“Nanwu Amitabha”, everyone is familiar with this Buddhist name, and often hear it in movie and TV series, but many people read the wrong, and do not know the meaning of this Buddhist name.

These six words are all translated by Sanskrit. The first two words, do not read “nan wu”, but read “nā mó”, because this Buddhist name is too important, the essence of the entire Buddhism is on this Buddhist name. In order to show respect, it restores its original original. pronunciation. The translation is conversion, return, and respect, respect and respect. The Amitabha Buddha in the south is connected by Nanwu, Amitabha, Buddha, and Tr “three -character, symbolizing no longevity Buddha, with boundless body.

Ancient French gold has no Amitabha Buddha necklace, which is inspired by the Buddha statues and “Amitabha Buddha” Buddha in the south. Traditional processing techniques such as filament, craftsmanship of gold jewelry manually. In the forging room, Fang Hua reflected.

古法金南无阿弥陀佛项链 | 无量寿佛,身量无边

Golden Buddha adds body to protect his life

“The Diamond Sutra” cloud: “Everything is true.” Everyone is virtual. “Wearing a Buddha statue, it is tepid, not happy or sad, improved cultivation, and protect life. Wearing all year round can dispel disasters, stay away from the calamity, and keep peace.

Internal switches can be divided into rectification

The front wall of the front wall is engraved with the “Nanwu Amitabha Buddha” six -character mantra. The inside of the necklace is the image of Amitabha Buddha. Golden tube and Buddha statues can be split and can be assembled.

The color is warm and expensive but not obvious

古法金南无阿弥陀佛项链 | 无量寿佛,身量无边

Use handicraft ingenuity to polish the matte texture on the surface of the golden surface, and then cooperate with the polishing process to create a different gold matte color, showing the beauty of “warm color, glowing but not dazzling, noble but not showing”.

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