(Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose) (Kelly Link)


Dear Mary (if this is your name):

This letter must surprise you, right? I really wrote it, but I have to admit that not only can I remember your name, Laura? Susan? Odil? I even forgot my name. I intend to try some combinations: Joe Aiolla, Willie love Suji, Henry loves you, sweetheart, Georgena? Baby, dear. Which one is you?

Last week, I always felt that something would happen, just like the hunch that bees and ants had. Things are about to happen. I waited for a week, went to class every day, went home, went to bed, and died on Friday.

I want to understand some things, but like those names. What we can think of is: we live in a comfortable small town and live in the house on the hill for nine years. We have no children -except for one time, almost a bad chef Opin, Korana? Corilla? I am the same, so we usually go outside to eat. I teach at an excellent university, Princeton? Berkeley? Notre Dame? He is a good teacher, and the students like me. But I can’t remember the name of the street we live in, or the author of the book I read, or the surname of you and me, I can’t even think of how I died. This is ridiculous, Sarah? I can only remember only two names, one is Leli Belos, the girl who had hurt me in the fourth grade, and the other was the name of your cat. I am not ready to write it.

I still remember that we intend to name the baby named Bitris. This is the name of your aunt, the aunt who doesn’t like me. In other words, I didn’t like me. Did she come to my funeral?

It’s been three days since I came here. I pretended that this was on vacation, just like we used to go to that exotic island. Santorini? Da Britain? The cliffs on the island are all over, and the island hotel offers a double -layer bed like a pink toilet that is stacked into small blocks like a handkerchief. The window is inlaid with a shell, right? The shell is as transparent like a glass bottle, right? And the taste of bleach? It was a beautiful island. There is no tree. You once said that if you die, I hope heaven is like that is an island. I’m dead now, I’m here.

I think it’s an island here. There is a beach, and there is an email along the beach, and I will cast this letter in. In addition to the beaches and mailboxes, there are seats, I am sitting in this letter. It is like a perfect and comfortable hotel in the tourist destination. There are no other guests, no clerks and bosses, and no doors and bells. There are old -fashioned TVs in the hotel lobby. I fiddled the antenna for a long time, and I couldn’t receive anything. You can only see a noise of interference. I tried to make pictures in my mind. Some figures slowly appeared from the noise, and seemed to be beckoning to me.

My room is on the second floor. Can see the sea view. Sea views can be seen here. There is a desk in the room, with a large amount of flat and smooth white paper and envelope in one of the drawers. Royrr? Maria? Gat Ruder?

Luciel? I never stayed away from the hotel because I was afraid that it was no longer here when I came back.

You are sincere, you know who I am

The deceased was lying on the bed in the hotel, and his hands frequently rushed up and down his body, as if the body did not belong to him at all. One hand holding the testicles, and the other hand stood up violently. His feet squeezed the mattress, his eyes were opened, and his mouth opened. He is trying to say a certain name.

Outside the hotel, the sky was extremely low, and it was filled with gray substances that were difficult to pass through light. The deceased has noticed that the sky has never become bright or dark, but sometimes the air will become more and more turbid, and then the gray matter will be peeled off from the sky. One piece is as gray as the dough. It was not until the beach was covered that the gray matter stopped peeling and quickly began to melt. For the first time, when the sky collapsed, the dead were outside. Now, in the hotel, he is waiting for the beach to become clean again. Sometimes he watched TV, even if he still couldn’t receive anything.

The seawater shot back and forth on the beach. When the tide rises, the waves are continuously sucking and curling around the mailbox. One thing makes the deceased disgust. It smells not the salty taste of the sea here, Kano? Jasmine? It is a taste of wet cushion noodles or scorched skin.


Dear Mei? Epsur? Aianxi?

There are soft bedding beds in my room, and a painter of amateur painters. The woman in the painting is sitting under the tree. She has a beautiful breast, but she is strange and frowning, which is not suitable for the oil painting characters in the hotel room -even such a hotel.

