Strong twisting printer high -silk fabrics use polyester DTY75DX150D silk as raw materials, and 22 twisted twisted twisted lines. The use of flat -striped tissue is woven on the water spraying make.


The fabric not only has a soft feel and good hanging, but also has small wrinkles because of the strong twisting effect of the weft silk.The width width of its cloth is 150cm and weighs 120 (g/m2). The current market printing finished cloth wholesale price is 8.50 yuan per meter. In terms of patterns, especially small and medium -sized flowers, ideas, peony flowers, hazy flowers, etc.The most popular.This cloth is an ideal fabric for making women’s fashion, shirts, and skirts.The reason why the strong twisting printer Gaosi became popular in the market is mainly due to the beautiful appearance and softness, followed by cheap price, and ordinary people are easy to bear.

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