Winter dressing steps are more complicated, and the overlapping difficulties between clothing will also cause women to quickly find some matching examples that suits them. In this winter, we must use the combination of long coats and cropped pants to create a sharp shape, which can also form a significant effect.

Many people think that the existence of nine -point pants will make women’s ankles exposed, and it does not fit enough with the entire atmosphere and temperature in winter. In fact, as long as you control some shoes or socks that can cover the ankle, you can make up for the nine -point pants. insufficient.

This set of styles is the most atmospheric and simplest. It is the cooperation between the long black coat and the white pants. Bloating can create a very well -proportioned curve.


The choice of cropped pants is not random, but to accurately select according to the personal style and personal leg shape, so as to improve the shortcomings of the personal figure and show the most beautiful dress.


Like this set of coats, it still uses the cooperation of white cropped pants. However, this pants will not show high picky on the figure of women, which can create a refreshing feeling. It is the earth color coat, which is more healed and warm.

The selection of nine -point pants can be continuously changed. This is a great way to make women wear a variety of. In addition to white, they can also use simple black cropped pants. However, if the ankle is exposed, you can use black short boots to connect directly, which can cause the leg line to get a natural stretch.


In this group of wearing, the inner jumps are used to use black, so the overall coherence is very obvious. The shape is not easy to flip, and it presents the most powerful aura.


Black cropped pants may not always be able to show a thin effect, but the versatile effect must be condensed. If you want to make a certain decoration of the legs, you can use the straight -style pants. Most people are friendly.

The coat of the coat should be transformed according to the color of the inside. If the black is used as black as the pants, try to keep the color difference between the two, so that we can not wear it.

The existence of nine -point pants is actually to avoid long trousers to shorten the leg shape and reduce the height visually, and its style design is generally smooth, generally very simple, and the cooperation with many items is easy.

These two cropped pants are both pure colors, which are convenient to match. The color combined coat color is generally harmonious as long as it is included in the category of the basic color.


Among all nine -point pants, denim style nine -point pants are also the most popular. After all, the color is not only blue, but also there are many types such as smoke gray and black.


Take blue denim cropped pants, the choice of coats can be deeper. This is because blue jeans have a fresh advantage, which can weaken the heavy atmosphere and tone, and interpret a very young style.

Many women want to create a young effect, but they can directly control blue jeans with the support of age -reducing colors. This item will not be outdated, and this color will have a slight presence.


The choice of coat coats is mainly matched with jeans. Try to avoid too much color and too colorful coats. The type is replaced with oats and rice, which can create a gentle and generous daily wear.

Like this group of wearing, all blue denim nine -point pants are used, which can be used with black short boots to shape the role of wrapped ankles, which can prevent the cropped pants from being too short and leakage.

Once you don’t know what you should be worn every morning, you can directly adopt the cooperation of long coats and denim cropped pants. The selection of coats can be mainly black. After all, everyone is trusting in this color.

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