1. Draw the structure line with the size according to the size, then start to draw the neckline, put the curve ruler between the two vertical lines, and find a most suitable arc. In the same way Sleeve

Note that the straight line does not need curves when the painting is drawn. Mainly use the curve ruler when drawing some curves. When using the curve ruler, you must first draw the structure line first.


2. Many people feel that when making pants, the curve ruler has no effect. In fact, it is very useful to make pants. For example, we draw the curve of the pants gear, first draw the structure line. Then put the curve ruler up and find the most suitable curve. You see, is it very convenient to make pants? And when we are drawing pants, we usually push the pants with a 1cm curve with the cut -off of the trousers. This is very convenient to draw the back film. In addition to the curve push, there are also straight lines. (This is also suitable for handicrafts)


3. It is almost complicated to refute by our beginners. According to the steps of drawing drawings, we make ourselves messy, but borrowing the multi -function curve ruler, as long as we determine the width of the collar and lapel the width of the clothes we want to make, and then compare the loose meter on the curve ruler, we can immediately determine This angle. From this perspective, we can save a lot of calculations.


There are other functions. After I know, let’s add it.



: Professional angle, its special is that the starting point of the “0” degree is on the two sides of the corner balance line. As long as the center point is set on the straight line of the quantum, the moving ruler body is set to make the required number on the straight line, you can draw it, and you can test/draw in both directions. At the same time, there are two 45 degrees positioning lines. Change the originality of the originality.

15 -to -X degree control table

: This table is a commonly used data conversion role in clothing structure drawings. If the shoulder oblique treatment takes 15: 6 as an example, the slope of the small shoulder must be manipulated by two numbers. This table replaces the above technical data. When manipulating, only 6 numbers are found in the table, you can directly draw the slope of the small shoulder with a quarrel, one step in place. Slimming in provincial highway treatment can play a quick and precise role. This table and angle device are configured on the ruler at the same time, and it is used as soon as possible.


Loose loose watch


: It is the technical parameter of the reciprocal overflow, and it is also used in the original collar with H+H. The method of 2 (H-H) is replaced by the conversion of the triangular function, and the operation is intuitive.

Mapping center hole

: There is a small hole at the starting point of each quantity. The hole is arc -making, arc measurement, and the central hole of the manipulation area transferred by provincial road transfer.


: It is an indispensable tool in the clothing structure diagram. This curve function (package ratio curve). On the current dedicated and non -dedicated curve tools, the professional curve system that is combined, combined, through the clothing curve coefficient and geometry is The functions of curve drawing links and curves have played a role in the function of transfer.

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