Introduction: This pot is delicious and fragrant. It is so delicious when the lid is opened. Three people in my family love to eat hot pot, so the hot weather can’t stop our mood of eating hot pot. In the past, I always went to the restaurant when eating hot pot. There were many crowds of crowds and delaying time. The hot pot is also expensive and not hygienic. Since I learned to make hot pot at home, it is not only economical and nutritious. Today, this meal is delicious. It is boasted and delicious, even eat two bowls, and eat it. Let’s take a look at the production process together!

【Fresh Shrimp Tofu Hot Pot】


[Ingredients]: Half pounds of Kisse shrimp, tofu skin 3, half a catty of tofu, bean soaked 3, two garlic cloves.


[Accessories]: Sanxian hot pot seasonings, half -packs of pepper oil, average vinegar and raw soy sauce, fried melon seeds and peanut kernels 5 grams.


[Kitchen Jet]: Zhenmi Raido Electric Pot.



1、食材都洗干净,基围虾去掉虾仁和虾虚,豆腐皮切丝,豆腐和豆泡都切块,蒜瓣去皮切碎放入碗中,加入辣椒油、瓜子仁、花生仁、醋、生Mix well to make seasoning.

2. Pour the electric hot pot into the boiling water, and then put it in the hot pot ingredients of the half -pack three fresh flavors. end.

3. After boiling the soup and cook for 5 minutes, you can add the ingredients to cook. If you do n’t let go of the water, put it in the bone soup, the taste will be more delicious.


4. You can put the ingredients in the basket first, and then put the basket into the hot pot, which is very convenient.

5. Put the basket in the pot and start cooking hot pot. This time, the ingredients are mainly tofu and other soy products. You can choose the ingredients according to your preference.

6. After a few minutes, the ingredients are cooked. Do not have too much soup base. Too much taste will be diluted. The soup base just flooded the ingredients.

7. I don’t want the ingredients to cook for too long. This hot pot can be lifted one by one, the soup base and the ingredients are separated, and you can no longer be afraid of being delicious, so that all foods can be eaten cleanly without leaving a little food residue.

8. Start to eat! When eating, you can dip the seasoning prepared by your own, which is even more delicious!


Do you like to go to the restaurant to eat hot pot, or do you like to eat hot pot at home? Everyone is welcome to continue to pay attention to me. At the same time, everyone is welcome to like the collection and repost this article and leave your valuable comments. Thank you very much!


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