水 水 Cold water and hot water are supplied in the washing room, with towels and mirrors. I stared at the mirror for a long time and found that I was so strange. It is the first time that a dead man is seriously looking at a dead man. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and good teeth -white and flat, but they are not exaggerated. I have a small mark on my shoulders, Sllami? That’s the last time you bite when you have sex. Did you realize that it was our last time? I vaguely remember your sad and annoying expression. I think of your expression, Eliza? You stared widened and looked at me angrily. You also said my name, but I still can’t remember what the name is. I remember you seem to say hate me. Before that, we haven’t had sex for a long time.

I visually inspected that I was about five feet eleven inches tall. I couldn’t say that it was not handsome, but my face had anxiety and a slight stubborn expression. This is probably caused by the environment.

I guess I may be Roger or Timas or Charlie. I remember going on vacation at that time, and there was also a confusion, but it had nothing to do with our name. We want to take a suitable name for her, I mean Big Atris, Paqiuqia? Solanji? We wrote all the names we thought of on the beach with long branches, so that they could see what they looked like. At the beginning, we wrote some simple and ordinary names, such as Jane, Susan and Laura. We tried those practical, such as Polly, Maredis, and Hope, and next, we started to have a high -profile close -up. We dragged the branches across the sand and drew a set of names that belonged to the kind of little girl with a face -faced and unhappy girl, Gu Delong, Jezeberg, Jerusalem, Zetinia, and Zelia. How about Luli? I say. I used to know a girl named Luli Belos. Your hair is rustling on your cheeks, and the sea salt makes them softened. Your face is full of freckles. You laughed too hard and supported the ground with branches to maintain balance. You said the name sounded like it was random.

Love you, you know who I am

The deceased strongly showed that he was indeed here, and he tried to make his behavior normally as much as possible. With his greatest effort to play a tourist.

Even if he turned the painting into the wall, he couldn’t fall asleep. He is not sure that the bed is the bed. When it is closed, it no longer looks like a bed. He slept on the floor because the floor was still like a floor. He was lying on the floor, not covering anything, pretending that he had not died yet. Pretend to be in the same bed with his wife. He fictional dream about the party, but forgot the names of all guests. He touched himself. Then I sat up and saw those gray substances that had fallen from the sky melting on the beach, and those small pieces accumulated on the mailbox were like foam.


Dear Elspes? Debola? Fredrica?

The situation is getting worse. I understand that only when you remember your name can there be a turnaround.

I told you that I am on an island, but I am not sure that this is a fact. The bed and the hotel also confused me. The sea and sky here are also uncomfortable. I hope you can understand what I am talking about, Mallori? I definitely have their names, but I don’t know if they are “called” things. I wasn’t even sure if I was still breathing. When I thought of this, I was breathing. I should think about it, because once I stopped my breath, I was too quiet here. Do you know, Alison? On those high mountains, such as Berkexa? Because the altitude is too high, the living people will forget to breathe. There is always a name of such things, I don’t remember what it is called.

If the bed is not a bed, the beach is not the beach, what will they be? I looked at the horizon, where the gathers and corners appeared there. When I lay down, the corners of the bed were pushed away in the sight, just like the horizon.

Let’s talk about the letter. Yesterday, I put the letter paper in a flat envelope, and then put the envelope that did not write the name address into the mailbox. The letter was gone this morning, and I put my hands and arms into the mailbox, which was wet and sticky inside. There is a panel on the rear of the mailbox. The letter should be drifted into the sea during the tide. So, I can’t know at all, you, Pamela? Or who is reading this letter.

I tried to drag the mailbox to the beach height. The waves made a “hiss” sound, and sprayed a foam at me, and a wave of waves flooded my feet, cold, and furry, full of malice, so I gave up. Now, you can only look forward to the local postal system.

