Compared with skirts, the profile coat and pants will look better. There are many styles on the market. From the most basic straight pants, leggings to split pants, tofu pants, etc., each kind of pants have their unique advantages So, this winter, which pair of pants are fashionable?

The coat with pants, tight upper and lower, tightly combined to reduce the sense of volume, making the whole body lighter, but when matching, you should also pay attention to some details, such as long pants. Different trousers can wear different effects, coat+mopped trousers, high -level aura, coats+cropped pants, which are tall and thin. For details, you can look at the comparison of the following groups.

The same length over -the -knee coat, with mop pants and nine -point pants, gives people a different feeling. The picture on the left is paired with cropped pants to expose the boots, and the lower body looks very brisk, and it can be higher than the right. A coat with a sense of volume and some silhouettes is inevitable to wear a lot of burdens. If the length of the trousers is shortened to maintain the sharpness of the upper, it will be better on the upper body and thinness. The mop -up trousers on the right are more tested. Women who have a tall legs are even higher, but they are not suitable for slightly fat women and short children.


1. The correct way to open the “coat+nine -point pants”

TIPS1: Find the scheme scheme

Coats+nine -point pants are very common matching, but if you want to wear high -level and fashionable, it is recommended to start with color schemes and find the color matching scheme to make it more fresh and beautiful. Don’t be too mixed and messy in color matching, grasp the style and tone of each color, and wear your own characteristics.

In addition, from the perspective of quantity, from head to toe,


No more than three types,


It is recommended to be adjacent to the same color and the same color, and wear less contrast. Two pieces of nine -point pants and coats are very strong, and the main and seconds are clear.

If the color difference is too large, it will give people a messy feeling.

◆ Demonstration

① Khaki+retro blue

The khaki coat with jeans, with a retro style, with elegant khaki, eye -catching and eye -catching, immediately wearing a style. The khaki coat is lower saturated, which can brighten the skin tone well, and it seems whiter. On the other hand, the khaki color is light -colored, with a low sense of volume. With a long coat, it can neutralize the thickness of the coat and reduce bloated.


② Peacock blue+ivory white

Ivory white knitwear is far more expensive than pure white. The overall color tone is softer than pure white, and the upper body will not be too bright. With high saturated peacock blue, young and beautiful, very expensive. The peacock blue is matched with the ivory white phase, and the ivory white weakens the gorgeousness of the peacock blue.

TIPS2: Follow the weight of the material


Most of the coats are made of thick double sides and cashmere, so when paired with cropped pants, consider more materials,


Try to choose lighter fabrics

For example, with suits nine -point pants and knitted nine -point pants, the material is lightly matched with nine -point trousers, which can reduce the overall weight to the greatest extent and look thinner.


❶ suit nine -point pants

The coat of the woolen woolen is full of texture, the upper body is very stylish, and the people are very energetic. The lower body is matched with a well -drooping suit pants. The thick and light collision, it looks not heavy. The suit version is more slim. It is recommended that you choose high -waisted design+midline to use the details of the details to achieve the purpose of modifying the figure. Like the mid -line design, the horizontal width can be shortened, and the legs are longer.

Mao Mao Mo Nine -point Pants

Mao woolen pants are still very thick and have a certain weight, but choosing a woolen pants without velvet will be lighter. With nine -point tailoring, it cooperates with the woolen coat, elegant and high -level and temperament. In addition, the coat is similar to the woolen pants. It is recommended to enhance the color transition, making the overall matching and thinner.


TIPS3: Moderate exposure to maintain a sense of lightness

Jiiler pants are convenient for exposed skin, short trousers, and thin ankles on the upper body, which is more slimmer, and the dressing skills of dew skin can also maintain the lightness of the upper. Dark color coats are also very easy to see. Women who are afraid of in winter can replace the dew to expose socks, expose fashionable socks, and look high!

❶ Light -mouth shoes


Nine -point pants with shallow shoes, revealing the instep, to maintain the briskness of the upper to the greatest extent, reducing the sense of weight brought by thick coats. When wearing dark pants, it is best to choose light shoes, such as loafers, Mueller shoes, and so on. You can choose shoes with heels! The best 3 ~ 5 cm.


Dew socks

Nine -point pantyhose is worn, and the choice of socks is very important.

It is similar to the shoe, which can extend the leg lines and make the legs longer.


Like this set of mixes, gray shoes with white socks, similar in color, full of sports style, and look younger. If the color of the socks belongs to the color matching, the focus can be made to fill the sense of fashion. It is recommended that you try the diamond pattern socks and wave dot socks, and the cartoon pattern is more foreign!


Second, “coat+nine -point pants” style appreciation

(1) The overall dark color system -mature and stable

Key points: A bright color breaks the dullness

+Bright color inside:


The coats and nine -point pants are chosen in darker colors. You can put in your hands from the inside and choose light and bright colors to break the dullness of the dark color. Women with fair skin can wear them at will

High saturation


Woman with yellow skin, but it is recommended to choose cold tones, use the cold cold feeling to create temperament, brighten the skin tone, and avoid dullness.

Key points: Pay attention to coordination ratio

Dark coats with dark cropped pants. If both items choose dark colors, the length of length is more elegant. For example, short coats with cropped pants, the hem is a bit distance from the pants feet, and the proportion of the lower body is stretched, and it looks taller. If wearing a long coat, it is best not to pass the calf,

It will be more suitable for small people near the knee

Essence From the perspective of showing the figure, ordinary cropped pants are not so good, and it will be better with high -waisted cropped pants.

(2) The overall literary retro style

配 Retro elements are placed on accessories

Literary retro style matching, focusing on accessories, such as replacing fashionable avant -garde metal earrings to

Big pearl earr

The rounded pearl has a French retro style. Replace the big -name bags with more distinctive woven bags and small bags, which is more foreign! In addition, retro -colored berets and scarves can also enrich the sense of styling and enhance the retro temperament. You can try more.

❷ Pay attention to makeup

Literary retro, more emphasis on the sense of atmosphere, and changes in makeup, such as replacing lipsticks with

Positive red, jujube red


This kind of white, with a word eyebrow to make the facial features more atmospheric. In addition, dark coats with red lips are the highest elegance, showing women’s charm.

That’s it for the sharing of coats+nine -point pants. Do you like it? If you like it, you can collect it!

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