Adult diaper is a one -time use of paper urine incontinence and one of the adult care products. It is mainly suitable for an abandoned diapers used by adults. The main performance of adult diaper is water absorption, which mainly depends on the amount of fluffy pulp and polymer water absorption. So do you know how to choose adult diaper? We can choose by seeing absorption, water absorption, comfort, dryness, leak -proof effect, etc. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction together.

How to use adult urine is not wet

1. Let the user lie on the side, close the back of the stick close to the waist, and open the side of the adhesive side of the outer side of the urine.

2. The user lay flat in the middle of the urine. The front film passes through the legs and pulls it to the abdomen.

3. Adjust the sticky position until the urine is not wet and fit the body, and stick the sticky to the front waist. Finally, adjust the three -dimensional leak -proof to prevent leakage of urine.

4. In order to prevent users’ bed sheets, plastic cloth cannot be used to pad, because its breathability is not good and cool. You should buy a special urine cushion. It feels much better to sleep.

5. Wearing clothes in winter, wearing a few thin clothes should be worn, so that it is easy to wash clothes, and it will be much harder to wash a thick clothes. The quilt of the lid is also the same. You should cover a few more layers of towels and can be washed at any time, which is better than a thick quilt.

How to correctly choose adult urine is not wet

1. Look at the absorption amount

For adult urine, because the needs of adults are small, many times, inconvenient actions, and no one care; therefore, the absorption of urine is also considered. Generally, it is about 800ml. It

2. Look at water absorption

How much water absorption is also the key to measuring adult urine. Because of better water absorption, it is more convenient and reliable. Therefore, there are generally some advanced fluffy slurry fiber and polymer water absorbent mixture. The urine penetrates rapidly through the mesh diversion layer.

3. Comfortability

Because adult urine is close to the skin and close to the skin, in order to avoid a large gap, the structural design of urine is not wet. It must be suitable for wearing a person’s body. Especially the loose trough on the legs and waist cannot be too tight, otherwise it will hurt the skin. The size of the urine is sometimes not exactly the same, and it may be different with different manufacturer brands. It is recommended to refer to the number marked by the packaging of the packaging.

4. dryness

Drying can ensure that the skin is not red. No matter which season is, it is quite important. The long -term contact with the piping of urine is quite unfavorable to the skin.

成人尿不湿的使用方法 成人纸尿裤的6大选购要点

5. Leaming

The leak -proof design can prevent urine outward. Adults have more urine. Choose a leak -proof design urine.

6. The adhesive function is better

When used, the adhesive sticker should be close to the urine, and it can still be repeatedly pasted after the urine is not wet. Even if the patient’s upper and lower wheelchair is converted, it will not loosen and fall off.

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