I hope you can get a letter quickly, you know who I am

The dead walked along the beach. The sea kept away from him, but the hotel followed him. He found a matter that reassured him: Once he was close, the tide would retreat, and he didn’t want to wet his shoes. But what would happen if you walked straight into the sea? Will the sea water be separated in front of him? Like the person in the Bible, Euonan?

He was wearing the clothes he often wore while meeting and attending a wedding banquet. Either he died in this body, or his wife burned the body to him, and the deceased thought so. From waking up, I found that I started on this island, and this suit has been put on my body. At that time, his hair was messy, sweaty, and his clothes wrinkled as if he had passed for a long time. Only in the hotel room, he took off his clothes and shoes. Then change it when you go out. He came out and walked along the beach. His journey was not over.

Xiao Duo’s waves were lightly pat on the dead, and the sea surface set off a larger wave, which became a transparent and dark wall. He could see the sharp teeth hidden under the water wall. He walked for a long time and stopped frequently in the middle. He is too tired. When leaning against the dunes, his shoulders shrank and his head hanging down. The sky began to change again, he turned around, and the hotel was behind. He was not surprised at all. In the process of walking, he always felt that someone was waiting for him after the dunes. He hoped that it was his wife, but if it was really, she should die. If she died, he should remember her name.


Dear Matlida? Avi? Elisia?

I imagine that my letter was over the hidden danger and those white boats, and it was going to you. Dear reader, Berrer? Buddha? You must be surprised why I can I receive them like this? Such a righteous tone has often made you angry. But as I am still walking around and still breathing (when I realize it), I can be sure that I am dead, and I can also be sure that you are reading a letter. When they reach your hands, they must be damaged, but even if they have been soaked by seawater, the handwriting will still be clearly distinguished. If the letter is sent in a normal way, how can you believe it was written by me?

Today I think of the name of Elvis. Singer right? Hearing blue shoes, sexy thick lips and hoarse voice, he died, right? same as me. There is also Marilyn Monroe. Her white skirt was blown up by the wind like a sail. Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Luli Belos (remember her?), Our neighbor girl at the age of eleven. She was committing headaches throughout the school year, and her illness made her annoying her. Before knowing that she was sick, no one liked her, and we still hated her after knowing it. She had bleed my nose because I pulled off her wig in a trial game. Those people took out the tumors as big as eggs from her head, but she was still dead.

When I was pulled off the wig, she didn’t cry. She had almost no hair. The scalp was exposed outside, and her face was swollen as if she was stung by a bee. She looked so old, and said that she must be a ghost after death, and she died shortly after saying. Later, I pretended that not only could I see her, but I could also see a large group of obese and pale ghosts wandering in the forest. They were swollen like honeycomb, and there were buzzing sounds. The game played with the partners was fun and exciting. We call those ghosts “Luli”, and we formulate some rules so that we are not hurt by them. For example, a way of walking, some white foods -medicine belong to Kwai honey, rolled into spherical white bread, or just white rice. When you are tired of playing with Naluli, we will destroy them in order to sprinkle the fried circle cake or Wande brand bread on her tomb. Later Essence

Are you decorating my tomb? Felicyti? Gay? Have you forgotten me? Have you started to raise another cat? With another lover? Or is it still sad for me? Oh my god, I really miss you, carnations, lily? lily? Rose? I think this is like the opposite of the corpse. A dead man long for his last time with his wife. But you are not here. If you are here, will you be willing to have sex with me?

I wrote to you with my right hand and doing another thing in my left hand. From the age of fourteen, once there is nothing to do, I will do that matter with my left hand. I remember a bit, there is nothing better at the age of fourteen. I imagine you, thinking that I caress your body, imagine that you are rubbing my skin, I see your naked carcass, you are looking at my eyes, I will call out your name. I orgasm I only said the names of the dead, or some names of nothing.

Will this make you disgusted? Linda? Tang Na? Pancisia? Are you still willing to listen to more? Just now, I trapped myself into the pillow and squeezed it. I imagined that it was you, Sodi? Below me. Oh, it feels so good. It feels like when I live. When the climax comes, I said, “Bi Atris.” I remembered the scene where I went to the hospital after the abortion accident.

