As a post -90s actress Chen Yuqi in the Mainland, it was initially attracted by a supporting actress in the future. At the same time, because of the drama officially signed Tang Yan Studio, she became an actor under Tang Yan. In recent years, Chen Yuqi has been developing relatively steadily. She has appeared in many costume film and television dramas. It can be described as absolute costume beauty. With the growth of age, Chen Yuqi’s style has gradually developed from the original sweet and cute style to mature. Recently, Chen Yuqi black and white blockbuster, black strap pants with white tube top, sexy and cute.


Chen Yuqi, who appeared this time, appeared in a black and white style, which was very different from the past. The black strap pants showed a light style and handsome feeling. The white canvas shoes were full of casualness.

The long hair is elegant and elegant, with a white camisole vest inside the black strap pants. The simple and simple is very atmospheric, which highlights the slender arm curve.


The white vest adopts a large -back design, bringing a light and sexy black strap pants in shorts, highlighting the slender leg curve.

The hair dyed into brownish -yellow colors, the style of the dyeing style brings a sense of avant -garde, and the overall style also highlights a sense of fashion.


Compared with other previous styles, Chen Yuqi can be described as sweet and light style. It is very similar to the style of the boss Tang Yan. This white background pink floral dress adopts a tight short design, highlighting the elegant long legs.

The design of the fungus rolls of the skirt adds a charming feeling. The tight waist design becomes more and more slim on the waist and abdomen curve. The pink floral flowers are white and a delicate sweetness.

It is also a floral dress. This blue flower dress with white background shows a cute girl. The style of layered cake skirts adds a cute feeling, and the wide -sleeved short sleeves look very sweet.


A messenger of yellow -brown bags is very cute. The hand handle design is very individual and has a rural style. With white casual wind shoes, the girl style is full of wind.

For Chen Yuqi, it is undoubtedly her personal advantage to appear in costume dramas, but how to further break through her own way in the future, make the style more changeable, and change to a mature style. I believe it is her biggest issue.

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