“It’s just because I glanced at you in the crowd, and I never forget your face again.”

Faye Wong, who is as deep as the sea, sings the sadness of the tens of millions of people; and the ordinary meeting with the “Phoenix”, but I am also in the ordinary green, slightly twists and turns.

A Phoenix in the countryside

The dad of Mao Li is the director of the Grain Management Office of the Commune. Therefore, in addition to his father’s public identity, his family also has the magic that makes us authentic farmers’ eyes. For example For example, the phoenix “two eight big bars” and “foreign” cars that made the whole brigade’s eyes.

It was 1981. I went to the fifth grade of elementary school. The big -handed spring breeze of the bloody handprints of Xiaogang Village has not been blown to our south of Yu. The most common scenery of life.

And our “three villages” travel still depends on “walking”. A long journey depends on the railway guerrillas -like “four -wheel tractor”: on the soil road where the countryside is flying, the driver is not prepared, “bombard”, run all the way, the bullets are shot out, the tractor is counted, forcibly forcibly Turn into the compartment, wipe the sweat on his head, and grinned.

The Phoenix of the Maohong family is actually old, although in today’s memory, it is still so shiny.

“Friendship” is similar to the kind of young man and Xun brother, let me get a book near the water tower: The lush villain book, I can always see it first.

Finally, one day in autumn, I “picked up” in the haystack in front of my house to five “wild” eggs -this is about which old hen ’s masterpiece.

With 5 eggs, I have two cents and 5 points of pocket money; with two cents and 5 points of pocket money, I have the urge to go to the Xinhua Bookstore in the commune to buy a villain “Sui and Tang Dynasties”.

Qin Qiong’s Huang Jianma and Shan Xiongxin’s 120 catties of golden nail jujube yang are in front of them.

But I did n’t travel a car, so I pondered the old phoenix from the lush family.

When I wrote three compositions to Mao Li, he finally stole the key of his father’s “foreign” car often tied to the pants; I finally ran on the socialist road.

Although the dust on the road is flying, although the seedlings and green trees of Sino are shouting me, I still rushed down the steep slopes of Panqiao. I saw that I was about to fly into the river. Better, hit the field on the right side of the highway. At that time, my “yellow horse” seemed to make a terrible bone fracture.

Naturally, the book was not bought, but the front teeth broke 2, and both knees wiped a large piece of skin. I pushed the old phoenix in a smooth way to the courtyard of the Maohong family. I resisted the pain of my thighs and tried to cover up the next fact: the front fork of the “foreign” car was cracking.

The next day, the lush classmate’s father found my house. My thick dad nodded his apology, and met again. He sold a few hens on the street and compensated the director’s family to change the money of Phoenix’s bicycle.

My dad who was a guest who was a guest was Zhang Fei’s temper at all, but this time I didn’t know that it did not scold me and hit me. However, since then I have a horizon of the two eight bars of the Phoenix, and I learned to take on it: even if I was wrong, I would carry it myself!

In 1982, the rural areas began to work: the joint production contract responsibility system; on October 12, 1983, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Constitution of the CPC and the State Council of the State Council. The society must be separated accordingly. The fate of our generation of students also changed with the great changes in rural China. When I went to high school, I finally had my own Phoenix Bicycle.

Incarnate in Phoenix, go to see Tingting

Once again with Phoenix, it was the late 1980s.

The Southern Henan version of Gaogalin, the first high school, was a glory of 9 points, but “the young man does not know the sorrow”, who made me young and upright? From the only key high school in the county, I came to the rural high school named “Shuangpu High School” to re -study, and just published prose debuts in the provincial newspapers and periodicals, which quickly attracted the attention of girls in the class, especially one, one, one, one, one, especially one. The attention of the same class “Liu Qiazhen”.

Her name is Tingting, and she is also a repeat student.


This thin girl is tall, tall and beautiful, but her most significant sign is: a Phoenix card light bicycle.

Girls’ feelings are always poetry. On her black and bright phoenix, there is a white lace hook needle made with thread cotton thread.

The new body, black and bright; white hook needle woven, light.

Between the black and white, the fantasy of the fantasy and youthful, as the heroine with a girl’s face like Wang Zuxian on the body, riding a small street with seedlings, can always sway a sway Fresh wind.

Tingting’s home is another township of 15 kilometers: Baitaji. Phoenix light bicycle is naturally a tool for girls to go back on weekends to supplement money, food, and mobility.

From school to her house, there must be a sandhehe without a bridge and ferry: Guanhe, about 6 or 70 meters wide water, rippling smooth ripples.

In the 1980s of Nongfu Mountain Spring, I and her, sometimes I memorized words, memorizing ancient poems, discussing mathematical problems, and sometimes doing English simulation questions. Essence

Because: attracting youth is also youth.

Just when she went back on the weekend, I consciously served as the pick -up Gong: I rode the little phoenix with her, flying on the white grassy road in the green field in the seedling field, and shocked the Caishan Chicken and Yellow Dragonfly. When she crossed the river, she closed her eyes. I was wearing a short soil and a river with a deep thigh. She first carried her over, then dripped the water back, and carried the proud little phoenix crossed the river.


The following year, I was admitted to a normal university in the south, but Tingting fell into the list again. The Shen family, who was set by a doll that year, strongly asked her to return to her hometown to get married.

Our hazy and faint relationship has since no sequel. Behind the only small black and white photo she gave me that year, I wrote a few words:

Lotus leaves are green, rainy water;

It is only more than thirty years, busy and busy living, we have all lost in life. Naturally, I have not been able to transform into a Phoenix, and gradually become an old soup chicken in the days.

In recent years, in Shanghai, I have encountered a shared bicycle, yellow or orange or green produced by the third factory of Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Factory again. I occasionally pass through a Phoenix’s virtual shadow in my heart:

Is that the youthful girl Tingting, or the green years of the year? Intersection

“Songs are full of peach blossoms.


After you do n’t, you will meet with each other, a few soul dreams with the monarch? “!

Mei Shu, Ph.D. in Literature, PhD in Literature from Fudan University.


In 2015, he won the National Sun Li Prose Award and the first Lin Fei Prose Award; published the novel “Doctor and Women” (He and Women) and “Mei Shu Cong” in China with the first comprehensive touches of doctoral life; in November 2017 in Shanghai Founded the Chinese Doctoral Marathon Club, the editor -in -chief includes “The Story of the Runner” (2017), “Running Life” (2019); the “Dahe News” river continent and “Gusu Evening News” privately want column writers.

From June 15th, 2021 to August 15, 2021, the Morning News · Morning News and Shanghai Together with Shanghai Phoenix to jointly launch the “Nong Good, Phoenix Impression | 2021 Phoenix Cup Essay Contest” event. What is the Phoenix in your eyes? What kind of memories do you have with Phoenix? We have prizes, looking forward to your wonderful story. Come and participate together! For details of the submission of essays, please poke: “Good, Phoenix Impression” essay activity is launched! We have a great gift, do you have a good story?


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Incarnate in Phoenix, go to see Tingting

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