I still have a lot of words and don’t say to you. For example, neither you and I don’t know if you should have a child, but I feel that you don’t have to learn to be a father immediately to make me easier. But I still have a lot of things that should be told but not telling you. How I hope I have told you everything! Essence

You know who I am

The dead began to cross the island. After his first walk, the hotel quietly moved back to the original land. He leaned against the cold tiles of the bathroom to look at the mirror, focusing on his expression. His physical body was dead and should not be erected, but it was erected. Now the hotel is next to the mailbox. He went to check it again, and the mailbox was empty.

The center of the island is a desert full of rocks. The dead realized that there were no trees here and could not help but relax. When he arrived on the other side of the coast, he calculated that he had left less than two miles. The wide and flat water surface intersects the sky on the sea level. The dead turned around and saw the hotel’s abandoned isolated there. But when he narrowed his eyes, he gradually saw the swaying shadow on the corridor, a group of people who were looking at him. He inserted his hands into his pocket and stuck his body. He took out his hands from his pocket again. He turned around and faced the dark porch. He walked away along the coast, turned around to a dunes, followed the long slope, and wanted to return to the hotel as quietly as much as possible. Not so easy. He came to a far away from the beach and found a circle surrounded by glass -like stones with roasted roasted wooden wood. Many footprints were left by the fire, as if someone had gathered around, waiting for pacing while waiting. There are fragmented meat and fur on the slender grilled fork in the center of the fire, and it looks like a cat. The deceased did not go too close to see.

He followed the footprints left by those people, walked around the fire for a while, stared at the grilled cat, and then left. It is not difficult to find where those people go. They ran across the dunes in a panic, leaving their feet on the sand and left a deep and messy mark. They went to the hotel. He followed those footprints and found that he had left the footprints that extended to the beside the fire, and there was another parallel mark. The group of people had followed here, although he could not see it. They are more careful now, and he imagines that they are careful.

His footprint ends in front of the mailbox. He left the hotel from here. The hotel itself did not leave any traces, it was not far away at the moment. Those people went straight to the hotel. When the deceased returned, the floor of the hall was full of sand, and the TV was on. This is a bit different from the scene where he comes back, but he can’t see anyone in every room. He stood on the balcony corridor and stared at the boundary of the island, as if he saw a group of people beckoning himself. The sky began to fall.


Dear Ana Mingte? Qiji?

Lolita? Still wrong? Su Ji? Ludmila? Winiferd?

When I couldn’t sleep, I remembered the faculty party again. She was there, only this time you recognized her, and I guess her name, who is it? Is it the tall blonde woman with hips or the girl who always opened her mouth as if she was smiling, with a short blonde? She is like knowing some secrets I long for understanding, but you know those things. Is it ridiculous? I have never told you who she is, but now I can’t even think of her. In fact, you understand from the beginning, although you did not realize this. You keep asking me, I am sure you are asking about the petite blonde girl.

I think about your appearance when we first spent the night. On the door of your mother’s house, I kissed you warmly. You turn around and look at me before entering the house. No one once looked at me like that. No need to say any words. When your mother turned off all the lights downstairs, I turned over the wall and climbed up the branches of the backyard to the big tree in front of your window. You leaned against the window and looked at me climb up. You took off your shirt and let me see your chest. I almost fell off the tree. You faded your jeans again. Holiday? Finally, you took off your underwear. You dye your hair yellow and pick it red again. I stroke the soft hair of your lower body, but it is black.

We lay on the bed, when I entered your body, you looked at me like that. You are not deliberately frowning, but you do lock your eyebrows, as if that is not what you expect, or what you want to do is something else. Then, you sighed with a smile and twisted under me. You lifted your body smoothly and enthusiastically, as if you want to leave from the bed, I seem to be carried by you, and it is sinking with you. Then I almost made you pregnant for the first time. We always do not work with contraception, right? Ilay? Rosimary? Then, I heard your mother’s voice. Under the elm I just crawled, she shouted “Tree? Tree?”

