters with a very good warm -keeping effect in Xiaomin’s live broadcast room. The best day sold a dozen pieces. Due to the high unit price of goods, the sales of this day exceeded 10,000 for the first time. Since leaving Beijing, Xiao Min and her husband arranged a celebration banquet for the first time.

Soon, the winter in December fell. At this time, most people with hard demand have already bought winter clothes, and the annual “dividend period” has passed. Although there are countless fur coats around, Xiaomin seems to be in the cold. She never thought about giving up because there was no way to retreat.

Only three thousand fans accumulated in two months, Xiao Min decided to “forcibly increase the powder.” As long as the fans are upgraded to drilling powder in her live broadcast room, she will send a sweater for free. At most, the live broadcast room “burned” the operating cost of tens of thousands of yuan a day.

Fortunately, her husband Chen Yong provided the old customers from Haining’s factory from the factory of Haining, and he could barely maintain the normal operation of the live broadcast room.

During this time, Xiao Min accumulated his first batch of “iron powder”. She said that the category of the high -quality unit price of leather coat is different from fast -moving consumer goods, and the significance of “iron powder” is much greater than “passers -by”. Each fan must be well maintained to ensure stable sales.

On New Year’s Eve, Xiao Min was broadcast back to Wenzhou’s hometown at 5 o’clock. After a hurry to eat a New Year’s Eve dinner, the next day, she rushed to various factories to find “inventory” and prepared a spike after the year. The business of leather clothes is only half a year. At that time, most of the bosses were on vacation at home. It was not until Qingming to open the factory to prepare for this year’s winter dress. On the third day of the New Year, Xiaomin reopened the live broadcast room, and she found that the “iron powder” had been waiting for her there.

In order to avoid the “pink power” of the all -category anchor, Xiao Min started live broadcast every 6 o’clock in the morning.

Wearing a pair of cortex and black back, the fan blows the hair. The season is already a dragon, and Xiaomin in the live broadcast room seems to be in a hot summer. The new fans always ask about it, and Xiao Min will tell them that the heat of leather in the leather city building is what they cannot imagine.


“Little cute, this dress is leather outside, inside is cashmere.” Then, putting the whole leather coat on his body and standing in front of the camera showed the overall display. At the same time, a “click” sound sounded in the live broadcast room, which was the link to take a link on the scene. After the overall display, Xiaomin walked to the camera to show the leather details of the clothes and the internal cashmere inside. Each dress is only about 10 minutes of introduction time, and it is done in one go.

This orphan was quickly dropped by second. Because of the good -looking style, a few fans with slow hands asked if they could replenish. Xiao Min thought about it, and answered the factory to catch a group of work. Five old fans submitted the “order” verbally, and agreed to come to the live room to shoot after 5 days. As an anchor of “Family Factory”, Xiaomin’s live room has its own “customized function”.


There is a live storage stage in the stall, but Xiao Min likes to fix the lens in front of each shelf, explain a dress, and then replace it to explain. Drink saliva from time to time to moisturize the hoarse voice.

Fans who bought clothes in her live broadcast room a year ago began to help relatives and friends to buy new clothes, and even introduced friends to watch her live broadcast. One day, seven or eight pieces of mink pupplings alone, the sales broke 100,000.

This time, the “position” was really stable. Since then, there can be more than 100,000 or seven or 80,000 flowing water every day. Relying on a strong cash flow, the couple opened a small factory of dozens of people.

Seeing that the debt was gradually paying off, Xiaomin’s body could not be eaten. In the live broadcast, Xiao Min’s eyes were dark and almost fainted. Fans quickly persuaded Xiao Min to rest. Going to the hospital for a examination is the physical weakness caused by lack of rest. The doctor repeatedly told that if he continues to live a high -intensity live broadcast, his throat will have long polyps, and he may no longer recover the original sound.

The next day, Xiaomin received a turtle paste from an iron powder. After eating, she appeared again in the live room. Today, it is not just the debt that is about to return to her, but also the trust and expectations of fans.

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