She must see me climbing up, and I was looking out of the window as I wanted to look outside the window, and saw her standing below with her waist. At a glance, I glanced at the plump breasts illuminated by the moonlight, as beautiful or even more rounded as you. It’s so strange that I just fell in love. My love is sincere and deep. I want to swear the mountain alliance, but I still notice the breast of a middle -aged woman. Your mother’s breasts. This is the second thing to realize. The third thing was that she didn’t see me, but just shouted “Tree?”

I was crazy. The last thing is related to the name, but I don’t understand. I took a long time to think about it, and I still had no clue. I don’t know what it is so confusing. Aina? Julu? Kaisine? But at least I am okay now, I mean, I am still here, right?

I really hope you are here, you know who I am

Later, the dead went to the mailbox. Sea water does not look like sea water at all. It has a soft hair surface, and it can almost see the hair erected. It was still afraid of him, hate him, hate him, and hate him. Never like him, never. “Copywood, timid,” the dead laughed at the sea water.

When he returned to the hotel, Lulis was there and watched TV in the hall. They are much larger than his memory.


Dear Cindette, Cindeia, Cevinia,

Now there are group people with me. I couldn’t say whether I broke into their territory or they were brought here like my luggage. Maybe both possibilities are available. They are a group, or they may be just a person I met when I was a kid. They probably have observed me for a while, but they are still alert and do not speak much.

If you forget your name, you can’t introduce yourself. When I saw them, I was stunned. I was paralyzed on the floor of the hall, and my legs were soft like beach water. Some emotions strike like a tide, and it is strong enough to be unable to distinguish. It seemed to have known each other, maybe it was sadness, or liberation. They stood around me and looked at me from top to bottom. “I know you,” I said. “You are those who are Lulis.”

They nodded, and some laughed. So pale and obese! When they smiled, their eyes disappeared into the flesh. But they have a small and soft barefoot like a baby. “You are the dead man,” one of them said, the sound is also slender. Then we started talking. Half of the conversation content is meaningless. They don’t know how I came here. They don’t remember Lulley Belos. Don’t remember death. They were afraid and curious about me at first.

They want to know my name. If I can’t remember, they try to find a suitable one. The first was Walter, but was rejected. I am not like Walter, nor like Symum, Miro and even Rurth. Many of them like the name A Fangs, but I am not particularly preferred. “Tree,” said Luli.

Tree never likes me. I remember your mother stood under the branches covered with green leaves, and those branches stretched the crown like a skirt. It is very upright, beautiful, it is really a rare tree! In the middle of the canopy, a fat black cat with a long white beard, a long black cat around the elegant and shiny bib is staring at me. You push me aside. You put on a T -shirt to stand in front of the window. “I’ll come,” you said to the woman under the tree, “Go to sleep, mother. Tree, come here.”

Tree follows the branches -entrust me to the branches in front of you -to the window. You, Ali Adene? Toma Sina? Pulling him away from the window sill and closed the window. You put him on the bed, and he gurgled on our feet. Then, when I woke up from a drowning nightmare, he was lying on my face, and the thick belly as thick as the silk was blocked my mouth.

I always feel stupid to call a cat as “Tree”. After he was old, he slept in the garden and still didn’t look like a tree. He looks like a cat. He rushed to the front of my car, I saw him, you saw me see him, I tried to work hard -you had a miscarriage, your husband and his graduate student were sleeping together. He drove you over you over you over you The cat -desperately hits the steering wheel to avoid. But still hit.

I am not intentional, dear, dear, Pell? Patti? Bosnia?

The deceased watched the TV with Luli. Soap opera. Even if they still couldn’t hear the sounds, Luli knew how to adjust the antenna to receive the picture correctly. A Luli stood next to the TV and kept the antenna. This soap opera is very old, and the old -fashioned clothing reminds the dead from the ancestors. Women are wearing a bell -shaped female hat, and their eyes are very thick.

There is a wedding in the play, and it is also a funeral, but the dead can’t see who the dead man is. Then the characters began to walk along the beach. The woman was wrapped closely from her neck to her thighs by black and white stripes, and the dead man had not rot. They did not hold hands. Luli made a buzz. “Too gloomy,” one of them commented on that woman. “Still alive,” the other said.

“It’s too thin,” one of them commented on that man. “You should eat more. You can blow away with a gust of gust.”

“Blow to the sea.”

“Blow to Tree.” Luli looked at the deceased. The dead returned to their room and locked the door. He was erected again, as firm as a tree. The penis led him through the room and lay on the bed. He was dead, but he didn’t know. The body thinks he is still alive. He began to say loudly that the names he remembered, the nice name, the silly name, and the unbelievable name. Luli walked over from the hall, around the door, listening to the string of names.


Dear Bobby? Bili?

Hope to receive your reply.

The sky began to fall on the day, and Luli walked out of the hotel. The dead watched them pick up the gray substances on the beach. They chewed those things in a clever way, then swallowed, and then picked up more. The dead went out. He also picked up a piece of green cake? Is it delicious? He sniffed, the smell was like flower fragrance: like carnations, lily, lily, like roses. He put it in his mouth. There is no taste. The dead kicked the mailbox.


Dear Daphne? Provena? Lap Ernezer?

Is there such a fairy tale? The dwarf wants to guess the name of a woman [Note 9]? I have compiled many stories for my death. One of them was: I blew a strong wind when I walked towards the subway. The sculpture on the side of the subway was blown up. It rotated in the wind and finally smashed on me. There are two of us in another death story. We want to fly to a country, maybe Canada? If the flight is crowded, you are sitting in the front row. A explosion! The plane cracked in half like a broken wheel. The half of you was still rising, and the half of me began to fall. You turned to me, and I stretched out my arms. Wine glass, newspapers, and clothing bands, falling together. Then, the sky was on fire. Maybe I walked in front of a train. I rode a bicycle, but met someone to open the car door. I took the boat, but it was sinking.

I only know where I was going at that time. The following story may be closest to the truth. We, I and you, have sex. You get up from the bed, stand there and watch me. I think you have forgiven me, and we can live together like before. Bernus? You ask, Gloolia? Patrisia? simple? Rosmary? Laura? Laura? Harrite? Joslin? Nora? Rowa? Ansia?

I got out of bed. Put on your clothes and leave the room. You follow. Mary? Ginavv? Kara? Kitty? Su Yibohan? Marin? Linnene? Trisa? You kept asking these names, one after another, like a spike tie me. I don’t look at you, grab the car key and leave the room. You stood by the door and watched me enter the car. You are still talking, but I can’t hear it.

When I saw Tree, he was already in front of my car, and I hurriedly turned, but the speed was too fast and it was too late. The car drove away from the lane, nailed him on the mailbox, and then hit the clove tree. White petals poured down like rain. You are screaming. I don’t remember what happened later.

I don’t know if I died like that. Or I have been killed many times, and death has finally come. I am here. I don’t think this is the island. I think I am a dead man who has been stuffed in the box. When quiet, I could hear the sound of other dead people scraping their own boxes. Maybe I am a ghost. Perhaps those wavy looks like fur is fur, maybe the sea water with hissing and spitting foam is a cat, and he is also a ghost.

Maybe I came here to understand something and regret. Luli has forgiven me. You will. If the sea water comes to my hand, if it gurgle to me, I will know that you have forgiven everything I do, and forgive me to leave you after doing this.

Maybe I am a tourist, and I and Luli were trapped on this island. Waiting for me to go home, or wait for you to pick me up, Perby? Irene? Dlores? This is why I hope you receive this letter.

(Re -translated based on the translation version of Xi Li)

You know who I am

You know who I am

You know who I am

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